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Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed :)

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Super cool! Thanks for clarifying 👍 Good luck with the kickstarter!

That's a lot of work! I respect it hahaha 👏

I'm assuming the male protag will be the bottom in all of the gay scenes?

How will the optional 18+ content work if you can choose the protag's gender? There will be both MxF & MxM alts?

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Hey there! Here are some tips:

Ending 1: Let Manson's rationality drop to zero. Typically by picking the unhelpful choices.

Ending 2: Let Acevedo's stress rise to maximum. The easiest way to farm this is to remain silent, letting the timer run out.

Ending 3: Surviving the game long enough without reaching zero rationality or maximum stress. This ending must be achieved first to unlock ending 5.

Ending 4: The choice where Acevedo offers himself as a romantic partner.

Ending 5: Survive the game long enough with PERFECT stress and rationality. You can make mistakes as there are also choices to decrease stress/increase rationality, as long as you finish the game with ZERO stress and MAXIMUM rationality.

The game encourages a lot of experimentation. If you didn't like a choice, you can eaily scroll back to click another. Let me know if that helps, or if you need a more detailed walkthrough!

Yes, it is! I'm hard at work with development, but I'm currently in graduate school ^u^;

Hello Helgrin, I am the creator of Pumpkin Eater. Archive.rpa is a ren'py function that prevents people from peeking into the files as to not spoil themselves. Don't mess with it unless you know what you're doing, which is causing these errors.

After you download the game, only click the .exe file, which should start up the game. You can always try to delete and redownload. I am very sorry about the trouble, please let me know if you need any more help.

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Hello! I'm very sorry you're having trouble. When you click start, does the narration not appear while it fades to black? Are you just stuck on the main menu?

I just downloaded it to make sure itch didn't corrupt anything, and I can play it just fine. What OS are you using? I use windows so I'm unable to test this on Mac or Linux. Did you make sure it is completely downloaded and all the files are there? If it's working, the icon of the game should be my protagonist Manson or at least the default Ren'py logo.
A horror game about human decomposition! 100% medically accurate :)
Thank you so much for setting this up, I pray for the Ukranians.

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Hey, thanks a lot! Unfortunately Object Ward is planned to be a game where all choices matter, as much as I would like to have silly flavor text, it goes against what I have planned. There are many endings planned in the final game due to Manson's choices, 21 of them!

In what way does Jones make you feel weird? Is there something wrong with him? He's a very eccentric character, hahaha!

I had to look up what Struwwelpeter was, but that's a very cool comparison! I'm glad people love the watercolor illustrations, it does look like something out of a children's book. Thanks!

Hello! Yes, this game was free for a limited amount of time. My artist and I decided to make it paid and posted an announcement of the change about two weeks ago. If you already downloaded the game before the price change, then congrats, you already own it! Everything is fine :)

It's lovely, but I don't think it gets the sensual and mysterious tone across like the first poster.

Well I'm glad you've fixed it then hahahah! I'll be sure to let you know if I spot anything else ;)

But are you currently taking suggestions?

It would be really nice if there was some hoverable text saying what buildings they were and if the protagonist says he can't enter them at the moment. I'm not sure if it's because something broke, I really can't enter it until later in the game, or that location isn't functional yet hahah!

In addition, I would love if there were confirmation screens if I would like to leave an area or not. I'm trying to explore and whoops I'm now back in the city and all out of energy!

Aside from this, it's certainly interesting. Keep up the great work, dev! :)

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I found a bug when attempting to save. All these menus appear and I am unable to get rid of any of them.

Escape partially helped, but I am still stuck and had to close out of the game, losing my progress :(

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Thanks! I wrote more about this in the bonus content. Decomposition is pretty gruesome for the average person, so media waters it down until it's palpable, showing either a fresh body or a mummified skeleton.

I'm pretty proud of my research and presentation of the decomposition. It's gross, but that's reality.

Thank you! And compliment accepted! I love horror stories that disturb, but also pull at your heart strings. :D

hehehe lois I've been hit by a car and now my family is keeping my rotting body around the house believing I'm alive heheheheh

The best game?! Oh thank you so much, I really appreciate the letsplay! 

Thank you! I enjoy hearing people's thoughts about my cast of characters. <3

Gorgeous characters, funny puns, and surprising amount of art. I love games that have a lot of soul put into it. I can't wait to see the final game!

Creating an account just to compliment my game, that is very kind of you! I'm a horror fanatic too, so I'm glad you enjoyed my game just as much as me creating it :)

Thank you so much!!!

Thank you, I appreciate the honest feedback :)

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O-Of object head fame?! You're too kind! :D I'm glad you enjoyed this. Pumpkin Eater actually came from a nightmare of mine about a year ago, where I was on some pretty rough SSRIs where one of the side effects was "abnormal dreams". It was so realistic, detailed, and bizarre that I wrote it down and finally became a VN! I haven't dealt with a close death in the family, God willing, but a while ago one of my professors passed away in a complete freak accident, and I would say morbidly inspired me with the theme of denial and grief. Memento mori is definitely weird.

That was certainly an interesting visual novel! As a Catholic uh... um... yeah that mom was pretty crazy hahahha XD

Nice atmosphere, sound effects, and I loved the black/white style. Though I didn't understand the final image, what did he become? An exploded skeleton?

Thank you, I appreciate it! Awiola is an absolute beast for drawing all this art in a month! XD

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Thank you! I'm a big lover of horror films, especially psychological horror like The Lighthouse or The Shining, so I completely agree on how you feel. I enjoy stories that get under your skin and keep you up for hours thinking about what you just saw, and not how the spoopy ghost is hiding under your bed.

And I'm glad you enjoyed the family dynamic and how you still felt sympathy for these characters, despite the events that occurred. It was definitely difficult writing multiple characters interacting at once! :D

Thank you! I put countless hours of research making this as accurate as I could! I'm planning on going into forensic pathology, so I have to know my stuff! :D

bESTIE OH YOU ARE SO SWEET! Thank you! I hope you enjoyed playing it!

A-ARI ASTER??? You are too kind, my friend QwQ

Thank you for the letsplay!

Captivating storyline, you are too kind! Thanks!

Thank you! Pumpkin Eater was based on a dream I had and for some reason the setting took place in the 50s. I decided to roll with it, but I'm glad people are enjoying it! :D

Thank you so much for your kind words, and especially a letsplay, I was not expecting it! I have received some feedback also about the short scenes, and I agree. I will do my best to remedy them. :)

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I think the panning looks great!

Thank you so much! I really appreciate it :)
And you stay safe too!