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Trung Nguyen

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Fun but I think I can improve a bit more into graphic :p

So good Ben.

It's cool but I wonder why would anyone want to write C# instead of Lua for the same API access ?

I mean, if C# could be native instead of translation into Lua, directly connected to Defold Engine via a C++/C# bridge, then this could be more meaningful.

Can't use Arrow keys to move ?

Those default characters can't be accepted on Firefox.

made 2 games in 4 weeks and published into AppStore, then I'm sick for an year xD

can't really follow Sokpop speed =D

The game is flawlessly fun !
Congratulation from defold slack friend ;) aglitchman.

wow.. nice new game. Anyone streamming this ?

nice art ! 

what game framework is that ? HEAP.IO ?

Pretty weird when the game run damn smooth on browser ( and as APP  too, I assume )

Did you use built-in physics or adding library ?

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pretty good narrative and gameplay. amazing effect/art for such short time.

What engine did you use for such smooth game ?

wow...  this look really good. Remind me of Warcraft 1/2.

Did you get inspired from it ? Because the palette is kinda alike.

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at 1st, I thought this is for mobile,
because the control tell me that.

Thought the game was made in Unity, not GameMaker ...

I saw this game on steam too, can you add steam key for this game ? Thanks !

Please update MacOS version, it didn't work on Catalina !

they gave so much encouragement

oh funny, but poem part didn't have sound ? was about to make him rap..

Hi everyone !

I have just released my Fish character pack which you can use in your game. 
checkout the GIF demo  :

Thanks for reading !

seem like pretty smooth. Don't you port it to mobile ?

Did you make this with Monogame ?

no Mac version ? 

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Ha ha, that's so funny :D

Is this to test Construct Engine ? 

that's really nice art style.

But well, I may look into Post Apocalype stuff, it's a really promising topic.

you mean making more concept or actual game like this ?

My small team previously can't even decide on what to go from here ( ^ this concept ). Like could it be a survival sandbox or an adventure sequence ?

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Thanks for reminding me, just found back the Boar animation.

Love this style, remind me of 90s games on Dos

I like your color tone and atmosphere, but you may consider upgrading the fidentity of the game, it's a bit low-res that affect the readable attribute of the game.

Tilekit community · Created a new topic no MacOS support ?

Are you planning on releasing on Mac too ?

Are there Mac version  ?

seem nice and cute game actually, hope they can earn some success !

Oh nice ... what a pity that you can just play for 10-20 mins..

really nice !

Hey Sam, Thanks for making this free ! 

Wonder if this pack selling on really work out for you ?

Have a nice day !

what's your Twitter account bro ? Wanna ask you for some advices :P

Thank you guys !

Great work !

How do you make the curvy screen effect ? 

Hey, thank you for a really honest opinion on thí game :D

Is the roof too big for the short house ?