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Hi if you contact Bitmap soft games they will provide you with a ditigal copy while we wait!

The collectors edition is sold out, however a standard edition will be out soon!

ill add it to the patch list!

For mages, you get XP for each spell thats cast or melee combat

Works perfectly via Emulator!

Will work fine with that Config

The sequel,black dawn rogue out soon is aga only

they`re flipped

I can, the maps are mixed up and the Enemies are twice as tough in the New+ game

if you get stuck again take a look at the maps via the map editor!

thanks for the great feedback! Sound was unfortunaty the one thing we ran out of memory on. Out new Black Dawn game using a new engine for A1200 has double the memory so hopefully well have enough left over to improve the sound!

Very Cool! totally stealing the firepits

on a basic a500 ? no

send me a message on

I`ll fix the animations and the like in the expansion  and get them backtracked into the original game when I have chance . I am after another tester for the expansion however..... If you want to send me your email over either here or on the FB page we`ll see what we can do

I am actually using scancodes just not (for some reason) not on the WASD...... let me knock you up a version......

Hey Marskilla, I should get you to do testing of the new one :) - i`ll get all of them fixed this morning, i`ll drop a line on here when they done!

Hi there if you want to send me the rp9 file ( minus the kickrom) that`d be great - would be another option for people downloading the game

I hope you enjoy it!

Hey there you certainly can, I`ve added a pdf of the manual to the downloads

Thanks Dude, hope you enjoy it! And the expansion coming out next month lol

if its any consolation, it runs great in WinUAE (I coded it in there after all!)

its the lack of chip ram Im afraid, it requires slightly more than the 1meg chip which is why it wont generally run a a standard a500

thank you dude! Hope you enjoy it

unless your interested in the map editor or source code, no!

Hi Phantom, aside from the latest round of bug fixes, the only additional additions are the map editor and source codes. The main purpose of it being released on was to get it to people cheaper who hadnt already got it and to make sure that as many people have access for when the Black Dawn Rogue expansion disk is out

64 colours - no its not aga, its too 32 colour screens so should work fine on your a3000 as long as it has the relevant chip memory. Feel free to send over your bugs

Hi Yes, i am the games author

Ill send over the bug fixes to Double Sided Games so he can update it from there but the Extra stuff wont be available from Double Sided games

the spawners did need more time on them but they were a late addition and i ran out of time

thanks alot loganobrien121, im glad yoy enjoyed it! ill make sure its full of sound when i expand it to a full game ;)

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Available to download at

too much text at the beginning if the game!