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I'm glad you like it so much! :D I am considering changing it to be donations rather then a straight price when i get a few more things up for sale!! 

i drew a sketch of pixel art and was wondering if i can you the scraps from it? aka it was doodled yester day but theres not much?

Dope! thanks for playing!

okay well i would love to do a chat with you somtime? maybe on discord? just so we can meet etc!

Hey that would be great if you could help but why did you say you work from hytale when the other commenter said you dont? is it true?

hey i really want to learn craft studio but i have not found any means to. so i was wondering if someone could teach me? we can talk about pay if you contact me?

i hit a glitch where the objects on the screen got HUGE and where flashing like crazy. but the game is still sick

Hello 15bit  thanks for the follow by the way :D

and yes i would try my best! i have a few things id like to talk to you about if we do end up working together if thats okay? do you think we could do a discord chat sometime?

well i for sure dont have a southern accent... if thats a problem i wouldn't want to ruin your game with bad voice acting :/  if i did do it what would i be saying? "Hi welcome to the motel..."?  cuz if i dont fit the role i dont want to waist your time?

PS: dude your game looks siiicckk!!

Hey i was wondering what size of sprite are you useing? cuz im a construct programmer as well as a artist and animator. also i think i can help out with the creatures concept art and style of the game!

Hey you still looking for a voice actor?

Hey Vimlark i saw your one of your devlog videos, i also saw you use construct! im also a user of construct, and i was wondering if you wanted to do a co lab? also the games on my account and old ones so they dont look as good as some of my newer games so pls dont judge me lol. anyway i was hoping we could get in touch sometime ?  

thank you!

hahha im so sorry XD

i cant get past the part after the first laser??? the high jumping guy cant get past the spikes

Hey thank you for your review its very inspiring to get feed back! and yes updates and a dev blog will be out as soon as i can. i also have big plans for new enemies a boss and new weapons. thanks again!

how do you move? i just keep slamming to the side

that was a amazing game! but what does the red gate do!!??? i went near is and nothing happened he just said get away? all in all i had fun

This game was very deep and i loved every min of it! Great job

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Hey all im a newish indie dev that has been working on a new 9 card game call shark waters 9. is a fast fun game that with only 9 cards can go up to 6 players!! the goal is to get the loot that the mutant sharks are guarding of you want you can play as the sharks and kill of all the nasty humans trying to take your loot. use cool powers to fight or swim away your way to victory. if your interested just good to think like and it will take you to the madness right away :D

Loved ever moment of it!! good job! wish there were sounds though but all in all i loved it!!

ok sick thanks! :D

love it though

as i was playing it froze half way through level 2? but i dont know if i hit a key that did it or not but u might want to check it out

ok thats fine.... bad news... i have like 50 other projects to work on and i tend to take on more then im capable so i will try and help but i dont know if i can do this. im relly sorry mani want to help but i took on too much again. just tell me what you need done and i will see if i can do it kk?

ok sounds good but i use construct 2 are these two sites compatible?

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what exactly do you need me to do? consept art or animation or just sprite editing. Also what program do you use? i use construct2

also animation and big pixel art images is one of my more... say... wobbly skills. i work my best at low ish res pixel art.

ok well contact me whenever you can and ill see what i can do :D

ok thats fine if you dont need me. hope your projects go well !!!

thats fine ill look forward to it :D great job!

hay SquareFox! your welcome and maybe we can do a skype call one of theses days and talk about it! would you be up to it? and if so then ill tell you my skype info so we can talk :D

keep up the good work!

i tyred to play your game but the character was invisible and half the screen was in the floor

very cool! love the art. it was a bit hard to find were i was going but that might be what you wanted. really want to know the story behind  this GOOD JOB!

i will try my best thanks for the suggestions! :D

great game wish the planets worked though

this game was very deep... no pun intended. it had a great feel to it and really ment somthing. im not quite sure what but it got me playing it... i really want to know the story behind it. GREAT JOB.

Amazing game love the art stile. if i may i think you should make it were you get acheivements when you unlock new parts and monsters. also maybe if you like make the monster upon death die in a more... explosive way. but all in all i LOVE this game

haha well im glad you liked it! Also thanks for the follow. And yes more levels and a menu will soon be implemented. got any suggestions?

hello squarefox this game is amazing and simple and i loved it!!! also im a construct 2 user and make my own games. so i was wondering do you use construct and if so it would be a honer to work alone side you.