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I played it a bit, looks really nice so far but there are some bug. First, at the beginning of the game I thought my screen was frozen. Pressing A or D made footstep sounds but I couldn't see any character moving. Turns out, my character was outside of the screen to the right. There were no indications that my character was outside the view, I thought I was one of the two hotel guards at the entrance.

Second, at the elevator nothing was happening. So I got out of the elevator to enter it a second time, and then the guy who was showing me the way to my room disappeared. There was nobody outside the elevator anymore and nobody inside either.

I really like the idea of the game and it has great potential, but you need to improve the way you script events and you need to make it clearer to the player what needs to be done.

For the game story you should probably use a finite state machine. You could have the "intro state", in that state the camera follows the player. When the player is close enough to the first guard, it could switch to the "GuardFromTheIntro" state etc etc. This way the events in your game will be easier to debug. For example stepping out of the elevator wouldn't have made the guy showing me the way disappear, he would have simply kept waiting in the elevator because the condition for the next state never would have been met.

Good luck with this project, you're using interesting game mechanics - I hope you keep working on it and improving it.

I bought the UWP version for Xbox, and I honestly enjoy it. The graphics could be much better as others have said (too much green).

I wish we weren't automatically brought to the next room when walking over a staircase tile, I missed some items because of it.

I love the night mode!

Initially I thought the game was too hard, but enemis get 1 turn while you get 2. So if you let them approach you (by walking towards a wall) this allows you to hit them first, then step back. Wait, hit them, step back. This makes it possible to survive without it being too easy, except on hard mode. Hard mode has bigger levels and therefore bigger corridors, while night mode and normal mode have smaller levels and therefore shorter corridors. In those cases the game becomes about positioning, which is pretty fun. On night mode it's even a little scary.

I lose my patience when I try playing other roguelikes because they are too complex. This one may be too simple, and it lacks polishing, but I'm having hell of a fun time playing it.

I don't know if you still make games, but maybe you should continue. I don't regret buying it.

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Again no offense meant, but have you asked a lawyer?

This is really well done. I'm surprised you could make it play that well at just 64x64 resolution, I would have thought that having a view that small would cause problems but it seems not. It feels very polished too

Only thing I'd change is the sword animation, making it snappy (instantly reach the end of the sword slash, with a motion blur from start to finish on that frame)

It's beautiful and plays well, I love it

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No offense meant here, but if you draw Mario using your own pencil, you still drew Mario and Mario is still copyrighted even if you drew it yourself with your own tools and your own colors and shapes.

This is so similar that I think I could get sued by Nintendo if I made a commercial game with it. In fact I'd be surprised if I wouldn't get sued.

It's absolutely beautiful but it's way too similar for me to use it

Any tips on which instruments sound best? I'd like to make music similar to 2D Zeldas

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It'd be great if the levels simply restarted instead of throwing you to the main menu
Otherwise I'm enjoying the game so far

Hey I started making a game using this, could you link to the color palette you used?

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Thanks for the response! This clears things up very well.

I'm a bit confused by the games you linked, the sprites seem very different - are they part of a different sprite pack you made?

So if I relase a game using these sprites, can I make money from it? (or can I release a game using it at all?)

I know how licensing works is a bit complex but it's very important

Hi, what's the license on these sprites if bought?

You should make it so that the second available button (z or x?) makes you aim in the direction opposite to where you're walking

Alternatively, you could make it so that it locks in wherever you're currently aiming at. This would allow shooting while moving away from enemies or around others, so this second option might be even better than the first one

Hey I liked this game very much. You mentioned that the backtracking was tedious and I understand you had very limited time to make this, but here are some suggestions anyway:

The laser enemy: make it have a laser that doesn't hurt at first, that's transparent and becomes wider and wider for 2 seconds, make it so that it can't follow the player (the turret can either aim, prepare to shoot, or shoot)
That would make the gameplay more interesting.
For backtracking, if robots respawned (or only activated) after picking up an item, it would make coming back more fun. Atlernatively, being able to teleport (only yourself but not parts) at different places would have worked very well, similar to a check point system.

The enemy bullets are probably slow enough, but in tight spaces maybe making them even slower would have been alright
Overall good game and I played with a controller (gamepad) by the way. Thanks for putting that option in.

