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I just transitioned all of my titles over here, and I love everything I've seen so far. The comments above are excellent, and I want to see them implemented.

One thing that stands out to me is the formatting and aspect ratios of the cover images. TTRPG covers are usually 6x9" or 8.5x11". That means to get my stuff here on, I had to go and reformat 12 cover images (which sometimes produces really unflattering results) to have a page image for every game. I was able to upload the full cover as a "screenshot," sure, but being able to display the full cover on my main page would be even better.

What do you mean by "main page"? You may can already do what you want if you put the larger image in the "description" box on your project's page.


We had a similar issue with comics and we ended up coming with something that would scale your image to fit the cover while preserving the aspect ratio, and adding a blurred background behind it. You can see some examples here:

If you think that's a good solution I can enable it for the physical games section.

It looks like the bulk of the comics on the first few pages opted to resize to fit itch's formatting, but for those physical game creators who don't want to do that, the blurred background is a good solution.