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This is soo much fun. Gj you made a great game 😀

I loved playing the game! The BG art is lovely. difficulty was fair. GJ

Neat game with clever mechanics.

no surfaces, just objects which draw a circle

Thanks for all the feedback! It makes me stay motivated :)

yeah you are right! 😅 .there was no time to fix bugs in the jam period. I will be fixing those bugs when the gamejam voting gets over :)

thanks dude :)

Hey! Thanks for the suggestions, I will surely add some more stuff to the game if there is enough time for me :)

Thanks for playing!

Neat entry here! I really enjoyed playing it. my only problem was that chests spawning inside walls and I was not able to get them, otherwise its a fun game :)

This was soo much fun to play. unique idea and great execution. I would be very happy to play if you port this to mobile :D

neat idea and execution. I like games with this type of minimalist art style, but the player movement made the game hard

Neat little entry, finished the game with 70 deaths, the SFX was well done too 

very neat looking game with incredible atmosphere. the combat was satisfying and I enjoyed it :)

This is really fun to play! I found it real hard to catch a fish, other than that the game is awesome, gj :D

Really great art and SFX. It was very hard predicting the enemies though.

Really neat little concept. I loved the visuals of it.

The art and the visual fx are really well done. I loved the game, but I wish it was a bit easier :)

Interesting gameplay and great looking artstyle,I enjoyed it :)

Really good game with neat aesthetics. It would have been even more  awesome if you make the game tad bit difficult (I finished the game not knowing that I can dash)

thanks! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Idk How I missed this game! It looks and plays amazing. I love the graphics that you chose. Great work overall. 

Awesome game! nice graphics, cute character. I liked the music!

Satisfying fx. neat gameplay. overall a fun game. gj

I love everything about this game. The gameplay is simple and amazingly fun. Graphics were minimalist and beautiful looking. The animations were fluid. def one of my favs

I got 2757. It was a fun. loved the fx

First of all I love the artstyle and the graphics. The player character sprite is really cute. The collision is kinda buggy though

controlling and spinning the spacecraft thingy is oddly satisfying. great job on the graphics!

Nice game! I love how simple the game mechanics are,yet very fun to play. great looking minimalist graphics. 

Great gameplay, I loved the graphics. 

smooth gameplay, nice mechanics. executed neatly. definitely one of my favs in this jam. 

Neat game! great idea, nicely executed. I found it kinda repeatative, though I enjoyed it

haha there are lots of bugs that I should fix asap ;) thanks for the helps

press and hold space

thanks for the help! I'll try to fix it asap

weird bug! Never happened to me. When does it happen? 

If you get stuck press R to restart on last checkpoint

can I make a game with pixel art graphics drawn with ms paint?

loved it! really cool mechanics and art

Nice simulation :)

Yeah, mistake on my side, I made it as a .zip file. Now its safe :)