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Thanks! I'm focusing right now on my 3D platformer, once I finish it I'll come back to this project!

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Nope, this game is made for Windows and Linux, it's a PC game. I've tried to make it look like it would fit that era.


Thanks for playing and for the feedback! I'm glad you liked it! I'll try to improve the 3D transition speed a bit more later, after the votes. 

Thanks for playing and for the feedback! Yeah, I overworked on it a lot on the first half of the jam and got pretty tired as the days went by... I completed these sections and released it.  I do plan of continuing development later.  And I thought I had fixed the ceiling bug but yeah, it is still there, I may simply remove the roof later also, it will probably solve it.

Thanks! Glad you liked it! After the jam votes results I'll try to improve it and really finish it for real :D

Thanks for playing and for the feedback! Glad you liked it! Oh I really thought I had fixed that ceiling bug... xD

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Thanks for playing and for the feedback! The main problem with doing that is that may be disorienting, but I can try it later. I didn't even think it was too slow, speeding it up a bit can make it more tolerable for sure. Maybe adding an option menu where you can change the transition speed will solve it better and nicely too.

Glad you liked it! Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! I'm happy that you've enjoyed it! 

Great game! I really liked the idea. The matchups were kinda hard for me to remember though since they aren't that logical sometimes, but the game experience was quite fun. My best try was at Silver Cups final, where I lost.

Thanks for playing! Yeah, I wanted to give some sort of "dreamy" feeling to the game, therefore the noise effect.

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Thanks for playing! The background was meant to give some sort of "dreamy" feeling to the game while also giving the feeling of variety, therefore the noise to it. And I tried to keep it simple, not adding too many obstacles, because in Hell difficulty it's already demanding a lot more focus on the game than on the Relax difficulty, and I think that's fine. But yeah, if I were to add a Very Hard/Insane mode, that new obstacle would work well.

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it! This time I've tried to keep it simple and a bit more complex than my last Lowrez Jam game.

Thanks for playing! After finishing the game I thought of later making a full game out of this character/mechanic but we'll see how it goes. Glad you enjoyed it!

Very nice and cute. It feels like a really small-sized metroidvania room to find stuff and paths in a good way. 

There's just one small detail that would be nice if fixed (if possible), it's the Boss Crown. If you defeat the boss while it's right next to a wall, the crown will be stuck on the wall and you won't be able to collect it to progress to the ending, at least that happened to me on my 2nd playthrough.

Nice game, some jumps felt a bit risky of falling too much, but I guess that was intended. Overall quite enjoyable! But I'd say it would definitely benefit/could also work with checkpoints and obstacles if developed further IMO.

Recently I've released this game demo for Windows and Linux. It's inspired by 64-bits style and features some sort of abstract vibes and is my very first 3D platformer, being a reimagination of the first Cyber Storm Edge that I've made.

Game page: Cyber Storm Edge 64

There's one world in this demo containing 2 full-stages and a boss fight!

It also features a customizable Automatic Camera System, in which you can adjust the automatic sensitivity separate from the manual rotation sensitivity!

It's also compatible with Gamepads (recommended!)

I'd love to hear some feedback about it! And enjoy the game demo! I'm right now working on the full game, which is probably coming sometime this year.

And here is a gameplay of it:

Game page: Cyber Storm Edge 64


Glad it works! I'm already preparing a new version to fix some stuff that people found on release. If anything don't be afraid of giving feedback, it helps me a lot :D

This is my third game of this franchise! Now I've rebuilt it in a new engine (Godot 4.0) and in 3D! It's my take on the early 3D experimental era of games in this series. It contains 3 levels with bosses. 

It's a 3D Shoot'em up game. Not that much bullet-hell like but still offers a challenge!

I've made everything in game, like the programming, voice acting, sfx, music and art.

Game Page: Delta Squared 64: The Square Nebula

I'll be working on this game the next few weeks/months until its completion! Probably I'll be posting devlogs whenever I make reasonable progress.

Here's the game demo trailer:

Thanks for playing! Yeah, balancing the beat was quite hard, but I didn't mind it at all though. I focused on passing the concept of the game instead  of making everything perfect... I was basically tired of gamedev for a while and didn't invest that much time into this project as I could have. Maybe changing the blood drops pattern or something after certain intervals with each a new way to avoid them could spice it up idk.

