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The pdf of the cards is downloadable here. However you can play the game with any tarot deck! 

How much do we need to follow them? My rpgs tend to just be streams of text without headings. 

I love that picture so much I should make a game out of it. MOSAIC can be up to 1500 words which is enough for SO MUCH CRUNCH

Hey V0D, we are almost sold out but I have a few left in my personal supplies. You can email me at The deck is in the Relics mod on Role 20 here: 

Quite correct, sorry. 

Interesting. Don't think I've seen worldbuilding so tied into play before. 

We like to get out Paul Jacquays books and make characters - they are just hundreds of nested tables of random results. Is this a game we can do that with, but with building worlds? If so, do we just need the core?


Absolutely. I think there's something special about how brains work together, but you can either just ignore this and just add a station at a time, or try to add some random elements.  EG, choose six colours and roll a D6 to move to the next one, or every second station use a real world station from your town and back-define what it means in your setting.

Does that help?

Yes, because I wrote this late at night and got confused. I'm a doofus. FTQ is by Alex Roberts. Fixing.

Thanks Angela! We've spoken to Ash and they are cool with both this and the main game appearing together. 

Thanks Oh Newt! A lot of my games are in the "story prompt" area these days! Especially our new one Partners!

I really like how colourful the encounters are in this, the way the "monsters" are brought to life. And that every encounter only has N rolls! That just takes things away from the "simulation" idea which is really cool. 

That do be how it is. I have some more concrete thoughts I'll try to add in a bit. 

This is one of the best RPGs about crabs making a bus I've ever seen and that's not a joke. 

Grab the expansion now!

That should be just a suggested amount, it is "Pay What You Want". You may more or less  - even zero!

Thanks! You need the core Partners rules to play. 

Trippy, surreal and crafty- actual mask-making! You need someone you trust because it could get deep...

My favourite Mafia-style game because unlike any other, if you realise your side is losing YOU CAN CHANGE SIDES. But then of course, everyone will think you changed to that side....

Simple, neat, and beautiful. And a slim slender box. Delightful!

Oh the new Circles rules are EXCELLENT. Just a sentence and now I get it, Circles are created BY the hegemony.

Came here just to suggest a design forum, because mostly all I do these days is design my own games, I don't have time to read anybody elses :0

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