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Cozy Game Pals

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wow, thank you! <3

We're so happy you actually enjoyed this one! This was our first time trying to write! It was surprisingly difficult to do haha

<3 hehehe 

woo! Thank you! We're glad you had fun haha. 

haha. Hopefully a good mood! 

Thanks for playing! ❤️

I'm so happy to be inside Peter

Haha 😝

Thanks for playing!

Haha, you look like you had so much fun.
It was a real joy to watch you play. Thank you!

Haha, are there any others?

I will always remember <3

welcome to game. We make game. Thank you for playing game. 😜

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haha, hopefully that was a good surprise. It looks like we left you a little confused 😜

haha, awesome! So glad you liked it. We should be staying our next project soon! ❤

aww thanks! ❤

Haha, you two are so cute together!
Thanks for playing our game <3

You can always trust the internet ;P

:D We have some other games that you can try out, too:

They're all pretty different, but we keep them light and silly.

Haha :p
Glad you thought it was funny <3

Unfortunately, no. sorry :[

We did not have enough time to add an options menu.

Your playthrough was a ton of fun to watch!
We're so glad you enjoyed our sense of humor

Haha great let's play! Thanks for your kind words and we're glad you had fun. Also thanks for the mindful thumbnail ;P

aww jeez, you are so nice haha. It's really encouraging. We're really glad you got the game and enjoyed our style!

same here, haha. We had so many ideas but lost the time and energy to get them all in. We're still happy with how it came out though!

daww, we're glad you liked it! Thanks for playing

haha, that was the reaction we should have expected.. I guess we made a weird thing, didn't we

haha, that's awesome!

haha, looks like Game Genie strats to me

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Awesome!!! Thanks so much for playing and recording our game. Keep up the great videos. <3

<3 Glad you like it!
We'll keep making free games for a while! Hopefully we keep getting better

Unity webGL support only really works on desktop, but it still loads in mobile browsers.
It would be great if I could configure my html upload to only appear embedded on desktops, but not on mobile devices.