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Thank you for your kind words, I'm glad this book can be of any help to anyone, I'm endlessly thankful for your promotion too!

I admit that the Lua version is the newest edition, and definitely the most "rough around the edges" one. It definitely needs a glance-over and it may have mistakes too (I'm handling Lua, Python, JS and C++, plus pseudocode alone).

Lua isn't really an Object-Oriented programming language, but it has huge metaprogramming capabilities which make "class-like things" possible. There are languages like Moonscript which feature classes and compile into Lua, which could be interesting too.

If you end up finding any mistake, or have any kind of suggestion, feel free to hit my up here or on GitHub/GitLab. I'll try to respond as quickly as possible.

Thank you for the good luck, my best wishes to you too!


It is quite complex, but after setting it up I can focus on content completely, since typesetting will be done automatically by Pandoc/LaTeX.

It has its own shortcomings, but it can be really satisfying to use.


I have been having mixed thoughts about giving a single download for everything, the different "editions" are essentially the same book with different code listings, where you can choose your favorite programming language and just download the edition you need.

I have also thought of offering a single download (containing both PDF and EPub versions) for each "edition" (thus cutting the number of available downloads in half), as an effort of simplifying the file list.

Maybe after some changes that are going on (like the "single download for all formats" i mentioned above), I may add a "The complete collection" download that allows to download everything at once, for the sake of user-friendliness.

Thank you for your suggestion!

Thank you a lot.

There are actually two repositories (mirroring each other) on both GitHub and GitLab, but they may not be visible enough.

I changed the front page here on Itch, hopefully they're easier to see now, also I have thought about either making a dedicated subreddit or post on my reddit profile (the project is still relatively small), so I'm not sure. (I'm terrible when it comes to marketing).

I even thought about converting everything into an openbook (using MediaWiki instead of Pandoc) to eventually attract more contributors, but I'm not really sure how difficult the process would be, and the impact on the project's visibility.

Thank you for your suggestions and encouragement, it means a lot to me.

Thank you for your kind response, I'm always one to feel guilty to take a break.

Seeing someone saying "Guilty Free" is a huge thing to me. Thank you.


Indeed it's not the right word. English is not my first language and I tend to write the book in the evening, after work, which ends up in these mistakes.

Thanks for notifying me, I'm working on a patch that should be out in an hour at most!

No worries!

Take all the time you need, if you find any mistake feel free to hit me up either here or on GitHub!

Deep knowledge of TeX is required only if you need to edit the template (plus it's a Pandoc-powered version of TeX, so it's a bit different), but for editing the content Markdown is the only language needed.

You may find some TeX in "math mode", where formulas and matrices are declared, but it shouldn't be too hard and in any case I can give you a hand.

There's no need of being a master in either Markdown nor Git, if you can write text and do the usual push/pull/commit operations (plus maybe solving some merge conflicts that may arise) you're all set.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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I haven't really thought about translating the whole book in another language, mostly because this would be a really huge task, considering that chapters, code comments and even some images would need to be translated.

This project is continuously evolving too, which would make the effort even greater: the book has gone through many big and small transformations and I can't think of a system to track the translation effort on top of my head.

If you want to translate the book to Spanish, I'll be more than happy to be of assistance!

To be able to translate the book effectively you'll need to know Markdown, which is pretty easy, as well as the Git version control system and use either GitHub or GitLab (you can check the "source code" links in the "More information" box).

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Hopefully it's up to your expectations. Sadly many pieces are still placeholders and my knowledge in game development and programming languages is limited so if you find any mistakes, unclear passages or anything feel free to post about them in the forum board here:

The book is completely open source, so if someone wants to give a hand making a ruby version, it's more than welcome!

Welcome to the suggestion box! If you have any short-form suggestion, feel free to leave it here!

If you want a full-form discussion, a topic may be more appropriate.

Enjoy your stay!

Thank you kindly for your reply and all the material!

I personally don't want to tie myself to any engine just yet, but I am thinking about making a system that would allow me to swap out code listings with more flexibility, so I could offer working code that can be written down and (mostly) work.

I have to let all this information settle down in my mind before tackling some of the sources you mentioned.

In case you have more suggestions or requests, feel free to open a topic in the "community section":

Thank you very much.

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First of all: thank you very much for your kind words and thank you for taking the time for writing them. And most of all: thank you for recommending the book!

The issue that you brought to my attention is absolutely valid:

  • C++ is complex and requires a lot of "manual operations", including memory management, 95 (!!) reserved keywords to remember and pointers. It's obviously the "most powerful" solution, but also has the "highest maintenance cost".
  • Python is a strange beast, it's easy to write code with it, but it's hard to write "high performance code", sometimes it can be next to impossible (Global Interpreter Lock, for instance, can be seen as an obstacle to CPU-bound multi-threading). My reason for making an edition in this language is two-fold: I'm mainly a Python Dev, so it's good exercise, and I see python as a good entry-level general-purpose programming language.
  • Pseudocode is not a real language, but it's a helpful tool if someone wants to understand just the concept of an algorithm, without being tied to a real-world programming language.

I've been thinking about making an ECMAScript6-compliant JavaScript edition, since it has better support for Object-Oriented paradigms, but never made a "To-do" kind of note. If all goes well, I wouldn't exclude taking some time to make a JavaScript edition in the near future.

Sadly my experience with the Ruby language doesn't go further than configuring Vagrant virtual boxes, but at the same time Ruby is one of those programming languages that fascinates me, so I don't exclude a Ruby release in a distant future.

I want to mainly focus on free/open source solutions, so if you happen to know some frameworks, game engines or libraries that use Ruby or JavaScript that are well-known, please let me know, I will check on them and eventually add them (also let me know if you want to be credited for that!)

Again, thank you for your kind words and suggestions.

Take care!


Thank you for the compliments!

I will surely keep releasing updates, although at a bit of a slower pace, due to work and real-life things going on.

If you have any doubts or questions, feel free to ask! I will try to answer in the shortest time possible, and I'll make an effort to simplify the book where it is unclear.

You're most welcome.

Thank you a lot for taking the time to write this topic, it may not seem much from outside, but comments like yours are a huge help on keeping a project like this alive.

If you find something's missing or there is any subject you want to see included in the book, by all means feel free to make a suggestion! I'll make sure to include it in the book.

In the meantime, I hope this book is being of use to you, either for starting up in the subject of game development, or just to study for your own personal knowledge.

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I decided to open this discussion board in hope of receiving suggestions as well as corrections for this book.

Please remember to follow Itch's Community Guidelines and respect each other.

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