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Hi everyone! We would like some feedback on this Game Jam and would appreciate it if you would fill out this form! Thanks a bunch :)

Awesome! Can't wait to see it @matisoft! :)

Hi, I would like to get in touch with the creators of this game as I would like to discuss the possibilities of releasing it as a game on the web-based gaming platform Please send me an e-mail at :)

Hoping for a positive reply!

12 days left! How are the development going? :)

Hi, we at just launched our second international game jam:

Is it possible to get this one featured? :)

Best Christian Schultz (CEO & CO-Founder)


This game has been developed part-time since 2015 by the Norwegian Game Company process. We at tiltspot provides the platform. We should have a chat about what GDWC and we can do together! Send me an e-mail at and we'll talk :)

Due to some technical issues we push the deadline so you can submit at until Wednesday at 23.59. If there's anything, please let us know! 

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Some information about submission.

Tiltspot does not yet support games to be played directly at with phones as controllers (but this may be something we will look into).

So for those who use the Tiltspot plugin in their games, we recommend making the folder as a downloadable .zip, with installing instructions, so people can use the Game Tester to play and test your game (we recommend to not include the game tester in the uploaded project, but have it as a reference). 

We are currently developing a game-jam site at Tiltspot. This site will be available for everyone where you can play each other's games in the browser with friends. A requirement is to be using the Tiltspot plugin. If so, you will be able to use an iframe to have your game published at and linked to your profile. * We do not upload any game without the developer(s) agreeing on this. 

For those who use regular inputs for their games, you can submit it as usually done at with web games. These games will unfortunately not be available at Tiltspot, but this is something you will get the opportunity to do later if you want to (you then need to develop a controller).

All games that are submitted will be part of the top 3 ranking and rewards.

We are so excited that people are starting to join this event, and we're looking forward to publish the prizes next friday! Share the Jam with your friends and as always, stay social ;) 

Best from the

Hi, we recently launched our game jam Social Game Jam here at, and next weekend we are attending Norways biggest game conference to launch it for 150 + developers. But in advance it would be great to have our game jam highlighted at (to get a colour on jam site). Is this possible to do? We're working hard to create a unique and exciting jam for all devs out there, so hoping for a positive reply!

Hi, I see that the Jam we created has not yet been listed. How many days will it take for that to happen?

Hi, can you contact me at

Hi, really cool game, and love the graphiq and the gamemechanism with chaning form white to black! Have you thought about publishing it on other sites? :)

Hi! Paddle Force is really awesome, and I would like to talk to you about the possibilties of a release on the web-based gaming platform Are you up for a skype session so I can tell more about Tiltspot, and what we want to do in terms of marketing and publishing? And no worries, we take all the expenses! :) Hit me up at!

Hi, my name is Christian Schultz and I'm the CEO of the web-based gaming platform We are looking for games to publish and market for free on our platform, and I believe Bouncy Smash can be a cool game to implement as this game has both a social aspect as well as a competitive aspect! We have opened up our Unity Plugin and as your game are created in Unity, and this would be cool to implement and help you showcase it to a bigger audience. 

I didn't find any e-mail for who to contact, so please send me an email at for a quick chat about who we are and what we can offer. 

You can try our platform here:
Best Christian

Haha love it! Can we talk about publishing of Pop N' Pals at Send me an e-mail at and we'll talk about what we can do together! :)

Really cool concept guys! Potato Bumper Dash is a cool game, and I would like to talk to you about the possibilities for the game to be published on our web-based gaming platform Please send me an email at and we'll talk more at email :) 

Haha, great concept! Have you thought about publishing it on another platform? We at would love to talk to you about helping you publishing Life Is Short on our webbased gaming platform, and help you with further development and marketing for free :) Hit me up at and we can talk more there!

Great game! Would like to talk to you about the possibility of publishing  MicroMurder on the web-based gaming platform! Send me an e-mail at and we can talk more details there :)

Hi! Would really like to get in touch with you about a possible publishing of your game at! Your game RoBoats might be perfect for our web-based gaming platform, and we want to talk to you about what we can offer to you :) Send me an e-mail at if you wanna have a chat!

Hi! Sea Skulls looks amazing! I would really like to talk to you about the possibilties of publishing this game on Would you be interested in a chat about the possibilties? Hit me up at :)

Hi, love the idea og penguins clashing together, haha! I would really like to talk to you about publishing this game on our web-based gaming platform! :) 
Hit me an e-mail at if you're interested!

Hi, would really like to talk to you about publishing CuckooCurling on our web-based gaming platform Send me an e-mail at if you're interested :)