Lol I accidentally called myself PPPPPPPPP and I didn't change it because, "Who cares??" but then I got the highest score.

Good game

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The gamepad controls don't seem to work. I click on the controls options (wether the arrow keys, the game pad or anything else) but it doesn't save them, I always have to use the arrow keys

EDIT: I really love this game by the way

Little tip: make it be less zoomed in on the character so that we can see better

Congrats on releasing something, most people wait a long time before doing so.

If it its with some other free assets I got I might end out implementing it in what I'm making ;) I'll have to test if it matches first (

Saw the spider GIF from reddit! Only an evil knight would step on such a nicy little creature's web. Poor creature

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(I originally wrote this on Reddit)

WOW! Man that's a good game! I love using a bow and arrow. At first I thought the floaty jumping was bad design, but the design isn't one of a platformer. You can jump and use the time in the air to aim and shoot, it's actually good.

I love how aiming works and the time it takes to shoot an arrow. And I don't know if you've intended this, but man the jump scares. They don't seem intentional, I just get super focused at aiming while walking around, checking if it's safe. Then a monster jumps out of the bushes I freak out and aim all over the place.

I love your game. I came back and put 10$ on it. Consider motivational money, I really hope you keep working on the game or make a different version of it.

It's strange, as soon as I launch it it says "Godot Engine Editor has stopped working"
I'm using a COmpaq Presario CQ56 with Windows 7

Thank you! I used GameMaker: Studio 1.4 (latest stable version)
There's an HTML5 export module, and it's actually pretty good - I thought I'd test it out

Now I'm working on making it playable on mobile as well, through the browser
And that's my programmer art you complimented hahahah so thank you for that!

Makes sense! Good luck on your assesment

Hey duuuuuude! This is amazing!

Little recommendation: make jumping happen with W instead of the mouse (it's really wierd using the mouse when until then, the mouse wasn't used)

also before being able to jump, aiming helicopters that are higher was a bit hard

Those are my recommendations. Love the game! Upgrades were a good idea, although it's just one level it gives the player a gal and something to do. You could definitely turn this into a bigger game if you made more levels and added missions and upgrades

Also, I'd zoom out a bit from the screen, to be able to see further in front and behind

Love the game. I like the art too

Hello again!

I'm working on a new version of my game, I decided to try using a view/camera system like yours
but using the mouse (moving the mouse left and right rotates what you see, like in BOH using arrows)

Something I noticed is for any movement that is not round (a number with decimals, like 1.235),
it causes problems. It causes the screen and the player to 'shake' or 'jitter' a bit

Your game is at a much lower resolution to work on older system, so it must have been even harder making sure
everything looks perfect like it does.

What I did was to use trigonometry so that no matter what the angle is, the player moves the same distance.
But at an angle, this is what causes the decimals and the jittering

In your game movement is super smooth, it's fantastic, the screen doesn't jitter and the character doesn't jitter either. If you don't mind me asking, how did you handle movement at an angle?

That's totally ok then! Just know that if you ever do decide to implement it, I'll be very happy :)
I would have offered to help but I don't know C

Do you have any tips on learning pixel art? I'm not very good at it that's why I draw cute monsters instead,but they're not
scarey. I mainly have difficulty with animation (the player walking animation for example)

If you have any tip, or if you recommend any tutorial, that'd be great!

I love pixel art too! What I meant by increasing the resolution, would be to triple the size of the sprites and textures using nearest neighbour (the textures will stay pixely, but when rotated, they would stay sharp instead of needing interpolation). You wouldn't have to redo the art, the art itself would stay at 16px

and no I didn't finish the game yet!. I've done a few levels, didn't have too much time but I do a few of them
throught my day

by the way I invite to check out 'NOXP: Flashlight' that I released here on, look at the video I put - if you like
the shadows, I could tell you how I did it it's fairly simple. But yeah just increasing the resolution would be great :)

You're welcome!

Do you have any thoughts about increasing the resolution? Without actually changing,the textures,
just increasing the resolution would still work (instead of using texture interpolation) it'd be very pleasing on the eyes

I don't know how you coded your game so maybe doing this would be too complicated
if you have to change the locations of walls and objects in game, you could simply multiply the coordonates
"x = x * gameScale". So if the new textures are triple in size, x would now be twice as far, keeping the ratio the same. Maybe you wouldn't have to change the levels

Maybe you'd only have to change the rendering - I got no clue I don't know how you made it,
and you're probably a better programmer than I am.

