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MMO with account. The way I'm solving it with github is you add your github account name to your account in my game and github has a API to ask who is sponsoring you and for how much so I can verify everyone is paying.

I'm planning on releasing some tools and I would like to be able to charge a monthly subscription amount for this. There are other sites (github f.ex.) that can do this, but I don't want to put all eggs in one basket.

Is this something feasible to add in the future? I know it entails additional complexity (storing encrypted billing information, controlling the date billed, etc.)

Is it a single file .prg?

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Is this a one file .prg? I use RR-Net to transfer games over codenet so I can only play those, so just making sure.

Thx Sarah!

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Sad this isn't one file .prg, I only use RR-Net to load games on my C64. Eventually the scene will make one though, so no despair!

How about a single file .prg so we can pipe this over RR-Net? I'm sure someone will crack this and single file it at some point but why wait!

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Any chance of open sourcing the engine?