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2D Game Development: From Zero To Hero

A collection of the community's knowledge on game development. · By Penaz

Suggestion Box Sticky

A topic by Penaz created Oct 27, 2021 Views: 197 Replies: 2
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Welcome to the suggestion box! If you have any short-form suggestion, feel free to leave it here!

If you want a full-form discussion, a topic may be more appropriate.

Enjoy your stay!


Compress all books into one zip file



I have been having mixed thoughts about giving a single download for everything, the different "editions" are essentially the same book with different code listings, where you can choose your favorite programming language and just download the edition you need.

I have also thought of offering a single download (containing both PDF and EPub versions) for each "edition" (thus cutting the number of available downloads in half), as an effort of simplifying the file list.

Maybe after some changes that are going on (like the "single download for all formats" i mentioned above), I may add a "The complete collection" download that allows to download everything at once, for the sake of user-friendliness.

Thank you for your suggestion!