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For anyone else who got their save erased from itch switching their CDN, you can retrieve it by going to the old url (or just - it’ll just be an error message but it’ll work for our purposes) and open dev tools, go to the “Application” tab, select the link inside “Local Storage”, and then filter for “goobooSavefile”. Copy that text and put it in a text document (e.g. using notepad.exe), and import it back on this webpage. You’ll have your save back!

I was enjoying playing but I fear I really hurt myself doing some of Rin’s upgrades, and I think it’ll take many days before I can actually afford to characterize them again. Apparently there’s a ton of different endings here, and that’s really cool to hear! The game has a surprising amount of context for the pico-8 limitations, but I fear the kinda ambiguous descriptions and generally confusing mechanics are preventing me from enjoying it enough to seek out each ending.

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I’m a huge fan of tower defense games, so my interest was piqued by this entry! I think it could use quite a bit of polishing, but conceptually I liked the subversiveness of buffing the enemies, and things like the paladin demonstrated you had some creative ideas that could keep shaking things up! I think I would’ve introduced mechanics more slowly - perhaps as rewards for defeating each baddy. Also, it would’ve been useful to see which baddy we were on out of 10.

I liked how the baddies used damage fields - kinda FF-like! Although since the player doesn’t control the minions’ movements I’m not sure it actually impacted the gameplay at all.

Always impressive to make a game in such a short timespan! Not much content but an interesting idea that I’m sure could be expanded in interesting ways!

Nice little game! I found it a bit slow though, with a pretty busy and confusing UI. It didn’t really feel like I was making much progress throughout - everything was the same speed, just increasingly more to do.

So this game is a clickfest. It desperately needs a buy max button. Using an auto clicker though, I had a good time. I was not expecting the light speed to be another prestige layer, and it was a very pleasant surprise. I didn’t finish unfortunately, because my energy became NaN and it wouldn’t let me do any of the resets to get out of it. I don’t know if this is a bug, but particles stopped spawning after I got the upgrade to make particle levels and caps never reset, which made the game really slow for a bit.

I don’t think this fit the theme very well, and didn’t really feel like an incremental game imo, but a fun experience nonetheless.

This was fun! I had a small nitpick though - the core game has this very nice pick-a-path mechanic that I really enjoyed, but three of the “challenges” just disable 1-2 of the base elements, reducing the number of paths to pick between; that just makes the game easier and is not a “challenge”. I understand it technically makes your energy lower, the gameplay itself is still easier.

Had a good time with this game, until it got really grindy with no end in sight. The core mechanic was interesting to me and not an annoyance at all! I liked the upgrades and the overall progression, up until the point where the goal is nigh unreachable and each new laser takes significantly longer to unlock than the last. If the end game had been lowered a bit I think I could’ve beaten this game.

I really enjoyed moving my black hole around, and the joystick controls made it work really well on mobile! It would’ve been nice if I could have scrolled the upgrades lists by dragging, but that’s a nitpick.

Since the core mechanic was so fun, I would’ve liked to see more don’t with it. For example, further increasing the collection area or making the black hole move faster. Perhaps a mechanic making some stars spawn 1 tier higher, etc.

Great game, and good potential for expansion!

Very unique game, had a good time! I do wish it had saving, since I was on mobile and it’s a bit of a long game to do in one setting.

There’s some issues with the upgrades list making it so the arrow would be in the right spot, causing the before and after values to be directly next to each other and hard to distinguish. It could have been mobile specific though. I also wished it would have some form of number formatting - it was hard to quickly compare numbers.

I played through this on my phone due to being on vacation (and it took me awhile to beat for that reason as well), but I legitimately had a fantastic time throughout. Only 1 death, and I won the game with 7 air tanks left over!

There were a couple mobile specific issues, where story and upgrade descriptions would be cut off, which made some mechanics slightly confusing. I also felt like my second run was too easy, where oxygen was no longer any issue at all - and the oxygen room was so expensive I ended up never using it. Nonetheless, fantastic game and the devs did an incredible job!

If it were on a different website it would still hibernate. You could use the download though.

Can we polish and fix bugs to improve our games, or should we wait until after the judging stream is announced?

Agreed, I think it needed to do better at teaching players the mechanics. It doesn’t help that the animations in the battle screen are broken :(

Yeah playing it myself post-release and watching others play it, I think chessboxing is more powerful than most of the others - especially paired with the Coots stream type.

I was actually most worried about CDawgVA being broken OP, but it doesn’t seem to have been an issue.

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This was really fun! I loved that the difficulty came from Coots running so fast that it’s hard to control. A lot of chaotic cat-like energy that fit the theme really well! The pixel art was also really great!

This was a really fun WW-like! Very fun microgames that I enjoyed playing time after time! They all felt very unique and had sufficient complexity or skill required. I got 258 :) The art was also very clean and consistent.

Another fun WW-like title! I really liked the very consistent and unique art style :)

This was a really nice polished experience! I’m impressed with how many micro-games you were able to implement. A fun WW-like!

Very difficult game! Lots going on and some interesting mechanics, but oh boy that platforming kicked my ass!

Fun game! I liked that it had a simple premise and mechanics, but it never felt like it dragged on or got stale. Well designed, and very cute!

This was a remarkably polished and fun game! Loved how many different tasks there were, and how cute everything was. I didn’t realize you could pet the cats on the loading screen until reading other reviews, but that alone made this game just an adorable little experience. I’m not a typical fan of the genre, but had a good time with this game!

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My first time playing I got the ball stuck off screen and didn’t realize how powerful it was, but went back after reading other reviews. It made the experience better for sure! The tank controls and static camera were a bit annoying to work around though.

