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That would be awesome!

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I still haven't made my game yet with your Tiny asset series :( I'm hoping to make that game this year maybe :D

We'll see

This one seems as beautiful as your other assets!

Stunningly beautiful. I don't think I have a need for it (at the moment at least) but it looks amazing. What color palette did you use by the way?

Hi! I was wondering what happened with this game but I couldn't remember the game, did you move on to other projects or is this one still in the back of your mind? Also, how have you been?

It's ok :)

Can't wait for the next pack and the updates!

Hello! Any updates?

HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLY COW. This is the scariest thing I might have ever seen. Hunting of hill house might be the only scarier thing I've seen

Is the android app version of the game included in the .rar file? (I'd like to start buycutting the Play Store)

You're welcome! And thank _you_ for releasing such a beautiful asset pack! And still updating it 2 years later :D Have a nice day

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Thanks! Actually I've been modifying them using TileSetter to do autotiling in GameMaker Studio 2. It works very well so far

EDIT: the skeleton and the zombie have part of their legs cut off in the animations. I can fix it on my own but I thought I'd let you know

Edit2: the goblin as well. The three of them have that issue with both the walking and the idle animation

Quick question; are the grass/dirt/ground tiles meant to be 16x16 tiles or are they actually meant to be used as 8x8 tiles?

Any updates on this game? (I'm the one who provided the reference pics to the alpaca plush :D)

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Hey I have a little question - I don't know if this is the difference in GMS2.3 versions, I'm with the latest version as of today (December 18). There seems to be a distortion when we get very close to a wall or look at the floor, here's two pictures about it:

Know that I'm not expecting you to update this quickly or even at all, and if I fix it I'll let you know how I did it - however the problem is an easy fix please let me know :p

EDIT: You answered me on the Discord channel, I'm leaving the solution here for others: 

Nice! Thanks for the info. And you're very welcome!

Hey so just letting you know you should add more tags to this, I was searching for something like it (directly from the search function) and didn't find this until I searched for "gms 3d".

gms2 3d, gamemaker 3d both didn't work and I may have tried some others. I recommend you add "gms2 3d" and "gamemaker 3d" as tags to the tags you already have. Maybe "gamemaker studio" without the hyphen as well.


I bought it for 5.60 USD because I thought this was probably worth more than 3.60 :)

Also, would you recommend I wait for the next update that you've mentioned before I start using it?

An NPC told me to pass this quest onto you: Finish this game. Will you accept this quest, adventurer?
By the way I'm SamSibbens, you left smiley faces as comments on two of my videos :D

I upgraded to Beta 2.0 and it's completely worth it - you can stick to the original Gameboy color palette if you want or you can "paint a palette" over tiles to change their colors. A lot of things work better too. I also made an "image splitter", I can feed it a giant image and it will split it into all the backgrounds required for my game, and named properly like overworld-y3-x7

I didn't even know about GB Studio, I came to your pixel tutorials and saw GB Studio tutorials as a playlist, that's how I found out about it. So thanks!

I decided to make a playthrough video of the game! I was making videos today, so it's just a coincidence - I was in the mood. Here's the link: 

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Hi! Just wondering if you're having thoughts about working on this game again, it'd be great if you did :D

No pressure, just a suggestion. I hope you're doing well by the way. I actually bought a real life bow and arrow recently with an archery target and I've been practicing in my bedroom (I can't train for precision so I'm instead practicing my loading and shooting speed)

To be honest if you don't plan on continuing it I may make my own (I say that, but I already have a million project ideas already)

Anyway, again I hope you're doing well. See ya!

I bought the UWP version for Xbox, and I honestly enjoy it. The graphics could be much better as others have said (too much green).

I wish we weren't automatically brought to the next room when walking over a staircase tile, I missed some items because of it.

I love the night mode!

Initially I thought the game was too hard, but enemis get 1 turn while you get 2. So if you let them approach you (by walking towards a wall) this allows you to hit them first, then step back. Wait, hit them, step back. This makes it possible to survive without it being too easy, except on hard mode. Hard mode has bigger levels and therefore bigger corridors, while night mode and normal mode have smaller levels and therefore shorter corridors. In those cases the game becomes about positioning, which is pretty fun. On night mode it's even a little scary.

