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A topic by TiggyTime created May 11, 2017 Views: 166
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There's Poop in My Soup: Pooping With Friends is a HILARIOUS and fun game that everyone should try!

There is literally no story involved as the only premise to the game is that you have to accomplish certain tasks to get as high of a score as possible.

The controls to the game are all very responsive, there is a certain degree of difficulty to the game that feels right and even the music and sound ambiance go well with the environment. I only played the free version of the sequel so I wasn't able to experience the other two levels that I believe are in the game, but it was more than enough to get a true feel for the game.

I do wish that the demo was a bit longer in that it offered different levels to play in, but that is pretty much the only "knock" that I could point out in the game.

There's Poop in My Soup: Pooping With Friends is a super fun game and I had a blast playing it. I recorded a Let's Play of the game so l hope you can check it out and let me know what you think!