Can't wait to play the new levels

By the way! I tried implementing a similar camera system in a game I'm making, but using a mouse.
It's actually a bit nauseating because with the mouse you can move pretty fast haha
What gave you the idea of using this camera system?

I thought I left a comment - it seems I didn't.

Just to let you know I really like your game. I like the camera system, it makes it feel like a first person shooter. The laser to aim is really cool.

I hope you'll make more games like this!

In this case, I can't wait to see what else you'll create!

Hey it's a pretty neat game - using visual effects make the game look great, it looks better in game than in the pictures.

A suggestion I'd like to make is 1) configurable controls 2) make it so there's a small delay available to jump. Many times I've tried jumping, but apparently I jumped too late 3) for wall jumping, sometimes the majority of the body touches the wall, but not the feet, and because of it the wall jump doesn't work

I like your game it's pretty original.

No sabía que (al menos uno de) ustedes hablan español!! (No es mi primer idioma, francés es mi primero y inglés es mi segundo.)

Que bueno que haya gente hablando varios idiomas a Deconstructeam!

Hey thank you for trying it out!

The red/green monster combination comes from Tom Francis (I made this game following his tutorial), same for the eyes getting bigger. I came up with the blue monster and the different gamemodes for the game. To see the difference between the two games you can take a look at the tutorial version:, or a video of it:

I agree with you about the enemies spawning over your head, that's definitely a problem.

Did you think the blue enemy had too much health? The blue enemy makes the game fun by forcing you to avoid other enemies, but I wasn't sure how much health to give him. The line between fun vs frustrating can be thin. (also they have a small field of view so hiding behind a wall can help, but I could make the field of view smaller)

Did you have the time to test Survive The Red Army? in this one the enemies are already spawned, there are only the orange ones and there's 3 types of them; some faster some slower.

For the flashlight mode: thanks! I was thinking about adding 2 other versions: One where you don't have any weapon, where have to avoid the orange ones and reach the exit.
The second one would be similar but you keep the blue gun, and you have to eliminate all the orange ones by feeding them to the green one, but in the dark.

Thank you for trying the game!

"people don't always need all of those three things- in movies or books the audience/readers aren't autonomous (when it comes to the plot), or competent (usually)."
Of course haha. Apologies if I wasn't clear, my point was these three things apply to everything, but it doesn't have to be those 3 things at once.

The main point is basically, challenge in itself isn't fun because it is challenging (a lot of things are hard in life for example but nobody wants to do them). What I meant by this is, the challenge has to make you feel like you're competent
FOr example in my game I have one enemy that dies with a single bullet and is slow. I have another one that is fast and has a ton of health (the second one is more similar to yours but not really, slower and a lot more health)

Alone the second one is boring even though he's tough. Because you end out just walking backwards for maybe 60 seconds in a row and you keep shooting. IT's not as fun as I thought it would be.

The slow one however, I put a ton of them (100 to 200). Then the player has to run around and try avoiding them - they die instantly but because there's a lot of them, it becomes funs. You feel super great trying to avoid each one coming at you while shooting the other ones - it's more planning and moving/avoiding than it is shooting. If there was an escape route and I removed the gun it'd be just as fun

"I take Rami Ismael's approach to feedback, and I usually just try to find my own solutions to problems that people find, rather than their solutions- unless those solutions really fit- like the slow one (which I'll still probably somewhat modify, but could be incredibly great to the game overall)"

I agree 100% with that. I give you my thoughts that I think are worth sharing, if it gives you ideas it's great, if it doesn't fit it's totally fine.

"but I take Rami Ismael's approach"
I love this guy!

"And, please post it's name here when it's on, I'd love to see it once it's uploaded!"
Almost hahahaa. I wasted a lot of time today but I'm uploading it later tonight.

Me parece muy interesante. Acabé de terminar una serie de tutoriales (el hecho por Tom Francis, creator de Gunpoint) pero tuyo me parece muy similar a lo que quiero hacer y lo que debo aprender. He creado un juego simple con un systema de flashlight (no sé como decirlo en español, cosa que crea luz?) pero la manera que usé..... jajajaa no es buena manera lo que hice. Y me da muchos problemas.

