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Ah okay maybe. It does sound difficult.

If you would like, add me on Discord, I’ll gladly help you out with some of our other asset packs?

Discord name - pixelsthepixel

Take care!

Hey, you are completely right and I do apologise. Although there is a little information on the page about the “in game photos”, it does not justify it enough to state that it is not the full art and I apologise for that.

As for the assets, I use GMS and therefor the assets are copied over from a master sprite sheet I use. It would seem this way is definitely not best for other engines, and as you state, non-artistic personnel.

I will change the description in this pack to state the difficulties you have found. I will also accept a refund if you can fingure out how to move forward with that as I am having no luck finding how to refund from a “sellers” persperctive, sadly.

Thank you for reaching out. It is truly appreciated and again, I am sorry for the confusion and difficulties caused here!

My apologise! It seems I do things differently when it comes to game development, hence me thinking the order I had placed them in was easiest. I have added a transparency version of the file for ease as it was a little annoying removing the white. I am sorry for that!

Hey thank you very much for the comment. Truly appreciated!

I’m not too familiar with slicing for Unity so I would gladly accept a little help and advice to make these packs more accessable!

If you have discord, shall we chat on there some time? My Discord is: ЯlR#7995

Take care!

We have released a playable demo version of our cute and colourful platformer - Princess Siobhan.

Please do go check it out if you get time and let us know what you think!

Find it here!


These are really cute, thank you for sharing! :D

These are very cool! Thank you for sharing!

OH! Thank you :D

I have posted a sale for all my assets at 41% off and have updated a few of the free assets to include more! I hope you find something useful.

Sale here!

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Late late year I decided to design my partner, Siobhan, a cute platforming game. I am back ontrack on developing said game and it, in my opinion, is looking pretty sweet!

My idea is to design a replayable, cute, colourful, easy to learn, none-repetative platform adventure game that has easter eggs for my girlfriend to pick up on and enjoy but also random enough for others to not be discouraged or confused.

The game will have (does have) an interactive map screen that allows you to go back and forth and replay your favourite levels, re-collect all the coins and attempt to collect the one hidden object per level. It will also have one time playable minigames to earn some extra coins.

The difficulty for the game will be easy to moderate, getting a little more difficult over time. This game will be created for people who don’t play many video games and can be hopefully comparable to playing SMB on the Wii (since that’s where this idea came from!).

My flaw when making video games and art is EVERYTHING has to be perfect and I will spend hours ensuring it looks perfect in my eyes, which some times it never does. This time I am dedicated to not falling into that trap and being okay with what looks ‘good’.

So where am I as I write this? Well, have a look! Here are some gifs I’ve recorded over the development. I am currently working on the game daily, even if it’s just a little bit and updating the devblog .

More on the site!

Thanks for popping by! I look forward to sharing new updates with you and possibly hearing from you!

These are beautiful! Thank you :D

Hey! I really want to create some motivation and do something I enjoy. That being pixel art. If you look at my profile on here you can see I’ve posted a wide range of pixel art and I think I’d like to create more but I can’t think of many things that I would like to actually draw…

Do you have any ideas of “packs” I can create for people? For you? All ideas are welcome!


That sounds amazing! Thank you for adding my name to the credits, you really didn’t have to but I do appreciate it! The game looks great!

Ooh I see, sorry! It comes in a zip file, depending on what software you have you can sometimes right click the file and unzip it to access the files. You can sometimes double click the file to open it too. I’d suggest winrar but the best thing to do would be to watch a youtube video on how to do that! Good luck pal

Have you purchased the asset?

why thank you :p

Nothing immature with that but I do like your new name! I’m not the best at keeping on my own projects let alone working with others but I do appreciate the offer! :D

Aha :D there is no attack animations I’m afraid. When I used these in a game, I just put clouds around the characters like The Sims

Tiny pixel genitals?

Elementallis Demo community · Created a new topic bonic joc

Vaig trobar les teves captures de pantalla a Reddit i volia dir que el teu joc és molt bonic i tinc ganes de fer-ho.

Well that may not be too long from now, but how about a discount? ;)

Can’t wait to see what you’ve done with them! Don’t forget to check out the other freebies on my profile! :D

A few months back I started on an RPG game with a typing twist. It has been on the website a while but I never really advertised it much.

I’ve recently updated the game and would really like some feedback on what can be improved or what could be added to make it more enjoyable?

Also I’m always up for your custom weapons to be added!

Thank you, Losy! Yes we do like making games ;p

Well as you may be able to tell, I won’t be submitting my project. It’s an unfinished mess! A nice looking mess, but a mess none the less.

I may continue working on it, not sure yet!

Hey! I’m officially starting the 7DRL @ 2pm (GMT/UTC)

The game: The name of my project atm is Descent. The idea is a top down rougelike Minecraft with pixel art graphics. The game will be turn based, permadeath (to a degree), randomly generated, have lots of variation, lots of grinding, replayable, near pixel perfect graphics, have a complex crafting system and some more that I’m sure will come to me within the week!

I’ll upload screenshots to the new itch page that you can find here:

Good luck guys! :D

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Hey! The character is from a post over at OGA: HERE The character is free and with the ability to edit. I didn’t want to cheat the original owner out :)

I probably should have added this to the info or removed him from the screenshots. Thank you for pointing it out!

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I’m new to this, pls don’t shoot me!

I decided to release a load of my old assets that got me nowhere. Some are for sale, most are free.

I’ve been on and off low key designing art and small games for fun and I guess therapeutic reasons. Being creative can really help if you can focus on it and enjoy the small positives given!

The assets I’ve put a price tag on are currently on sale at $0.69 til the first of April. Everyone loves that number, right?

I’d love some advice or constructive criticism to improve for myself and you!

Here are some examples of what I’m offering :) click the pictures to visit the packs!

Thank you! :D

Really pretty! I love your art style :D