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I guess patching the game with cheats from the sceene is one way around it... but feels bad...

Ok, yes you are right, level 2 is almost impossible on normal... keep grinding I guess?

I can send you my implementation, it could help with speed and understanding.

There is no difference between easy and normal...

Works like you said. Thx.

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In Normal difficulty the levels save _after_ you die, so you can finish the game in multiple sittings.

Why not just do a integration from your backend to check if the email has purchased?

Aha! Thx will try next time I connect my Kungfu...

It seems the .crt save does not work. Maybe you could provide a .crt with all levels unlocked so we don't have to keep the C64 powered on between play sessions?

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Kungfu on R1 breadbin. Will try 1.02 later. So only normal saves the levels, or did 1.02 fix that? Edit: Saving does not work on Kungfu... when you press Menu it should inform about the change and allow the write... Edit: It works AFTER you die.

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It's really hard, I wish there was a "noob, only here to enjoy the scenes/music difficulty option", does clearing a world write to the crt on Kungfu automatically? Also just skips past the death screen an all subsequent screens for me on v1 and 1.01.

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You mean I now have to play it through to the end again! :D

Reloaded V1 with old VIC2.

Nunchuk64 solves that.

Game of the Year 2023!

The text at the end is aligned to the right (and overflows) otherwise not many flaws.

Broken rail

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Very nice, had one bug but it would be a spoiler... lets just say "it" dissappeared when I dropped the torch on it.

Is this single file .prg?

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While you're at it maybe add one 16x16 character with animations?

Edit: That was quick! Thx for the walk animations!

Neat, the only thing I'm missing is run animations for the characters!

Hi, is the project over? I can't seem to register

To a game, from the player to the game creator?

It's not rocket science, itch is a game store.

Can you add this feature?

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The code system is a little annoying because you have to remember it every time you die, and sometimes santa runs a little too far... maybe a one step per press would solve that?

What would have been incredibly cool is if you released each day (the code on a automated site) as they came instead, like a calendar! But that would be hacked really fast...

Nice game!

Dig Dug next?

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Yes, that works! Thx!

Now we just need to make it multiplayer! ;)

Is it open source?

Also a way to tell that you have a key would be nice!

When I send it over RR-Net it just crashes?

Great release! Just 2 hopefully small problems, the volume on a 6581 is a tad low and every scene change makes a loud scratching noise. The button layout should probably default to B = jump is up and fire is shoot!

Nice, maybe make the border black?

I think you misunderstood me, if zendesk receives a mail from an email address it does not have it should reply with "We don't have this email address, you can add a secondary address if you cannot send with the address you have registered with". It should be one check box in the GUI.

Now it works. Thx!

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I don't want to pay Google so I can't. How can I get support without that feature? You really need to make sure your  users understand that they can only use their account for support if they have an email that they can use to send mails (= their address is owned by some 3rd party or they host their own SMTP server and have to handle spam)!

You need to immediately update your support system to reply if the mail address is not found in the database automatically!

You should own the domain of your own mail address and you should encourage that.

A bit sad these are not 8x8 like all chars on 8-bit systems, I would have used them to make a multiplayer dungeon crawler for the C64 otherwise.

I have been waiting 6 months. I don't think they exist.

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Hi Sarah, great game! I have 3 questions:

1) Did you consider upping health on the enemies to make them scale with the power up?

2) Why is the dual bullet power up so late? And why is it not spreading more and more as it powers up?

3) Do you really need to punish the player with power down on death?

It would be really cool if you could add settings where we can play with these settings and tune them to balance the game to our ability?

Edit: what are the probability of open-sourcing the game after some time? I'm having issues with the collision detection (understandable if you use the hardware collision as it was not intended to use multiplexing) but I would really like to give it a shot!


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I made the first interview on "Mar 25" and that returned an erroneous 30% withholding tax even though I'm from Sweden which has an agreement with the US.

I resubmitted another interview this summer but still the date says "Mar 25" and support is not replying to my mails.

Any way to get help?

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Hi, your .prg does not load over RR-Net, the GP release does however, how did you compile that .prg? I would like to add joystick support!

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I'm going to integrate with stripe to build an alternative to for multiplayer games, it seems "digital services" are VAT free in the entire world. Edit; I was wrong, nothing is VAT free, but my government offers a "automatic" help tool to pay all the tax offices around the world: (in Swedish but you can see the file format)

Adding to this: Indonesia, Mexico, Chile och Colombia added VAT this summer!

Still needs to fix the tax interview, otherwise nobody can use this service.

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Sure, that request was completely separate, I should have created another thread but then I don't know if you would see it. Basically as it is now I have to upload an to my product to get billing to work but I will use server API to verify a purchase and the game will be multiplayer HTML5 on a separate homepage. Selling only downloads is too narrow. Also another separate request would be to be able to use username in addition to email on the purchases API.

Ok, I guess I'll have to ask for the email address then!

I mean I would get the email form the purchases API anyway, so it would just be a matter of protecting the users interests in the GUI, typing email is alot more intrusive than typing a username.

I think adding a name parameter to the purchases API wouldn't hurt:" + key + "/game/" + game + "/purchases?name=XXX

instead of:" + key + "/game/" + game + "/purchases?email=XXX