Descargaré tu curso cuando terminé con el juego de ahora

Finishing a game (even not polished) in 1 week is hard to pull off so you did fantastic. A lot of people have a very hard time finishing a game, including me (but I did one! Putting it on yesterday (ok maybe tonight.. or tomorrow... see what I meant about finishing a game? Lol)

Yes the examples were just examples (although they are good ones - Doom has been successful with it)
The idea is really to bring counter-play; for example in a multiplayer game if you add a new weapon, that weapon should be fun to play With, but it should be just as fun to play Against it

Basically, if the enemies make you feel Skilled, that's good. Or smart. For example the fireballs; you basically feel like a super smart ninja when avoiding them - it makes you feel competent. (I'm throwing things about psychology in there that I read but it applies here)

I feel like writing to here's more:
3 main things make people enjoy something/anything. 1) it makes them feel competent. 2) it makes them feel autonomous, in control. 3) it makes them relate (Movies and books -> to relate to the characters)

The little game I'm making right now was just to learn to use Game Maker and how to make a game in general, but instead of just throwing it away I decided to add some things to make it fun. 1st: make the enemies faster (not fast like yours lol, but faster than initially because they're really slow). The result is you have to shoot while avoiding not fireballs but other enemies that you can't afford to shoot right now

A game that did something similar is CrimsonLand but I think it could have been made better because once you get hit you get slowed down and it's just very hard to run away and in-between.

One thing you could do for your enemies is if a bulet hits it slows them down? Even if overall they go as fast, you could shoot one - shoot the next one - shoot the first one and juggle like that to buy you some time.
That might be fun (I never tried it you'd have to test it)

You'd keep the fast enemies but have some counter-play that makes the player feel extremely competent. From my understanding you like powerful fast enemies, and I understand that. So modifying it like that might keep the feel of the tough and fast enemy while giving good counter-play and keeping the player from feeling "cheated" (again I didn't test that, but it might work)

The knife is a great idea (actually That could be what stuns/slow down the enemy and buy you some time to shoot more without taking damage) the other weapons, I don't think weapons are that important. In theory they're great but in practice, unless they're truly different they're more like lore for the game or options (if, still taking my idea of stunning an enemy, one slower weapon (sniper?) could stun an enemy (but you better not miss or they'll get you!) could be a great weapon that is different than a normal one.

I'm really passionate about this so I'm throwing you as much as I can. You can finish a game so I think it's worth it to share this with you, you're someone very likely to use it.

By the way you might have a very different idea for your game, so it's totally fine if you don't do what I said. I'm sure you have your own ideas too, They're really just examples to make you see how to apply counter-play and apply it with your own ideas. (But If you do use these ideas I'm totally fine with it.)

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Hi I know it was a little project but here's what I'd recommend if you were to continue it or create a similar game in the future:

Don't make enemies have no "counter-play"
The type of enemy you put is super fast and has super high health. Less health (at least half) would have been a lot better. The way it currently is, you HAVE to die to progress. You can't make a great tactic, you have to die. It doesn't make you feel smart or powerful, it becomes a task

In contrast imagine the red enemies were very slow and could throw (slow) fire balls. Counter-play: you have to move (strafe? Jump sideways - I'm not sure how to call it in English) on the side to avoid the fireballs (which you can do). Combine that with the green enemies, keeping them fast, but with low health.

At first you'd have to shoot the fast green enemies before they reach you, while avoiding the fireballs. Once all the greens are dead, you can keep avoiding the fireballs and kill the red guy.

The 2 enemies would go well together because they act different and add counter-play; don't just avoid the fireballs while trying to shoot at the red guy, don't just shoot at the green guys before they touch you: shoot at the green guys before they touch you while avoiding fireballs.

(I didn't come up with this, Doom does exactly that for example. Otherwise the counter-play thing comes from Extra Credits)

The game would be really really fun to play if these things were different. Same thing when creating guns, it should really bring a different type of counter play (think of Plasma pistol versus vehicles and shields in Halo - counter-play)

If you consider making these changes I'll definitely play again