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I really liked the dragon animation. I've managed to beat it with only 1 death. And I've found it fun to use the buff items and throwable rocks. It'd be cool to see more bosses in this game, but I know that making a boss fight is pretty tough, since it requires tons of animations and patterns. 

Thanks!!! Oh nice, yeah I couldn't make it harder cause the cat would spam too much stuff. Another thing that I also did was an experimental multiplayer in the download version, but requires 2 gamepads for it to work atm. This mode can probably be harder since the cat there can release more stuff at once at the 2nd player's will.

Thanks! I tried so hard to make something really cute this time. I've made it into 3 different difficulty levels, there's easy, medium and hard. But yeah, the cat speed rises after each star you get.

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Hey! Hmm maybe try refreshing the page, the game should load and then you need to press space while the game is active then choose difficulty and start game. There's also the download version if the web one doesn't work.

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Oh thanks for the reply! I think I managed to pass the variables but no success yet... Should I also update the camera shader or they are just for lights? Because there're no light sources in my project yet, since I'm going for a very retro vibe, and I saw that your camera is totally different from the g3d, idk if that may be the difference, since I'm using the default g3d one.
Gonna try some more times here, but thanks again, this has been pretty tough

[EDIT] nvm, managed to get it working!

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Hey! I really liked the gameplay and how fluid/animated the 3D was made there. Managed to beat Challenge mode with 69 deaths xD. Also I've been trying to do a 3D game in LOVE lately, and found out through your project about Anim9 and .iqm models, but I can't simply get a model to animate, by reading your source I think that I need a shader for that, do you know about any tutorial that helps with this?

Thanks! I really appreciate it! I tried to go for a really cute look, glad you enjoyed it! I think it also suits very well this minigame style gameplay :D

There's already a patch coming tommorow that will fix a few issues with the Input Mapping. Later on I'll be implementing this feature in my other titles as well xD

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Really liked it! I remember getting to the rolling balls world, still didn't finish. But overall it was really fun! I liked saving those different small pet-like beings depending on the world theme.

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Thanks!! I'll be looking at your other textures later on, as they seem to be working pretty well with the aesthetic I'm going for :D

Hey! I wonder, can I actually change the saturation/hue or edit those aswell? I'm practicing N64 style for a platformer, so that would help a lot

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Hey! I've participated in the Secret Santa 2021 jam and this is the game I've made for it. It's a colorful retro 2D sidescroller in which you control Edge, a Cyber Space Pirate, and you need to defeat the other evil pirates in a world where the Cyber Space is the true reality!

Link to the page: Game Page

Clear out 4 different level sections in this demo, and 2 Bosses with different unique Patterns!

And one last screenshot:

I'd love some feedback if possible! The game's still under development and I'll still be finishing it!

Here's the game page link

Link to the page: Game Page

Thanks for reading this post and maybe trying it out!

Thiago Avidos

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Oh thanks for playing!! Yeah, my giftee liked mostly hard games, so I made it with this in mind. One thing that helps is that there's an infinite coyote time in it, it may help a bit idk. The next stages won't be as hard as the fire one though (probably). I'm glad you enjoyed it nevertheless!

I've just beaten it, with all coins :D BTW I took some time to discover how to shoot apples with Q, so one advice would be to show the inputs a player can do on the description at least.

Just finished level 40! Btw there's a invincibility bug with the shield: sometimes when you lose the shield you remain with invincibility, and to go back to normal I bought the invincibility dash upgrade and it fixed the problem, idk what it may be but I hope this helps!

Tried it out, managed to beat it. Those pidgeons... xD

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There is! You press Space and there's the save menu, there are 3 save files! It's just above the Options menu.

Edit: Just updated the game with minor adjustments and fixes! Now there's a sign before Rock Cave entrance telling that!


You are a boy with dark powers, who is playing games and then finds out there are monsters outside! So you deicide to defeat them to level up!

Here's the game page:

Average playtime should be from 10 minutes to 30 minutes.


The World is made with grid-based movement, which feels very nostalgic and enticing!

The Battles follow a more traditional approach, with HP and SP. You use SP to use your special attacks. Oh btw there's also the FLOWER special attack that can spare the monsters if they are weak! (And all monsters are animated!)

You can also 'like' Songs to add unique special effects to the Battles/World!

Oh and there are 4 different Color Palettes, all carefully done, one is EX (the default one), there's also the Original, the Dynamic and the Color one! You can choose whichever you like and enjoy the most!

You can also choose the Game's speed! From normal, X2 to even X3!

About the development:

I hope you like it! I've developed it with all my heart, Soul, Love and Emotions.

Right now I'm developing Chapter 03. The Demo contains only Chapter 1 but can last from 10 minutes to 30 minutes of gameplay if it's your first time playing!

Here's the game page:

I'll be posting Devlogs from time to time here on Itch!

Hi! I'm a solo dev, and I've been working on this project for some time. This is my passion project and well, it happens that I'm almost finishing the main story, just going through some art blocks but I'll be finishing it and releasing it for PC before the end of 2022 for sure. And I don't know where's the best place to share things about it so I'll be doing it here anyways. 

So, this is Emo Quest XD, you are a boy with dark powers, you go out and defeat monsters to level up yourself. You can also finish the battle peacefully to receive gifts. There're 4 different palettes, BW, Color, EX, Dynamic, all reminiscent of the past. I've made it pretty dynamic, I tried my best to smooth the grinding, so it feels good when playing. It's implicitly divided into chapters, each of them has a theme, first is CRT Lab, and second is Soul. Also, you will be finding SONGS along the way, you can equip them to alter status and add special unique effects! Oh and it's made using the LÖVE framework.