I would’ve liked to see Ludwig react to the anger bar as it was going up - for example, maybe jitter more as it increases.

Fun game! Very cat-like gameplay! I enjoyed the super powers, and the way you did the tutorial/tasks.

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Lots of cute references! I liked the joke at Otto’s desk.

I think it could have used more gameplay. Point and clicks are a lot of fun, but this one only had the one puzzle. It also didn’t really strike me as being that related to Coots. The starting room had cat toys, but other than that it felt like Ludwig’s brain and heart. Maybe the dust bunny could’ve been a hair ball? Also it was unclear why we were trying to get a key, and that could’ve been a good chance to have something Coots would want or have.

The art and writing was very fun though!

This was a decent 10 minutes! I liked the art! It was a solid VS clone, although I was hoping for a bit more than what was here. I really liked the moments where I felt very powerful, like early game after getting the naomi statue, or after the chest hole got me through the line of youtube frogs. I just wished there were some more passives that continued making me feel ridiculously powerful. Like, by the end of a VS run it’s like a bullet hell for the enemies, and that was missing here. Some of the passives also felt really weak, like a negligible damage buff or max hp increase when I never felt at risk of dying.

The animation for the naomi statue was really funny. Thumbs up.

This was a fun game! I played all the way to the end. I will admit, my first impression was that the spam tapping Z wasn’t a fun mechanic, but after awhile that wasn’t that bad.

The progression in this game was actually fantastic. I loved that as I leveled up it wasn’t just my numbers getting bigger, but the minigames becoming easier/more impactful. The spam clicking Z wasn’t that interesting imo, but it was nice feeling how I could get away with less spamming as I went on.

The heal mechanic was actually pretty interesting and fun to perform! I had a couple gripes, like that selecting the heal action also counted as hitting Z in the minigame, which most often was an undeserved miss, but overall it was a good mechanic.

I enjoyed seeing each of Ludwig’s friends, and some of the funny picks for their battlers. The combat overstayed its welcome a tad though.

I would’ve liked to see a “you leveled up!” message after receiving EXP. Finally, I really liked the different icons for Coots based on our current health. Good Job!

My eye was instantly drawn to the 2 other titles that shared the same title as the one I worked on - Great minds think alike ;)

This was an interesting take on the SAP formula with combat that rotates between different weapons. It might be just a high skill ramp, but for me it was really hard to determine what strategies I should use. The reach system made it feel random if I was going to land a hit or not, and getting items that would just move me without dealing damage felt pointless.

I also think it could have fit the theme more. The fighters could’ve been anything and the game would have made the same amount of sense, and the items felt like they had the occasional ludwig easter egg rather than really incorporating Coots into the design.

Otto, since this game also has a server, I put that code in a separate repo:

Hi, I wanted to clarify if I can use an engine I’ve been developing since before the jam started. I’d be using this instead of something like unity or Godot, and it doesn’t have any content in it just a bunch of utilities basically. However, it is technically code I’d written before the jam so I could see the ruling go either way.

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Actually, you’re reading into it than I intended. I looked up the smallest state by population, and got Wyoming with 563767 people, which is the value used in the game. It’s probably a different population today, but it wasn’t arbitrary.

Edit: sorry, I see that you’re clarifying that your original message was a joke. Carry on

It should be clear when it ends. You may have to solve another puzzle

Just to clarify, it was not me (the dev) who responded to you. That was just another player.

I appreciate the feedback and I’m happy you enjoyed the game, although it is not being developed anymore.

Easily one of my favorite games this time around. Everyone loves watching progress bars fill up, and getting to fill them up by drawing with your mouse was lovely. Well balanced, and a good sense of humour.

I gave it a pretty good rating because I enjoyed it, but I wanted to note that the controls leave much to be desired here. Holding down left click is a slow control (by definition), is not intuitive (so players better have read the controls!), and in general just kinda clunky. I wonder if the two hold actions could’ve just been triggered on hover instead.

Yes, holding down on a tile shows the recipes for that tile

Wow! This was such a fun game. Drawing the sigils and seeing my crude drawing appear on the screen was such a silly and entertaining moment. I really liked that, once I’ve completed an element, it became a new sigil used in future recipes. The ritual circles also all looked amazing, and I love all the use of legitimate alchemical symbols used everywhere.

The pacing also seemed really good. It’s a short, tight experience that doesn’t overstay its welcome. For the most part, both money and mats seemed relevant. It wasn’t a particularly difficult game, and quite linear, but enjoyable throughout.

One minor piece of feedback, which I’m shamelessly repeating from Scarlett, is that it would’ve been nice if the sigils had an indicator of which direction you’d be going next. In particular on sigils with a triangle pointing up, I always wanted to go down and to the left, not right.

I really enjoyed this entry. I’ve always been a fan of the first alkahistorian, and this style of gameplay has always been super interesting to me.

I really like the progression in this one, and would’ve loved to see more things like the arc furnace that replace earlier buildings. This is the type of game I could really see being expanded with further content to ridiculous amounts.

Bits of feedback: I’d love to zoom out using the scroll wheel, since scaling the browser affects all webpages and makes the right panel harder to read. I wish the canvas expanded in the up and left directions as well. Towards the end of the game there were certain resources whose production was very hard to increase, like water, stone, and coal. I would’ve preferred to see some sort of (complicated, so it doesn’t trivialize the game) system of nodes that could form a positive feedback loop, so late game starts increasing production through transmutation. Perhaps using some of the other resources to allow it to happen - earth, notably, wasn’t very useful mid-late game.

Overall, I was really happy to be able to play this game and I can’t wait to see what you work on next!