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Overtime was a fun and surprisingly scary indie horror game that I enjoyed playing!

The premise of the game is that you have to find your sister Jessica in an abandoned office space, all the while avoiding a creepy monster man.

Overtime offers a genuinely unsettling atmosphere, where plenty of little sounds and background noise keep you on the edge. There are PLENTY of jumpscares throughout the game and they are all pretty effective. The radio static that plays whenever the monster is close makes you freak out and the one puzzle in the game is challenging enough without being overly difficult.

Some drawbacks are that the game is pretty light on the story, the monster is pretty bland and sometimes the lights that you find somehow get stuck in the walls and burn out (there are plenty others to grab though). Seeing as how this is a demo, these negatives can be easily forgiven and can be fixed in a deeper, fully fleshed version of the game which I would definitely play.

Overall, I really enjoyed playing Overtime and I salute the developers for making a game that has potential to be made into something more. I made a Let's Play of Overtime so I hope you check it out and subscribe to the channel if you enjoyed!

Water Me is an interesting game and that I think has a lot of potential.

The main premise of the game is that you're stuck inside during a massive rainstorm/flood and you have to keep a plant alive. Spoiler alert: I think no matter what you do, the plant is destined to die, which I think is the point of the game.

One cool thing is that the more you engage with the plant in terms of talking to it and feeding it, the more it grows.

Inevitably though, the plant dies at the end, speaking to the futility of life and how no matter what we do, sometimes we cannot change everything in our life, which is a cool concept to explore in a video game.

There isn't much depth to the game and you can literally finish it in less than 5 minutes, but it's still an enjoyable experience nonetheless and it runs really well with little to no bugs.

I made a Let's Play of Water Me so I hope you check it out and let me know what you think. Enjoy!

Find Him is an... interesting game to say the least.

There isn't much of a story and I don't really know what is going in the game (a giant orgy at a bank/hotel?)

Yet I'm strangely intrigued as to finding out who these people are and what they're celebrating! The music is fun and keeps you into the game, the graphics and environment all look very clean and crisp and the controls handle well (although you can't interact with anything).

While the game is pretty shallow and there isn't much to do besides finding the man doing the nasty, I think there is solid potential to have more added to the game and I would definitely play again if there was stuff added in the future!

I made a Let's Play of Find Him so let me know what you think and I hope you enjoy!

Formless Adventure is a fun little platformer game that has a ton of potential and offers a decent amount of a challenge.

The environment and levels are all really well done, with the colors and the vibrancy really standing out well. The music is enjoyable to listen to and the physics in the game seem pretty spot-on. It reminded me a lot of those old school Mario games which brought back some great memories.

There are a few bug and glitches in the game that I found. If you die near a checkpoint, you might as well just restart the level since you become trapped in perpetual cycle of killing yourself, which makes beating the game more than impossible. Also when you change forms, the character can accidentally push himself towards even more death, which is frustrating to say the least.

Regardless, I think Formless Adventure was a really well made game and with those bugs being taken out of the game, it makes for a really fun play! Also, I'm highly intrigued if a story can be Incorporated into the game (I was trying so hard to figure out just what the hell the main character is supposed to be haha).

I made a Let's Play of Formless Adventure, I hope you all enjoy and don't forget to subscribe if you did!

Posted in MORTEM comments

MORTEM is a very cool concept of a game that has a lot of potential! The game is very much along the lines of games like Emily Wants to Play where all you have to do is find Mortem 10 times before 10 minutes passes.

The environment and the graphics in the game are absolutely beautiful and character designs are really well done. The soundtrack and sound effects truly make the game even scarier and it's a nice little touch that the music amps up the longer you survive. The light of the flashlight is also spot-on in that you have enough light to see in front you but it doesn't unrealistically light up the entire room.

There isn't any story in the game though (I know there's some backstory on the gamepage) and there are still plenty of strange bugs and glitches that can occur where your character doesn't fully enter the closet, yet still somehow manages to survive Mortem. Mortem also tends to get stuck in a doorway, leading you to restart the game. Also the doors in the game don't seem to be fully functional, as I tried to open one door, only to have another open for me. Overall though for a first version of the game, MORTEM is a super scary and fun horror experience that all Indie game fans should try out! I am definitely looking forward to playing the game again once some updates have been made.

I made a Let's Play of MORTEM so feel free to check it out and let me know what you think!

Although Alien Caseno is obviously a demo or a working build of a game, but I really had fun investigating and exploring the world you created!

The aliens are all distinctive, the controls feel great and the wackiness of the environment fits in perfect to the overall game.

Of course, I wish the game was more fleshed out in that you can interact with the aliens and whatnot, but for what it is, you should be proud of what you made.

Looking forward to anything else you may put out in the future! I made a Let's Play of Alien Caseno, let me know what you think!