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Hi buckle2000,
Thanks for the feedback and suggestion, will discuss with the team and consider this for a future update.
*But I wouldn't hold my breath for this change :-)

Thanks again.


Oh wow, oh wow,
Thank you so much :D

Hey thanks for the suggestions,
We were wondering on how to fit this in with the holiday season, guess we'll activate the holiday discount right away.

And yes I do agree the game is priced high for itch, but I guess some Steam rules discourage having different pricing on different stores,
we may consider having a uniform price drop sometime later.

Thanks a lot for the feedback, appreciate it. 

Happy to announce that Switch - Or Die Trying is now live on  woohoo 

"Switch - Or Die Trying is a deceptively cute hard-core platformer where you will die all the time, All The Time ! Die; keep trying."

Check out some of the reviews of our free demo here: Switch Demo on

First 50 buyers get an Early Bird Pricing of $3.99  (regular price $9.99)

Every purchase also includes a Steam Key (Yay!) is the first platform where we introduce our Linux port to the world!

Please do give it a try and share it with your friends. Store Link 

And do feel free to say hi to us .

(We're  a small team from India , yes India,  and could really use all the love and support possible xoxo)

unable to link the steam page on itch project page,
The format specified there is
But we want to link our store page 
AFAIK there we do not have anything with the format

Am I missing something?

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Switch - or die trying comes out March 7th, 2017 on Steam.

Add us on your Steam Wishlist:

Follow us:

Thank you wrthofnino, much appreciated :)

Thanks a lot Jonboy.
Had fun watching this. :)

It really means a lot to know that people are waiting to play the full game.
Thank you :D

Thanks a lot Spudcats

Hi Amos,
Thank you for playing the demo, glad that you're enjoying it. :D
And thanks a lot the the feedback, we haven't tested it out much on macOS, will definitely be making Ctrl/Cmd changes.
If you have any other suggestions we'll be most happy to hear them. :)

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Thanks for the video, glad that you enjoyed it.
do try out the other levels too (the collectibles are optional :D ).
wont be so difficult this early in the game, in the final release.
and if you don't mind it would be much appreciated if you could leave us a vote on steam greenlight

Hello @RadiCarl ,
Woah what an amazing review.
Just shared it on twitter.
Yes, a restart button is under consideration.
As for the in air controls, a wall jump is uncontrolled, you gain complete control after you switch.
Thanks a lot for the feedback.
Stay Rad.

hi, hopefully this is the right place. But I had uploaded a my game.. and after a few days uploaded a new build yesterday.
-some users have reported that this new zip gives an error, and
-the file size is reported to be only around 3mb, whereas
-a file of around 48mb has been uploaded
I've tried downloading the file myself and it works as expected (I get a full 48mb download). Is this an error with the itch servers?
is there something that I can do on my end?

Hey guys! We are live on Steam Greenlight. Do vote for us if you like game. Thanks.

Thanks a lot for the review StepThaGamer, glad you enjoyed it. :D
We had a blast watching your review.
And definitely looking forward to a follow up.

Hey guys!

This is Threye, an indie game studio from India.

We have just released a demo of our first PC title called SWITCH.

It's a challenging 2D puzzle platformer with a slight twist to classic platform mechanics.


You play the alphabet 'I' who is on a journey to redeem his friendship with all other letters.


You can switch from 'big I' to 'small i' using the switch mechanic which also gives you an extra jump.



This is our first foray into PC gaming, really excited!!!

More Links: Page -

Game Website -

Like us on Facebook -

Follow os on Twitter -

Get Development Updates -

Game Review:

Already got a Playthrough/Review :D :D

Thank you.

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Thank you for the review.

The whole purpose of this demo is to get user data that will help us improve the game. The checkpoint system that you mentioned is under consideration and we wanted to implement it only if the game gets too hard for the players. Also for the tutorial buttons, you will have to pause the game and view controls for now. This will be fixed when the game comes out.

I really like your last point. I saw your video and somehow I guess you missed the last level (level 6 in the adventure section). Its a puzzle. I'm sure it will be an "aha" moment once you solve it.

These levels are challenging but there will be intermediary short levels between these long levels in the full game.

Thanks for the review! it means a lot to us and will help us further improve the levels.