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hello squarefox this game is amazing and simple and i loved it!!! also im a construct 2 user and make my own games. so i was wondering do you use construct and if so it would be a honer to work alone side you.

cool ill have to look it up

never mind the link wont work unless we both are on at the same time

michryckman. that is my skype name im having trobbles adding you so here mabye you can try too

michryckman. that is my skype name im having trobbles adding you so here mabye you can try too

the problem is we can get on at the same time witch is anoying

and sorry for not getting this

https://join.skype.com/PLzuDDDwSoRW i think you need to join my conversation this link is suppost to do that try it and see :/

sure thanks but i have a meeting today so how about when you get your skype i can talk to you there so it will be easyer

ok sounds great wheneve you can just send me it

Sure any feed back is great as long as its not rude

great sorry for not getting it right away but saterday at one your time also will you please send me your skype so i can call you

Great thanks and yes we could do a audio or face chat whatever fixes your fancy. and time, i think your 3 hours ahead of me, so lets say we could meet on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon at say 2:00 pm that will be around 5;00 for you??  if not just keep skype open for that day XD ill get on at my time and skype you then sound good?

yes skype will work i can do a thursday but i need to know what is your time zone so we can plan correctly?

sorry if that was abrupt just ignore those last messages.

yes i do remember you and i thank you for taking intrest in my work. i think it would be nice to talk and answer some of your questions how were you thinking of doing this?

and yes i think we can make some sort of interview what were  you thinking?

Hello im so sorry i did not see this and yes i would love to talk

Ah i will fix that righ away thanks for your testing

ok should i send you somthing? i mean you can just look at my page and what art i do its symple but good

hey im willing to work with you!! i do a lot of pixel art and games so i can do some of the art with you but i want to know if i can or can not be paid just want to know thx :D

thank you very much :D

hey you did a amazing job at this!! i also wanted to say i make and code games to so if you like you can take a look at them just click my icon. your awsome...

thanks it was just summer here and i have other progects and im not good at doing somthing like keeping my mind on the progect XD get it

WOW this game has such a neat theme. the only thing was the controls were hard but other wize i loved it.

but yes its a little to mutch at the moment sorry i saw somone elts is doing it for you though :)

IM SO SORRY. i had a lot of things happen in life XD

lol i know i made them like that on purpose XD

thank you :)

hum... i use Construct 2 so if IF  i do help well how?

ok well i have another things to ask.  what program do you use.

SimoensS thanks for the feed back and i will make the dino town game more active and more gold.

Here are some ideas for being more active

*summoning little cavemen to fight with your dino

*every time your dino attacks a orb pops out that you have to click on to keep your dinos mana up?

Second Dimension Games

thanks for your feed back and i will make it better to understand. tell you what i will do a HUGE interface update and make things better


when i say rage game i mean a game that makes you go AGHGHAHGAHGAGHGHA. aka Rage

Thank you and there will be more levels and AI taming coming out soon

i had a lot of fun playing this i im rating this not because your my teacher but i like this game good job


i loved this game but i think the little goblins shud have less health and the boss sort of comes out of no were but other wise i loved it


Its Realy fun but there are no players on why?

its really cute game and has a lot of potential and i would be willing to help i do a lot of that stuff but are you willing to pay?

yyyeeessss dinosaurs

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love the pixel art!!!

thanks :)