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Cool! Thanks for sharing! <3 

Hehe thank you!

Ohh thank you for the feedback! We initially added the timer to try to make each day feel a bit more fast paced, but it's good to know it doesn't really match the rest of the game. Thanks for playing! 

Thanks so much for playing! Pokemon Snap was one of our inspirations for this game <3 

Hehe <3

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The menu song is called Bit Quest by Kevin MacLeod!

Thanks for playing! We also think it would make a great mobile game. Hopefully we can port it in the future!

haha. thank you so much for playing!

As the writers, we have an idea of what happened to Yuki, but we wanted it to come off as open ended and mysterious. We hope you found it interesting! Their story was really fun to write

We really appreciate you playing ♥️ it means so much to us. If you are willing to help us out with a hair he favor. Steam reviews help a ton with out steam rankings. You can leave one here:

Thanks so much for playing ♥️

Thanks a ton for trying it!

We had a lot of similar ideas for a larger version of this game. We imagined a subway system where you chose what neighborhood of Tokyo you wanted to take photos in and each neighborhood would have its own vibe. This version was a proof of concept for us, and if enough people like it we might consider adding more content!

Thanks so much for playing! We're glad you enjoyed it <3 Hopefully we can work on releasing it on mobile in the future.

Aww, thanks for trying it out! 

Yay thank you! We hope you do play it again <3

Yeah we're really excited for the update! Hopefully we're mixing it up enough so it's worth a fresh play through. 

Aww, we're glad you liked so many things about the game! Thank you for playing! <3

haha  <3

Glad you liked the game though! Thanks for playing! <3

Woowwww that score is nuts haha
With that score, you should have all characters unlocked already <3
Thank you for playing!

Awesome! Thank you for playing    <3

wow, perfect score!

Yay, we're glad you liked it. thanks for playing! 

Maybe! We really like spooky stuff, so it's always a possibility.

The next game we are working on is not horror, so it might be a while.

haha, we're glad you like it!

So cool! Thank you for playing!

Thank you!

Not sure what's wrong with the sounds.  Which platform are you on?

it is available on iOS and Android app stores!

iOS App Store Link
Android App Store Link

OMG thank you so much! haha. We're so glad you like it   <3

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Haha, you're too kind  <3

Aww, thank you!
We surprised ourselves with the amount of polish haha.

Turns out itch automatically hides the videos/screenshots if there's a browser version of the game.

We'll add some images or videos to the description section. Thanks!

aww, thank you! <3

We will always love them  :,(

haha, thanks for playing! Looks like you had fun   :p

thank you for playing! Sorry it's too short for you, but  we're glad you liked it!

Aww, thank you! We're glad you liked it <3

Haha, thank you for playing! Sounds like you had fun ;P

Awww, we're glad! Thanks for playing <3    

We've definitely seen more issues with the web version than the downloaded version. We're not sure what exactly we did wrong, but there are definite frame skips and dropped button inputs.

Sorry for that! Hopefully next time we can figure it out

Awww, thanks! haha. We're so happy you liked it :)

Oh no! D: 
Unfortunately we don't have a great way of testing on Linux Mint.
So sorry you don't have a chance to play our game :(

Aww, haha. Maybe you'll have fun with our next games!