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Thanks for playing and for the feedback! If you press space you beat. Then if you beat following the song rhythm you don't lose life and stay alive. Basically you need to survive all 100 years to "win".

Vlw por jogar! Eu coloquei assim pra se vc ficar sem bater vc ir perdendo vida.

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Hey! I've finally released my passion project! I hope you all enjoy it! (There's also a Demo)

Here's the game page:

Embark on a crazy colorful world, with unique NPCs and elements.

So the development of the game started back then at the beginning of 2019... and finally finished at December 10th this year. It was a crazy ride for sure xD

The game features a dark vibe story in a crazy colorful world with unique elements. There are sidequests, a complete options menu with lots of stuff you can change, including 4 different game palettes. There's also 2 different OSTs, a modern one and another that's 8-bit.

This is a screenshot of one in-game village (with the Twilight Palette)

Thanks for reading my post!!!

Here's the game page:


I really liked the dragon animation. I've managed to beat it with only 1 death. And I've found it fun to use the buff items and throwable rocks. It'd be cool to see more bosses in this game, but I know that making a boss fight is pretty tough, since it requires tons of animations and patterns. 

Thanks!!! Oh nice, yeah I couldn't make it harder cause the cat would spam too much stuff. Another thing that I also did was an experimental multiplayer in the download version, but requires 2 gamepads for it to work atm. This mode can probably be harder since the cat there can release more stuff at once at the 2nd player's will.

Thanks! I tried so hard to make something really cute this time. I've made it into 3 different difficulty levels, there's easy, medium and hard. But yeah, the cat speed rises after each star you get.

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Hey! Hmm maybe try refreshing the page, the game should load and then you need to press space while the game is active then choose difficulty and start game. There's also the download version if the web one doesn't work.

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Oh thanks for the reply! I think I managed to pass the variables but no success yet... Should I also update the camera shader or they are just for lights? Because there're no light sources in my project yet, since I'm going for a very retro vibe, and I saw that your camera is totally different from the g3d, idk if that may be the difference, since I'm using the default g3d one.
Gonna try some more times here, but thanks again, this has been pretty tough

[EDIT] nvm, managed to get it working!

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Hey! I really liked the gameplay and how fluid/animated the 3D was made there. Managed to beat Challenge mode with 69 deaths xD. Also I've been trying to do a 3D game in LOVE lately, and found out through your project about Anim9 and .iqm models, but I can't simply get a model to animate, by reading your source I think that I need a shader for that, do you know about any tutorial that helps with this?

Thanks! I really appreciate it! I tried to go for a really cute look, glad you enjoyed it! I think it also suits very well this minigame style gameplay :D

There's already a patch coming tommorow that will fix a few issues with the Input Mapping. Later on I'll be implementing this feature in my other titles as well xD

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Really liked it! I remember getting to the rolling balls world, still didn't finish. But overall it was really fun! I liked saving those different small pet-like beings depending on the world theme.

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Thanks!! I'll be looking at your other textures later on, as they seem to be working pretty well with the aesthetic I'm going for :D

Hey! I wonder, can I actually change the saturation/hue or edit those aswell? I'm practicing N64 style for a platformer, so that would help a lot

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Hey! I've participated in the Secret Santa 2021 jam and this is the game I've made for it. It's a colorful retro 2D sidescroller in which you control Edge, a Cyber Space Pirate, and you need to defeat the other evil pirates in a world where the Cyber Space is the true reality!

Link to the page: Game Page

Clear out 4 different level sections in this demo, and 2 Bosses with different unique Patterns!

And one last screenshot:

I'd love some feedback if possible! The game's still under development and I'll still be finishing it!

Here's the game page link

Link to the page: Game Page

Thanks for reading this post and maybe trying it out!

Thiago Avidos

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Oh thanks for playing!! Yeah, my giftee liked mostly hard games, so I made it with this in mind. One thing that helps is that there's an infinite coyote time in it, it may help a bit idk. The next stages won't be as hard as the fire one though (probably). I'm glad you enjoyed it nevertheless!

I've just beaten it, with all coins :D BTW I took some time to discover how to shoot apples with Q, so one advice would be to show the inputs a player can do on the description at least.

Just finished level 40! Btw there's a invincibility bug with the shield: sometimes when you lose the shield you remain with invincibility, and to go back to normal I bought the invincibility dash upgrade and it fixed the problem, idk what it may be but I hope this helps!

Tried it out, managed to beat it. Those pidgeons... xD