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Ahh thank you! We grew up with the same games, haha! Sounds like our inspirations are showing through.

aww thank you so much!

Haha, oh no! Hopefully it's not too scary to play the full game 🤣

Aww thank you so much!

haha thank you!

Ahh we're so glad you got into the story! We're really putting a lot of work into fleshing it out for the full game.

so cool! We are really inspired by the horror games we grew up with. 
Thank you for playing!

awesome, thank you!

thank you so much for playing! We also think the game could be scarier, but there's a lot of elements we're trying to juggle. we'll see what we can think up for the final game.

We won't be translating until we are closer to finished. If you email  any portfolio/experience you have to we will keep you in our records so we can consider you when we need the help.

that's great feedback. we'll see if we can tighten that up in the full game.

thank you!

thank you so much! We are really putting a lot of work into tying the story into all aspects of the game. hopefully it pays off in the full game

We're so glad you liked it!
For the full game we are doing a ton of work on the enemy AI. They should feel a lot more unpredictable and tense!

Ahh, thank you! We are so inspired by horror games from all generations.

Awesome! Hopefully we keep up that feeling in the full game

thank you for playing!

Thank you so much!

Thanks so much! We'll have options in the full game to disable stuff like the screen shake because we know some people get sick from it.

Just thinking of it reminds me how much more work we have to do, haha. Wish us luck!

thank you! Cool thumbnail image 💜

Thanks so much for playing! We just keep getting more excited about the game and keep adding more! There's so much to figure out still, but we think the full game will be something we are proud of!

Aww thank you so much! We're putting a lot of work into the enemy so hopefully they are even more interesting in the full game!

Thank you so much! We're so glad you liked so much of the game.

We're only 2 people and unfortunately animation is our weakest skill so there's probably going to be a handful of funky animations throughout the game. We're trying our best though haha 😅

haha, thank you!

Sorry, the demo isn't well optimized and runs poorly on some computers. We'll put more work into the full game to make it run better.

Thank you! We look forward to making it! now we get back to work, haha

Thank you so much for the kind words! We're so glad the atmosphere is working for you.

We're really inspired by horror games from different decades and we're trying to blend all of our inspirations together.

Thanks for the wishlist!

Thank you for playing! We're glad you liked it

haha. The projector puzzle doesn't get completed in the demo. That's part of the full game only.

The full game is going to be MUCH larger. We will probably release a new demo alongside the full game to share how much has changed.

thank you!

thanks for playing!

Thank you for playing!

Thank you for playing!

Thank you! We are working hard still! There's a lot we want to add to make it a full game.

Thank you so much for playing and reading our update!

Thank you!


thank you!

We didn't mention in the demo. In the full game we will share her name and have a little more story that explains who she is.

Awesome, thank you so much! Wish Lists really help us out