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Hi! Sorry, we ended up finding our members! Thank you so much for your interest! :)

Hi everyone! A team of veteran game jammers (1 coder, 1 audio designer, 1 artist) is looking for a Game Designer and Programmer for the Unidos game jam!

🎮 Past Games

🔹 The team has worked on another game together, Hungry Hungry Hamsters! (

🔹 You can check out some of my other games here (

📝 Other Stuff

🔸 You don't need previous experience in game jams, but we highly prefer a designer who has taken classes in Game Design specifically!

🔸 We will be using the Unity, so we're looking for a programmer who has experience with that game engine

🔸 We're hoping to make a game that's simple and focuses on gameplay. Think puzzles or resource management. Our biggest inspirations are:

Thanks for reading! 😄

This was a very fun game! I loved the arcade-y feel of everything and super replayable. I didn't quite understand the controls (the click to shoot) from the get-go, but after a few tries, it clicked! Extremely impressive that this was made in 9 days by a one-man team! Enjoyed it very much! :D

Hnnng, thank you very much!! ❤️

And yes... the bats have given me a hard time too HAHA XD

Hey, thank you so much for the encouraging words Tomate! Super sweet! :D It would be totally cool to explore the idea of throwing it onto steam! Haha.

And you bring up really important points that our team didn't really consider - how European/German keyboards have z/y keys flipped. For the UI keys on screen, that'd definitely be a little weird to not have the right keys notated on the tooltips! Will definitely need to think about how to adjust for that in the future! :D Thank you for bringing it to our attention~!

And thank you again! For the generous comment and playing our game. ^ ㅡ^

D'awwww, thank you!! I appreciate all the warm thoughts you're sending! 

And yes, I think that would be a good alteration of one of the spawn points! I myself have had a couple struggles when landing in a level filled with some bats XD Or maybe that's just me... being bad at gaming 💦 HAHA

I only saw the original post, so no worries! :D

Thanks so much for trying out the game! Glad to know that the tutorial was OK to follow through! :D We wanted to put in a little bit of guidance and threw that together in the last few hours of the jam haha. I think you make a really valid point about movement! We can definitely look into it if we decide to expand on the game! ^ ㅡ^

(Also, that's a much higher score than mine... I could only manage like 900 meters after playtesting like a bajillion times. *secretlycriestomyselfinthecorner*)

Hahaha, thank you! XD I think there are a lot of amazing entries for this jam, so the quality level is pretty high in this jam!!

And thank you - I'm really happy to hear that you've enjoyed the visuals and the audio and the gameplay! We worked really hard to hopefully mesh things to work together well. :3

And absolutely! I've been busy the last few days, but finally have time to play some more entries! Will definitely check yours out. ^ ㅡ^

WOW! SLDIFHLIE-- *YOUR*  comment blew my mind. Holy smokes, this is one of the sweetest, most thoughtful, genuine, AMAZING reviews I've read to date!! GAHHH you are so kind, suryanaren! ;ㅡ ; Thank you for writing such a lovely post and making my night! ❤️❤️

And wow, 4k+ meters is so far LOL. I think I haven't even hit 1k... ㅠ ㅡㅠ I'm not very good at my own game HAHA 💦 Oh and I totally know what you mean about the beginning if you spawn near bats and stuff. I'd die at 0 meters!! One of my programmers added a "God mode" / "Invincible mode" to help with testing when we programmed stuff in, and I found myself using that a lot when playtesting bahahah XD

And yeeeeee! Super flattered and honored to have possibly inspired you!! C:

Thank you again for writing something just so filled with care and attention to detail - I don't know many who would go to that depths! It's much, MUCH appreciated. ^ ㅡ^ 

I'm so happy to hear you liked it Mudy!! ❤️ I think that would be a great addition to have a couple enemies in the tutorial! If we decide to expand, we'll definitely add that in there. :3

Thanks so much Rares! I'm glad that you found the game replayable haha! 

Would also be totally cool if this were made into a mobile game for sure. >:3 And appreciate the kind sentiments on our team, you're much too sweet! :D

There's the option of Heaven?! I didn't know!!

The game is very cute! I loved the bouncy physics of all the food haha! And the graphics are cute. Playing this game made me a little hungry to... ㅇ ㅡㅇ Was thinking "I want pizza..."!! Haha Adorable game!

