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Cool! I wish you luck in game development. Thanks for trying Pillage & Plunder, it’s not nearly as fleshed out as CTHON, but I hope you get some fun out of it!

I’d say you ought to still give it a try! Just because something similar already exists or is done well does not mean someone can’t do it better or differently, and there are certainly things about CTHON I could have done better on. CTHON was written in Game Maker as well, which is pretty easy to jump into and start using!

Hello, thanks! By doing, do you mean making a game like this?

Hi there, saving has already been implemented. You can only save and exit in between levels, and you can continue a game by hitting Continue in the main menu. If you die or quit during a level, the save file is deleted.

Thanks for your interest! I'm migrating to the Studio version of Game Maker for my next project, and I have plans to also port CTHON to the new engine so that it can be compiled under Mac and Linux. No timeframe for that as yet, but sooner or later! On a semi-related note, I have not tested it in Wine but I'll see what I can find out.

Hmm. That is pretty weird. Its not really apparent what the cause could have been, but if it does it again do let me know and we can keep troubleshooting it. Glad its working better for you now!

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The previous version also dropped in performance? That is super weird. Here's what I would try first: delete the version you've been working with, perform a restart, and then download the latest version and give it another try. If its impacting previous versions there is either something not right with your machine or there might be a memory leak somewhere that I need to hunt down. I have reached out to the Game Maker community as well to see if anyone can shed light on the issue.

Yes, 21-27 FPS is not normal. It should be running at close to 60, ideally. On lower end machines I normally see it run between 55-60 FPS.

Which version are you running by the way? The latest is 1.11.

Hmm. The only thing I can think of that might have affected it at that time was the game's use of external files, but I'll double check to see what I did at that time. I wouldn't think it was software you installed. What happens when you run the CTHON_NONFORCED.exe in the folder?

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EDIT: Whoops, I just now saw your previous comment in the other thread. Below is what I just wrote, but I'm guessing you have already tried this:

Hi, sorry the game isn't running well for you. Which version of Windows are you running?

One reason for the change could be that the game now uses some external files - config.ini (for control information and preferences) and a save file if you have a saved game. Both reside in the game's local directory. It seems as though admin rights are a major hurdle for the game, so if you haven't already you might try running the game as an administrator (right click -> run as administrator). I'm looking into ways to resolve this permanently, but I don't have a timeframe for it. Let me know if this helps.

That's strange... Do you have a middle mouse button or mouse wheel? That is what the blade is mapped to by default, so if you don't have one it may be that it is retrieving a key code that is mapped to something else entirely, and its confusing the game. You may need to set it to something else in the control options, like Spacebar.

Yep, exactly. I would like to port Cthon to Studio down the road, but there's a lot of stuff that will break that will need to be fixed, so it will be a fairly major project.

Thanks! I would like to port it to Mac in the future, but it will require moving it to a new engine, so it will be a while.

Oh yes. I have a highly critical view of DRM and don't plan to implement it. The sales lost from DRM being offputting outweigh those lost by piracy I think.

Hey, sorry for the late reply. Have you tried moving it onto the solid state just for kicks?

From the new video it looks like the game isn't so much laggy as it is running in slow-motion... very strange. Your video capture software isn't slowing it down is it?

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Glad you're enjoying it. Sorry you're encountering a bug! Absolutely, send me a log file (it should create one on crash in the same directory as the game). The log file is called game_errors.txt I believe. You can send it to me over email, and my address should be displayed on the download page for the game. I will try to get it fixed ASAP!

That is drastically improved, though still very sluggish...that is so weird, this is the first time I've seen it drop in performance because of permissions. To further increase performance, you could try moving its directory over to your other drive, and also mess with compatibility settings by right clicking the exe file and opening properties. My computer thinks it should run in compatibility mode with Windows XP Service Pack 2, which is probably because GameMaker 8.1 is a dated engine at this point, though I have never had the performance drops you are facing.

Is the drive it is currently on a solid-state or regular hard drive?

Thanks very much for helping me troubleshoot it.

Also, you stated you had a similar issue with another game recently.Can you tell me which game it was?

This is really weird. Have you tried running it as Administrator? Maybe there's something your operating system doesn't like about it. We had problems with the forced-resolution version of the game, but if you're running 1.07 it should have resolved that.

The Logitech wireless mouse may well be what is causing the problem. Logitech mouse drivers seem to cause problems with GameMaker games in general, as far as I can tell; you might try switching to a wired and/or non-Logitech mouse and see what happens. Lowering the poll rate on the mouse may also help. I will keep investigating the issue.

I would try it with the defaults first and see what happens. Also, I was curious if you are using a mouse that utilized Logitech drivers? That's another one that seems to mess with GameMaker games. And yeah, 14-15% CPU seems a little high. 7-10% is what I've usually seen it consume.

Sorry for the forum spam ;)

Here's another thing you might try: forcing the game to run on the NVIDIA GPU; Game Maker games like Nuclear Throne seem to have similar issues.

