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Dude... Thanks, lol.

Is there a separate theme or is that it? Is there any way we could get an optional one possibly? I was kind of looking forward to the (limited) possibilities! ;P

Since it's a restriction though, are we still allowed to interpret the definition/meaning creatively? (As opposed to just the pixel art definition.)

doooope, thank you!

come back?

These are 'so' DoPe!   

T H A N K   Y O U ! ! !

Thanks a ton!

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installed windows exe 1.11.0. I love it except for one minor (major) issue. I can't get the toolbar or export widget to show up.  When I make the toolbar visible only the 3 plugin options show up (and seem to work just fine with the available brush plugins) but nothing else, no save, load, zoom, etc. Also, there is no "export" even listed in the visibility list.

I love your music! I produce and DJ too but am mostly a digital artist. Are you still available? I sent you a friend request on Discord.

You have no idea how excited I was and then I saw it... No MV!? Near blew my poor clock!

JK. but, you have no idea. I have downloaded, bought and found EVERY mouse/picture type plugin that is known of for MV. Rare versions of Mouse System EX, updates made just for me and plugins that work but are incompatible with others and who's developer's have simply disappeared. Then, BAM, yours is just released and oh so beautiful it is!

Anyway, congrats on the release! How much for a port? Trade? I can do any type of art that goes with RPG Maker. Animated auto-tiles?

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Yeah, It's pretty awesome. I'm not sure the whole process as I use scans I find online. (There's plenty you can find with Creative Commons licenses and many more otherwise.) As far as I know it can be done with your phone! Quality affected I'm sure. I think there are some free apps with limitations if you were interested in trying it out. Once you have it, use any 3d software to import and align the model to your scene.  From there you set up an orthographic camera at 3/4 angle downward and similar lighting to the master project you intend the assets for then render. I do coloring, editing, cropping and downsizing in Photoshop. You can do isometric sprites this way as well, just with your orthographic camera set up 45 degrees horizontally and 120 degrees vertically.

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Oh hey, while we're talking fixes, some of the arcade cabinets (in all styles) are missing their tops. In sprite sheets at least, not sure about singles.

sweet greenhouse! Hey, would it be possible to get roof tiles that are only slanted with no flat part?

Awesome addon. Thanks!  Looping and ping pong options?
I'm guessing that making this compatible with custom brushes is a bit out of scope?
Great work!

There is not a file for individual brushes and the custom brushes system is already pretty broken and buggy as is. I don't know why they don't fix or update it ever but it's long overdo. I'll look into how the brushes are actually saved and can maybe figure something more user friendly out.

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Amazing. Female walk? Nothing extreme, just that most are easily unisex except that that walk is pretty mucho macho. Anyway, TY either way!

(Other Suggestions: Knockdown and recovery/get up.)

I finally got it on the 31st...  Woohoo! Hopefully it's like a one time occurrence. O_o

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Hey, thanks! I'm glad you like them! If you do something cool with them you should post it.

Today is the 48th day my payout has been in review. I have attempted to email support twice and replied to an open ticket auto-response once, all with no replies. I am reluctant to make another payout for obvious reasons. Is this normal?
Ticket numbers: 141105 (Jan 22) and 138823 (Jan 5)

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Nope. It works great!

I have a question: could you make a setting that you can trigger the event by clicking while on the sprite? Not the tile but while on the sprite graphic? This would mostly be meant for larger sprites if that isn't obvious.

Thank you for the plugin! 

Not to critique but you should maybe have one end of the log show the hollow "open" end of the log. It'll be less t*rd looking. no offense. o_O

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Is mv pixel perfect on buttons as well? And has this been tested with Ultra Mode 7 at all?

Like, you cant find the tiles in the picture? 

Don't touch both eyes with the same hand!

You're awesome! Gonna DL it now...

You're awesome! Gonna try it out now...

You're awesome! Gonna try it out now...

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Here's another well done doodad editor for MV.  Thought you might be interested in checking it out.

There's some issues that make it hard for me to work with though. 

How much would it cost for MV version of yours?

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Can you set doodads visibility to switches like yanfly's? Also, there was an issue that when an animation was made visible it started on a random frame rather than the first one. A fix was made but not officially. 

Are you compatible with Ultra Mode 7 yet? I can push Blizzard if it's him that needs to modify his plugin.

I'm gonna give this a thorough test run. Thanks!
EDIT: Oh, MZ only... :( Let's see if this runs on RETRO otherwise NM.

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If you made it possible to have events be set for either left click draggable or for left click activation  (not draggable) I'd buy this for sure. I'm sure you'd get more DL's as it would open the scope quite a bit. Point and click adventures basically need this function to play "properly."

Is this a difficult feature to integrate?

Also, is clickability/hovering of an image/event pixel perfect? Like the pointer won't do anything if in an image's empty/alpha areas? Same for collision? 


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I was like, "Well this obviously is not for MV- Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat!?" :o

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can x and y be set to variables? also thanks for the mv port!

Any plans on porting to MV? 

Have you seen those newer big vertical screen tablets? the different angle might be less abrasive to your wrist. I dunno. Just any suggestions I can give to your health and happiness. Don't push yourself too much, please.

That generator and lights kicks! ;O You're the best!

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Hey Master Zu, Great stuff! Any way you were thinking of putting a generator with a worksite light into the construction site? Could be super cool! ;P

I've got a (more) serious request though. If it's not so difficult to have no space underneath your singles it would be SO amazing. At least for the stuff touching the ground.  Centered would be cool too, but that's not as important. No pressure and no worries at all if it's a bother beyond what you are already doing.

Awesome. I don't need the extra work but appreciate it all the same! Are the free tiles all among the paid pack as well?
If you were ever wondering about why RPG Makers ask about the singles so often it is because they are most likely using Yanfly's Grid Free Doodads plugin.  This allows free placement of sprites and even animations using the proper format ([rowxcolumn]) at end of filename. You could probably have everything plug and play for the plugin and advertise it for more downloads. It's an extremely popular plugin in general. If it was already set up for users I'm sure you'd get lots of interested folks. I'd be glad to fill you in more detailed if you were interested. I mean, if you're making the singles anyway might as well adjust slightly for more sales and not have to say animations don't all work for RPG Maker, and instead say they do!

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Hey. Thanks for the great product. 

hey, do you have singles of 1.generic interiors? The singles start at room.
(48x48 shadowless for me specifically)

Serious question: But what is the difference between using this plugin or just making the map a few tiles bigger and placing a border of empty tiles around the edge?