Wow....... I am so stunned at how well-written the narrative was in "It Lurked in the Bathtub"! I was already blown away by the quality of your music Leaf Let from your other game jam entry AND this one, but the story you presented was so cohesive and interesting with twists of eerie goodness. You had to think creatively sometimes to trigger some of the storyline, which I absolutely loved! There wasn't ever a dull moment where I got stuck or thought the story moved too slow - the pace was perfect. I'm a HUGE sucker for narrative-driven games and this one really hit the nail! Seriously, ASTOUNDING!! Wow.

And I can't even imagine any other music soundtrack to go with this game! You really capture the essence of a little spooky, a little cute and little curious/mischievous all into one! What a hodgepodge of great moods! The art, too, was simple but conveyed enough information that I knew exactly what was going on! I enjoyed the simplistic nature of the artwork and really reminded me of UnderTale.

I can't gush enough about this game!! It has to be one of my most enjoyed entries of any game jam ever! It was such a shame that there wasn't more content because it was so lovely. if your team ever decides to expand and make it paid, I'll be a supporter for sure! :D

WOW! This is one of the most polished game jam games I've ever played! The screen transitions with the pixel fades and the UI tweening just adds so much more quality to the game! The SFX are music are top-notch quality and enhances the overall gaming experience by a ton! And don't get me started on the artwork.... phenomenal work that stays consistent and follows a beautiful color palette that's really vibrant but not clashing whatsoever! I would love a "Credits" section on the page so I know who contributed to which fantastic aspect of the game! Unbelievable to think this was made in just a few days 

P.S. Molly the bunny girl is way too adorable to be evil! I love her character design SO so much! Also my favorite beatmap has to be the original Armitage Street! For some reason it vibes with me the best, but all the music is incredible. If there's a soundcloud or youtube playlist with all the music, I'd love a link! :D Listen to it while I'm jamming~!

Thank you for producing such a high quality superb game!!

THIS IS SUCH A CUTE WORLD!!!! Who wouldn't love to play as a cute little crab! Even the cockroaches weren't that scary! (Except when it started to chase after me... I beat it up though. :3) I was unfortunately unable to get to the other side, where the spawn of mass cockroaches were located (maybe fortunately?), but overall I was able to get the hang of the swing mechanics after a few playthroughs! ^ ㅡ^

I really love the cute crab character SO much, it's just so adorable and looks very squishy. Would very much want a buy a plushie of said crabby! ❤️The world is extremely vibrant with colors and the models were textured nicely! :D The UI icons are absolutely adorable as well, including the pause menu! The music was also beautifully done - just enough spoopy to give you the ghost vibes, but also portrayed with a very lighthearted and cute tone so that you aren't completely spooked!

I think this is a really impressive entry to a game jam! Fantastic work to the team and congrats! :D

Haha, thanks Kent!! :3

Hi Mr. Mango! Thank you!! Our team definitely did work our butts off, so I really appreciate your super thoughtful kind wishes! Hope you had a blast participating in the jam yourself! ^ ㅡ^

아 너무 감사합니당!! ^ ㅡ^

Thank you!!! :D

Dawww, I think you're one of the first people to like that element HAHA. Thank you for enjoying our game! :D

Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it!! ^ ㅡ^

I really appreciate the point-by-point breakdown of the things you enjoyed!! A truly thoughtful comment, thank you! Also, good to note about the restart control on a controller! We'll have to look into that. >:D

Wow, thanks so much Aqua!!!  Extremely flattering to hear that coming from someone who created some of the best 3D assets in the jam. O ㅡO ❤️ THANK YOU! 

(And no worries... the game is a little hard for me too HAHA)

Thank you so much!! I think you guys did a fabulous job with polish as well! ^ ㅡ^

Dahh thank you so much Liam! That's really encouraging to hear. :D

HAHAH What do you even MEAN!! Wish I could draw AAA level graphics. :9 

Means a lot that you enjoyed the game and assets! :3 (And it's ok... I have a hard time getting far too LOL, I'm just bad at games bahaha)

AAA thank you!! I'm glad you ended up liking the character design XD HAHA, it took a while to agree on a design.

