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Silent Neighbors is a cool little indie game that has an ending that can be both expected and surprising!

The game can be completed in less than 15 minutes so it isn't time consuming at all.

The stylized graphics and art style are really cool and they harken back to those 90's Gameboy games. The controls all work fine and nothing appears to be broken or buggy. Even the atmosphere and the music are genuinely creepy, which can lead to a few spooks if you're really into it.

The one thing I would say is that I wish the game was a bit longer and that there were a few interactions that you could do to really become more engrossed in the game.

Other than that, Silent Neighbors is a great example of an indie game that can be both fun and thoughtful and is something that I definitely recommend everyone should play!

I made a Let's Play of Silent Neighbors so let me know what you think and thanks for watching!

It was nice to watch your video, interesting part was that you always were ready to get scared ;D