I lose my patience when I try playing other roguelikes because they are too complex. This one may be too simple, and it lacks polishing, but I'm having hell of a fun time playing it.

I don't know if you still make games, but maybe you should continue. I don't regret buying it.

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Again no offense meant, but have you asked a lawyer?

This is really well done. I'm surprised you could make it play that well at just 64x64 resolution, I would have thought that having a view that small would cause problems but it seems not. It feels very polished too

Only thing I'd change is the sword animation, making it snappy (instantly reach the end of the sword slash, with a motion blur from start to finish on that frame)

It's beautiful and plays well, I love it

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No offense meant here, but if you draw Mario using your own pencil, you still drew Mario and Mario is still copyrighted even if you drew it yourself with your own tools and your own colors and shapes.

This is so similar that I think I could get sued by Nintendo if I made a commercial game with it. In fact I'd be surprised if I wouldn't get sued.

It's absolutely beautiful but it's way too similar for me to use it

Any tips on which instruments sound best? I'd like to make music similar to 2D Zeldas

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It'd be great if the levels simply restarted instead of throwing you to the main menu
Otherwise I'm enjoying the game so far

Hey I started making a game using this, could you link to the color palette you used?

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Thanks for the response! This clears things up very well.

I'm a bit confused by the games you linked, the sprites seem very different - are they part of a different sprite pack you made?

So if I relase a game using these sprites, can I make money from it? (or can I release a game using it at all?)

I know how licensing works is a bit complex but it's very important

Hi, what's the license on these sprites if bought?

You should make it so that the second available button (z or x?) makes you aim in the direction opposite to where you're walking

Alternatively, you could make it so that it locks in wherever you're currently aiming at. This would allow shooting while moving away from enemies or around others, so this second option might be even better than the first one

Hey I liked this game very much. You mentioned that the backtracking was tedious and I understand you had very limited time to make this, but here are some suggestions anyway:

The laser enemy: make it have a laser that doesn't hurt at first, that's transparent and becomes wider and wider for 2 seconds, make it so that it can't follow the player (the turret can either aim, prepare to shoot, or shoot)
That would make the gameplay more interesting.
For backtracking, if robots respawned (or only activated) after picking up an item, it would make coming back more fun. Atlernatively, being able to teleport (only yourself but not parts) at different places would have worked very well, similar to a check point system.

The enemy bullets are probably slow enough, but in tight spaces maybe making them even slower would have been alright
Overall good game and I played with a controller (gamepad) by the way. Thanks for putting that option in.

Lol I accidentally called myself PPPPPPPPP and I didn't change it because, "Who cares??" but then I got the highest score.

Good game

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The gamepad controls don't seem to work. I click on the controls options (wether the arrow keys, the game pad or anything else) but it doesn't save them, I always have to use the arrow keys

EDIT: I really love this game by the way

Little tip: make it be less zoomed in on the character so that we can see better

Congrats on releasing something, most people wait a long time before doing so.

If it its with some other free assets I got I might end out implementing it in what I'm making ;) I'll have to test if it matches first (

Saw the spider GIF from reddit! Only an evil knight would step on such a nicy little creature's web. Poor creature

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(I originally wrote this on Reddit)

WOW! Man that's a good game! I love using a bow and arrow. At first I thought the floaty jumping was bad design, but the design isn't one of a platformer. You can jump and use the time in the air to aim and shoot, it's actually good.

I love how aiming works and the time it takes to shoot an arrow. And I don't know if you've intended this, but man the jump scares. They don't seem intentional, I just get super focused at aiming while walking around, checking if it's safe. Then a monster jumps out of the bushes I freak out and aim all over the place.

I love your game. I came back and put 10$ on it. Consider motivational money, I really hope you keep working on the game or make a different version of it.

It's strange, as soon as I launch it it says "Godot Engine Editor has stopped working"
I'm using a COmpaq Presario CQ56 with Windows 7

Thank you! I used GameMaker: Studio 1.4 (latest stable version)
There's an HTML5 export module, and it's actually pretty good - I thought I'd test it out

Now I'm working on making it playable on mobile as well, through the browser
And that's my programmer art you complimented hahahah so thank you for that!