Thank you!! I think the same can be said about your game - your character is just so cute ; ㅡ; ❤️

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Dawww, thank you so much!! Glad you enjoyed the graphics and audio haha! ❤️

The game has a really cute story! (You wake up one day to have powers; what?! really?!) Haha! I think you've implemented mechanics in a very solid manner! I was able to traverse the scene and beat up baddie monsters and die from stepping on spikes ㅠㅠ Great work and think this is a fantastic start to a good idea! :D

I had a blast playing your game! At first I was a little confused on how the rebirth mechanic worked, but after a while I got the hang of it! I didn't end up lasting more than 4 minutes though HAHA, but all the combat effects (sound, art, shakes, etc.) really made it super satisfying to kill off the wasps! My monitor became very wasp-infested ;ㅡ ;

I also really like the aesthetic of the background! It's very colorful and vibrant and gorgeous and they color palette works very well! :D Overall, solid game with a great core mechanic!! 

No no not at all! Nothing that stopped me from playing and thoroughly enjoying the game till the end. :3

Ooooh! I wasn't aware there was a combat feature, oops! O ㅡ O;; HAHA!! I just kind of used the monsters to teleport back to base when I needed to xD I know that was probably not what you meant for players to use them for, sorry!

Honestly, just more content would be amazing! I would totally (and plan to) pay for a "full" version of the game later down the road if you decide to keep up with development! Absolutely lovely!!

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Wow......... I don't know where to even begin! This is by far the most I've played on a game submitted in this jam! Played for about 80-ish minutes and got to the ending! :D I love resource-gathering/survival sandbox games like this and wow, I was just so immersed with the setting (love the space theme!). I ended up choosing to take the criminals back to be properly persecuted XD Hahah! I really fell in love with the world and color schemes. I'm at a loss for words with how impressed I am that you were able to produce 5 different types of biomes with their own unique monsters and vegetation/resources! And the time you spent into developing the story and world building is just phenomenal (I read your game page's story and really enjoyed how in-depth you went on the description). I think this has been one of my most favorite games so far in this jam! YOU HAVE ALL MY LOVE!!!

P.S. At one point I broke your game and the SFX stopped sounding and the ship said I had enough resources to repair when I didn't. I didn't screenshot the ending resources, but this was mid-way through:

DAHHHH I really liked the animations you had going for all 3 of your phoenix designs! We have the super fluid, smooth, and just pure gold walking animation from the normal phoenix. The really funny and slightly silly walking animation from our buffed phoenix, and the cute bubbly bouncing animations from the tiny phoenix!! I think it's really clever to incorporate puzzles/levels that require you to think creatively on each phoenix's powers to beat the level. Sad there wasn't more than 3, but that goes to show I really enjoyed it - great balance of a brain tease without it being too hard! :3 Again, really lovely submission! ^^

REALLY loved all the polished artwork and audio that went into this game. The flapping animation, the light-up of the checkpoint locations, the overall lighting - everything really played a huge role in creating a super immersive experience! I was so totally spooked, but really enjoyed the ambience that the glows gave the whole scene! And the AUDIO DESIGN and choices were SO spot on, it really gave the game that extra "umph" of spicy and whoaOOO feeling. The echoing screams and monster designs put together just made for another layer of creepy fun!! AND there was a good story - it's a shame I wasn't able to see the final ending, but I hope the reunion between Feng and Anka is sweet! <3

I am SO STUNNED with the environment lighting and 3D modeling of the assets. My goodness - the level of detail and proper shading/rendering in those props is by far the best I've seen in this jam! I can just stare at the scene for hours. And the particle systems in the ritual room and the book room is downright gorgeous. A high amount of polish went into the graphics and I really appreciate how well everything blends in together. I'M CRYING INTERNALLY BECAUSE EVERYTHING IS SO BEAUTIFUL!

P.S. I'm sorry my brain is not very good at puzzles. I couldn't get past level 2 ㅠ ㅡㅠ

I'm a really big fan of resource collecting + civilization strategy games! I was really looking forward to playing this game and the paper aesthetic looks very clean! It's super obvious you took a lot of time thinking and flushing out the mechanics of your gameplay - resource gathering, road building, conflicts (attacks from the bandits), etc. and they all add a good unique element to the overall project! The UI was a little unintuitive to me at first; it took a few tries to really understand what I was doing. I think adding some kind of visual cue when you're in "build" mode would be super helpful! (Maybe the whole screen except the build box is grayed out) Would love to see a more expanded version of this! ^^

The animations of the characters really smooth - especially the attack visual effect! Seriously, I'm in awe with how smooth and fluid the frames are! WOW! ㅇ ㅁ ㅇ!! I also liked the "Hell" map you began to put in, a different vibe from the normal world!