Submissions open from 2019-07-15 11:37:00 to 2019-09-08 21:59:00
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What is

Theme: Seasons

The interpretation is up to you

Participation πŸ“‹                                                        🚫 Requirements

  1. Join our Discord:                                                                                        Unity, JavaScript or HTML5 -
  2. Follow the requirements                                                                                                         Couch co-op for two or more players -
  3. Develop the game                                                                                                Make your own or use royalty-free art and music -
  4. Apply before the deadline


The thing that stands out with this game jam is that you can explore opportunities with the controller technology, and create a game that brings couch co-op to the next level!

The duration is longer than most jams, due to the fact that we want the you to have more time to create the game and tweak the game experience. This also gives you the opportunity to join the game jam and submit at different times, determined by you


The winning games will be published on, and developers credited, played by thousands of users.

Additional prizes:  

First prize will receive sweaters to their team (maximum 4) and a gold diploma

Second prize will receive t-shirts to their team (maximum 4) and a silver diploma

The submissions will be tested and played by a jury consisting of the founders behind

🀩 Inspiration - Previous Winner

Check them out:

❗Extra Info
  • You don't need to program the smartphone/controller. 
  • If you don't have a team, join the Discord and meet our community of game developers. 
  • Questions can be directed at Discord (#gamejam) or our email:

We are looking forward to the submissions. Good luck!