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Glad that you like concept! But as for now I am not working on this project as my full time job is eating all my time.. Hope to continue working on it anyway!

Great video!

Sorry for inconvenience! It should be fixed now!

To get out, one of you need to push the red button, but the one who will push it will DIE! Who will push the button? 

can you please send me some screens? i just can't really understand the problem, as I never encountered something like this while testing on 3 devices. and then i will look what i can do about it! 

Thank you! It is interesting to checking out someone playing your game! Especially now when I am still work in progress on it. 

The previous expedition disappeared and you are sent to the north island to uncover the real truth of they disappearance.

It was nice to watch your video, interesting part was that you always were ready to get scared ;D

Wanted to know, if I buy soundtracks can I use them for my game?

Thank you for your video, was nice to watch it!

Thank You for playing game and making video of it, I like your reaction at the end ;D

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Thank You for playing the game! And yes, you figured story out just like it was intended to be!! ))

Thank You for making video, I really enjoyed watching like someone plays my game!
I liked your interpretation about things going on there, and I won't say it is totally wrong, but I won't spoil the fun and tell the true meaning ))

Great game, challenging and fun, and looks beutiful!

addicting nice game!

Well. The question is simple, just get your toughts together! )

Play it, it is a lot of fun!!