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Just purchased and downloaded from the link on itch.io (V107)

I wonder if the performance issue is related to NVidia cards? I know there's at least one other game I've purchased recently that has similar issues.

I have a performance issue even in the initial menus where you pick your character and difficulty level.

System Specs:

Win 10 pro x64, all updates applied.

Intel i7 940 @ 2.93 Ghz

12Gb Ram

MSI NVidia 970

Here's a short video capture:


Overall, much better gaming experience.

Dang, that's the worst I've seen yet. I'm sorry the game is running terribly for you. Thanks for the video capture and system specs. Let me investigate the issue and get back to you. Those specs should be more than enough to run the game. I will try to have an answer for you soon. If you check Task Manager while the game is running, is there anything consuming a huge amount of CPU or RAM (including the game itself)?

The CPU use for the CTHON.exe is 14-15%. This seems a bit high to me since that's 14-15% of the 4 cores. 25% would be monopolizing one.

Memory profile looks ok.

Just from searching around a bit the first thing that seems promising that you might try is to check to see if you have 'NVIDIA GeForce Experience' in your Programs and Features. You may try uninstalling it, rebooting, and trying the game again; it's an optimization tool but it seems to cause framerate problems in some games, even lower-tech ones like Cthon.

Sorry for the forum spam ;)

Here's another thing you might try: forcing the game to run on the NVIDIA GPU; Game Maker games like Nuclear Throne seem to have similar issues.

1. Open NVIDIA Control Panel.

2. Go to Manage 3d Settings, then select the Program Settings tab.

3. Use the Add button to browse to Cthon's exe file and select it.

4. Click the Apply button and then run the game.

Any special tweaks I need to apply here?

I would try it with the defaults first and see what happens. Also, I was curious if you are using a mouse that utilized Logitech drivers? That's another one that seems to mess with GameMaker games. And yeah, 14-15% CPU seems a little high. 7-10% is what I've usually seen it consume.

It is a Logitech wireless G602. I've had it for quite some time, and not had any conflicts previously that I am aware of.

No change with the defaults in NVidia control panel. Still slow unfortunately.

I have left Geforce Experience installed for now, as it's the older version (pre 3.x) and I prefer it to the new one that requires a login to connect and download drivers.

The Logitech wireless mouse may well be what is causing the problem. Logitech mouse drivers seem to cause problems with GameMaker games in general, as far as I can tell; you might try switching to a wired and/or non-Logitech mouse and see what happens. Lowering the poll rate on the mouse may also help. I will keep investigating the issue.

I unplugged both my Wireless mouse and Logitech webcam.

No improvement sadly.

This is really weird. Have you tried running it as Administrator? Maybe there's something your operating system doesn't like about it. We had problems with the forced-resolution version of the game, but if you're running 1.07 it should have resolved that.

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Admin access seems to have resolved the major issue.

No idea why that would matter honestly, as it's installed on a secondary drive.

I'm uploading another quick vid to show improvements.

This should be live in about 10 minutes.


Drastic improvement

That is drastically improved, though still very sluggish...that is so weird, this is the first time I've seen it drop in performance because of permissions. To further increase performance, you could try moving its directory over to your other drive, and also mess with compatibility settings by right clicking the exe file and opening properties. My computer thinks it should run in compatibility mode with Windows XP Service Pack 2, which is probably because GameMaker 8.1 is a dated engine at this point, though I have never had the performance drops you are facing.

Is the drive it is currently on a solid-state or regular hard drive?

Thanks very much for helping me troubleshoot it.

Also, you stated you had a similar issue with another game recently.Can you tell me which game it was?

It is a game called Venture Forth.


They did recently release a couple updates that have resolve the major performance issues. I don't believe it's a Gamemaker title though.