All the monsters in this game were made by me back in 2008 when I was a kid, so don't mind if they look silly! And they are all animated!

Let's go back to the beginning:

2019 second half: I've started and finished the RPG engine and battle systems,

2020: Finished Chapter 01, developed another game, Delta Squared, and Chapter 02 (already one hour of playtime)

and then there was my art block aaaahhh!

2021:QoL updates, new mechanics and developing Chapter 03 now!) also released Delta Squared on Itch.


2021: Finish chapter 03 and start Chapter 04

2022: finish chapter 04 by February if everything goes right and then release!!!

RN there's basically 1 hour and 20'ish minutes of gameplay. I'm aiming for 2 hours at least. No downloads yet, but there may be soon.

I'll be updating this post from time to time, not every single day, but every time I finish something substantial for the game!

Thanks for reading my post!!! :D

Thiago Avidos

I'd definitely recommend if you were a streamer, it really helps building a community of your own there and consequently building your game community as well. If you don't stream it can be really tough to grow a community with fewer interactions I think, but I guess it's possible, maybe making the discord some sort of patreon prize for supporting the game or something else could work idk.

Thanks for the reply! Yeah that helps. So waiting up to a week should be enough or can it take a whole month?

Oh thanks! We all need to keep our hopes up!

I've read the FAQ and docs and I still have a question. I published my game yesterday, more than 24 hours ago, and still it didn't get indexed. I wonder if it got bugged or got stuck in some queue. I even posted a devlog about the release and it also didn't appear on most recent devlogs. I'd be glad if someone helped me. Should I wait one more day?  I'm posting here because the FAQ said that I should contact the support after a whole day without indexing. I know that everyone can access the page after publishing, I am just worried that something may have happened to the game page idk.

Hey! This is Delta Squared, an arcade-like Shmup that I've created! The game has 2 game modes, ARCADE and INSANE. The first has infinite continues, while the latter does not! The game also features Local Coop and 2 different Color Palettes to unlock! Just beware that some boss fights are pretty hard.

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Just played through it. It was amazing!!!!!!

My favorite levels were the second Star level!!! It had so many features and cool moments! And also the Ice, the Harbor and the Final one!

The gameplay seems to be a nice mix of Super Mario 3D World with some Sonic elements, and I enjoyed it a lot!

Some suggestions: auto camera and maybe a custom draw distance perhaps? idk

Overall, I really recommend this game for anyone who likes a colorful 3D platformer!

I suggest testing out aimbooster site for some cool ideas. I find that it is simple and yet helps a lot when practicing for FPS/RTS games, and it's not that much different in concept from this base model gallery you've made.

Nice short game, managed to win on my first try but almost lost, it started like 0-3 but when I got used to the player's speed, it turned out to be way easier. Hope you continue your dev journey!

played it quite nice short levels, it reminds me of super monkey ball gameplay

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Played for some time, got to 8 crystals, just couldn't find the last windmill piece hahahah(that should be the last crystal? edit:just found it). Really cool game, I'd say it would benefit with an autocamera like SM64. Really, the first level is like so big, I think it would be easier for you if you made levels smaller, as a dev I would be discouraged a little bit for doing an entire game of levels that big, specially if doing it alone idk if you made this all alone, but anyways, congrats for the game it's quite fun. (ps: but I thought that the level music is a little bit sad idk)

Nice! Keep on!

 I will keep following the project and see how it's going to evolve! The end monster reminded me of Mimi from Super Paper Mario and the main char reminded me of Mischief Makers mc. And also that giant blueish head that appeared at the corridor was totally unexpected :O

Nice! I loved how the cutscenes play. About the gameplay, I just think that the level design of the first level( the collectable key ones from the first demo) was much more enjoyable than  the battery one. Idk, it just felt different to me, maybe I would be more confortable with shorter levels with a proper gameover idk. I really liked it nevertheless. The anime op and ending was genius. And I really like the world you created! Are you going to put together all episodes into a full game someday?

I didn't find out how to find the Kindle or make it so I ended up going back to the beginning everytime my energy ran out.

cool game the ending was so wtf, btw I didn't find it broken, I just think it would need some level design reconsiderations, like shorter and smaller levels idk(btw I liked the lava one). It has a nice Avatar air bender feel to it, and definitively has a creative gameplay mechanic. It would benefit of having a simple tutorial like stage, because I didn't find the sword on the first level, had to skip it though.

Do you have any social media for your games? Those would help building popularity towards a project, and I would sure follow you.

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I've just beaten it. Quite a charming game, a little bit too hard sometimes, but I've found the boss fights quite creative despite some being 'a little bit' overpowered like the last boss hahaha But I get it that it was meant to be hard I actually like these hard games.

Also, the music is superb!, it fits well with the atmosphere.

I suggest increasing the main character movement speed, letting it similar to how it is done in Super Mario 64, because the way it is rn is just ultra slow imo. And also, imo, I think it should be able to gain more movement speed while in the air, so if there is a big stair in front of you, you could simply jump and press forward, instead of needing to go back  little bit and then running and then jumping. Everything else looks fine.

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nice, fun gameplay and story

nice game, just needed a level complete screen instead of continuing forever with music stopped but anyways, really liked it, it really felt like a rhythm heaven minigame. Played some time and did 74 on hard I've found it quite balanced actually, with the beginner being too easy and hard being hard, perhaps a rating system instead of insta kill would work better idk the animation is cute