1. Open NVIDIA Control Panel.

2. Go to Manage 3d Settings, then select the Program Settings tab.

3. Use the Add button to browse to Cthon's exe file and select it.

4. Click the Apply button and then run the game.

Just from searching around a bit the first thing that seems promising that you might try is to check to see if you have 'NVIDIA GeForce Experience' in your Programs and Features. You may try uninstalling it, rebooting, and trying the game again; it's an optimization tool but it seems to cause framerate problems in some games, even lower-tech ones like Cthon.

Dang, that's the worst I've seen yet. I'm sorry the game is running terribly for you. Thanks for the video capture and system specs. Let me investigate the issue and get back to you. Those specs should be more than enough to run the game. I will try to have an answer for you soon. If you check Task Manager while the game is running, is there anything consuming a huge amount of CPU or RAM (including the game itself)?

I would say intermediate for something like this. First person shooters (especially ones like Cthon, which could be extrapolated to a top-down shooter and still essentially play the same) are relatively easy compared to something like a real-time strategy game (super-hard), but they're more difficult that say a top-down/side scrolling shooter or puzzle game. The hardest parts of Cthon were making the player movement feel good; I did a lot of testing and tweaking to make sure collision detection felt natural and the field of view was ample but didn't cause motion sickness.

Hi, thanks for purchasing and playing! I'm glad you enjoy it for the most part.

Remappable keys are a major planned feature. Other than bug fixing, it is my top priority right now. At the moment, the game emulates a 640x480 display that stretches up to at least 1920x1080 in fullscreen; it originally forced the display to a true 640x480 resolution, but this has caused some problems on some systems. The plan for the final Steam release is - if it does not create major problems - to include multiple resolution settings.

No worries! Sorry for the confusion. I think I'll double check to see if that email is visible to buyers - it should be :/... A proxy address is actually something I never thought of - I should try it!

The support email should be accessible if you purchased the game. I would post it here but I want to avoid spam bots.

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Thanks for purchasing/playing! The zombies' attacks were designed to distinguish them from the spiders, who are also melee. Use grenades to soften them up for the killing blow, and also try to accumulate armor; armor applies to each of their claw swipes, so the health you can save increases dramatically with just one or two armor upgrades. Another tactic would be to build a medium-damage shotgun, which can be used to sweep the halls and kill them in usually one hit.

Hi, thanks for purchasing/playing! There has been one other report of the player turning on their own sometimes so far; I'm still working on the fix. I believe it only does it with certain kinds of mice, at least as far as I can tell. A workaround may be to try using a different mouse, but be assured that I will continue working on a permanent fix.

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Hey there,

One of the things you may want to try is a malware scan if you haven't done so already. That might be messing with your memory usage. You can also email a system dump (Run msinfo32 and then File -> Export) to the support email and I can look through it.

Hey CDPOG! Thanks for purchasing and thanks for playing as always. Couple things: Use Tab to open your automap. As far as the exit, it was there, trust me ;) Usually when you can't find an exit it means there was a turn that you thought was a dead end, but in the many hundreds (thousands?) of times I've playtested there was always a gate to the next level. Also, if you discover the exit gate early only take it if you are confident about surviving the next level. You should almost always strive to scout the whole level and get as many items as you can, or you'll be in for a very uphill battle in the later levels.

Those specs should be more than enough to run it. I'll see if I can replicate the problem and find a fix for it.

Thank you for your interest in Cthon! I am considering doing a GOG release, but it will most likely coincide with the Steam release, when all the essential improvements that need to be made are in the game.

Hey Morkislair! Thanks so much, I hope you enjoy Cthon. I'd be interested in your stream, even though I can't speak French :) Be sure to tell me where to find it when it goes up!

Hmm. If you bought it yesterday it should be the latest version already. That's weird that it starts okay and then gets slow. Can you tell me your system specs?

Thank you for your interest and for voting on Greenlight! I understand your concerns about the procedural-generated levels. When I set out to develop Cthon my goal was to try to create a shooter experience that felt at least a little different every time you played. Randomness is just as much a part of Cthon's DNA as its obvious references to Wolfenstein 3D, System Shock, Doom and countless others. A fixed-level mode could be interesting, but I unfortunately can't make any guarantees about whether it will ever make it into a release. If you ever reconsider, I do hope you enjoy it immensely.

Ah! That's got to be it. No operating system could possible want a piece of software to force a resolution that it doesn't even know about! Thank you so much for helping me troubleshoot that; it was a bit of a struggle but I think it will make everyone's experience go a lot smoother from here out. I haven't used Windows 8.1 much myself, let alone checked its supported resolutions.

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Hey there!

Thanks for the video.

One thing you should know - the gameplay in the video looked a little sluggish compared to what is intended; I have a feeling your machine is one of the ones that dislikes resolution changes, which is patched in the current version. Try it out and it should run significantly faster for you.

EDIT: Also, you may consider trying again on Standard mode, that's what is intended for pretty much everyone until you gain the experience to play on Hardcore. Hardcore is borderline masochistic ;)

Save functionality is another thing that is in the list of planned features.

Sorry the game isn't running well for you. Thanks for posting your specs. Just to make sure, have you downloaded the latest version yet? There is a resolution fix in the latest one which resolved a slowness problem someone else had.