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Updated to r3 - Minor content fix

Updated to r2 - typo fix

Uploaded a new file today - Updated the character and town sheets to be form-fillable PDFs — TB

Let's let the 90s continue for a little longer, yeah? 

The deadline has been extended by one week! In honor of the Barenaked Ladies hit single, this will be known as the Barenaked Extension. 

This is not a ranked or reviewed jam. This is all for love of the games and songs!

The intent is that it's a radio single because those are most recognizable. However, I'm not going to pull a posted game if it's from a 90s album. 

Awesome, thank you for letting me know! 

That's the only category that TTRPGs fit under, currently. 

Yeah it would be. Safety tools very required.

It looks like the bulk of the comics on the first few pages opted to resize to fit itch's formatting, but for those physical game creators who don't want to do that, the blurred background is a good solution. 

I just transitioned all of my titles over here, and I love everything I've seen so far. The comments above are excellent, and I want to see them implemented.

One thing that stands out to me is the formatting and aspect ratios of the cover images. TTRPG covers are usually 6x9" or 8.5x11". That means to get my stuff here on, I had to go and reformat 12 cover images (which sometimes produces really unflattering results) to have a page image for every game. I was able to upload the full cover as a "screenshot," sure, but being able to display the full cover on my main page would be even better.