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nah dude its going to lag

probably 3fps

maybe even crash your pc and get BSOD

sys reqs?


the game is called raft for a reason :D

i would like the game to run better on my pc :D

2Ram 2.60ghz thats all i can say :D

it runs at 20fps on lowest settings :/

but still llove the game ^^

i cri evritiem ;-;

Raft community · Created a new topic update 2017/05/16

what changed? :D

nice mechanics

thanks ^^

nice art hope you got in jam (idk if you did or not but anyways :)))) )


8/10 increase moving speed a bit :D

thanks ^^

why is this game not available on windows now?

i played it 2days ago was working perfectly

now what happened?

tales of scale was a bit of a struggle for me xD idk why. anyways thanks for making this amazing game pal ^^ keep up the good work

hey it was pretty awesome game :D beautiful for sure

heres the thing

check museum of simulation technology

maybe you use its mechanic in sequel?

i got scared when i saw laser activator lever for the first time and i was like: nope f*ck this game im out, but still continued :D beautiful game and really challanging hope to see more stuff in the future ^^ love it 10/10

but the game is a bit creepy for me :D

no issues working perfectly thanks ^^

i just saw that it needs x64 os :/ oh well lifes going thx for help anyways )))

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windows 7 ultimate x86 2048video ram 32bit screen 60hz 2.60GHz nvidia gt9500 e5300 pentium (R) dual-core cpu

my game doesnt launch says: An error occured while launching Fragments of Euclid

Its last words were: spawn UNKNOWN

can anyone help please? creator plz :c

feel sad about it :((

same happened to my mother she lost her uncle in ww2 he was pilot :((

btw great game 5/5

cool voice

longest game iv ever played 4.5/5 :D sounds were very creepy xD

we love it ^^ just take your time were not in hurry ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^