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Hi AxieAfrique, thanks for the feedback and apologize for the confusion.

I have created a 1-minute guide on how to submit your project, hopefully this will make it clear.

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Hi everyone,

I'm from Malaysia.

  • Full-time corporate worker
  • Counselling student
  • Notion lover  (can't stop talking about it)

Hope you'll enjoy the event.

This game is surprisingly more like a puzzle game than hack n slash. Rushing in like a mad man doesn't help me at all :)

hey that's for the feedback Kreastricon.

ya I got lost when I tried to spend too much time on other things & overlooked the base mechanic (attack, movement etc...) I'll focus on the basics first next time to make sure the game is fun to move around !

hey Bahototh, do you have twitter? Let's chat there thomas_yang1. Or you can use this page I created for who game maker to find each other.

Hi WillReardon, 

Have you found anyone to team up with yet?  Let me know if you're still looking for a team. You can find me on twitter @thomas_yang1)

Hi, I'm looking for 2D artist to work on this jam. The plan is to make a dark Zelda top down game. 

Anyone is welcome as long as you're interested in making games together! 

This is a perfect game after a game jam...where I just want to chill and relax!

Although I don't condone smoking behavior, yet thumps up for adding the animation...It made me laugh!

I tried to make the game as easy as possible...Still think it might be a bit too hard for the boss fight.

Thanks! I was really afraid it might be too hard since the player can't see anything.

Agree that the wild card creates a very interesting outcome!

thanks..glad you enjoyed it :)

Thanks for the feedback!

I actually added sound effects but had to remove it cause I suspected it's causing an issue with exporting to HTML5, until now I still don't have any idea why it didn't work~. The lesson learned for me is to always have a backup even for a game jam!

Thanks! I like Breaking Point a lot and it's something I plan to do for my next project (to include moral value and empathy in games)

Thanks, glad you like it! 

Hey Diego, you're free to use any engine you want... The important thing is to publish a game for people to play~

Thanks, it's working for me now! (it didn't cross my mind that there'll be someone brave enough to build a VR game~)

The game is freaking cool, feel like it'll work better in VR...

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I was about to rage on the difficult control...not until I've seen the adorable cat~ you simply can't go wrong with a cat :)

took me 5 minutes to load the damn game! but it's worth it since the visual is chill~~reminded me of VA-11 Hall-A.

I like the depth of field you've implemented~ the pixel art + 3d visual is pretty pleasing to look at.

No prob~ my lazy trick for indicator is to have the player flash in red or just play a sound~  

Look forward to your next game!

I really like the idea of the game! The visual felt polish too~ 

Although there's an awkward part where I'm too early to the jump spot (after respawn) and have to wait 2-3 secs. 

I can't seem to get the game's showing me the reset button only.

The game plays well. Although it's a bit hard to tell when I'm hit by enemy since there's no indicator.

Thank god you put a disclaimer telling us that this doesn't represent "real" therapy :)

It's a great visual! although it's a bit confusing as to where I should go sometimes and get stuck a few times (since you've multiple routes, similar to sonic). I feel like it'll be better if you lighten up the path that can be travel so that it's easier to tell for players.

I'm jealous of how your game has great visuals alongside a procedurally generated stage!

I like how I got brutally destroyed by "No" difficulty ~ It's confusing at first but the tutorial definitely helps!

will play again once you've implemented the checkpoint. Cats are adorable :)

your game looks soooo damn good!

wish you have clearer instruction tho cause it's a bit confusing what I'm supposed to do.

The game felt polish, although would've been great if there's sound/visual feedback when leveled up so that I can feel the increase in difficulty.

Game is super polished!

minor suggestion is to include an invincibility timer when collided with enemy, it's kinda annoying to get pushback by the same enemy multiple times (altho admittedly I could've walked the other way to avoid it too~)

I'm probably bias but 10/10 since I like puzzle games~

from my experience, the control/ camera is a bit too responsive, which is nauseating...

otherwise, I like how the game looked and felt, it fits the theme with a dreamy-like feel.

The intro is awesome..

I thought it's a banana lol....

One of the most polished game in the jam!

the only thing is that my score is not updating after killing the monster, and marble reset every time I lose health, which is a bit weird considering I'm not yet dead.

I really really love how you guys played around with the camera (when you touched the patrol light)....although admittedly it's nauseating AF lol...