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I'm Still Here is a wacky game that will definitely catch you by surprise!

The premise of the game is goofy and as the story progresses, it gets even wackier which strangely makes sense in the universe that the game builds. The controls all handle well, the interactions are all very smooth and even the music makes the experience both fun and spooky.

The only other things that I would add to the game are that the graphics should be cleaned up just a tiny bit as it looks a little fuzzy and I wish it was longer! Maybe by adding a few more situations where the narrator is questioning whether or not there really are ghosts around would lengthen the game just enough.

Overall though, I'm Still Here is a hilarious indie game that is both unique and well executed and is something I enjoyed playing!

I made a Let's Play of I'm Still Here so let me know what you think and I hope you enjoy!

Haha, you look like you had so much fun.
It was a real joy to watch you play. Thank you!