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Thanks for your friendly feedback again! That's very motivating!

I took a little brake from development during the past two months, in order to work on other (not game related) projects.

But I recently returned past weekend. So you can expect another update in 2021!

This time it will include a reworked farming system and some graphical improvements(Thanks to pygame 2.0).

Please stay tuned!

Thank you for this very nice feedback!

Indeed, I'm still working on this game and try to release at least one big update per year, so you can looking forward for future improvements and additions!

It's not too hard. I'd say its perfect for an RL. I just causaly played a little before I went to bed yesterday, so don't worry.

I played the ZX Spectrum version a bit.

Nice game! You use the limited possibilities of the hardware really well.

The game is very easy to get started but becomes really difficult fast. So far I did not manage to come deeper then level 5.

Could you tell me please if the statues and fountains you enconter from time to time have any meaning or are purely decorative?

P.S.: The link to the BASIC compiler you've used is broken. I'd love to have a look into this as well.

Thank you for this wonderful review of my game! I will fix the misspell of 'tunic' in my next release.

Would you mind if I link your video on the games website?

Thank you for the info. I have fixed this.

Oh, thanks. I'm happy if you like it. :)

Yeah, the input is realy the worst part of the game. I only made turnbased stuff till now. But I promise that I will make a fixed version soon after the jam.

Yeah, I had plans for a short tutorial at the beginning of the game. But I just don't finished it in time. It's interesting that you say the maze is to big. I was afrait it would be to small and added random rooms short before the deadline.

I've the same problem on my GNU/Linux computer.

I am able to run the windows version of this game using wine but only get the message that the game want to update it self but can't connect to server. Really strange.

Thank you for the information. :-)

This is my first jam, so I am not sure about such details. My game is in a playable state now(but still a bit short).

would it be possible to submit it now and still update it until the end of the jam?

I'd like to add more rooms to it but I'm a bit afraid to miss the deadline. If I submit now at least the current version with its 5 rooms would be available in time.

You use a very nice color palette. Can it be that we use the same?(Dawnbringer16)

It's nice to know that I am not the only one who shares his code to the world.

Small games are a perfect source to learn from. Their code is easy to understand and to modify. (At least in comparison to full scale projects with 10000+ lines of code.)

I'm one of this crazy Free Software lovers and kinda a little Richard Stallman fanboy. ;-)

Because of this I would like to know if anybody else will release his or her code and assets under a free license and what's your motivation to do so.

On the other hand I would be interested in your reasons to keep your game closed.

P.S.: I won't judge somebody nor start a flame war. I'm just curious.

Nice game! It remembers me somehow of a game I played in my younger years. I'm looking forward to try this one out.

Thank you very much!

I try to let it look and feel like a game out of the good old 8-bit era.

To do the 8x8 pixelart is an interesting challenge for me as well.

As a roguelike fan I'm totaly with you when you say that good game play is much more important the graphics.

It is a bit sad that your first idea didn't made it's way to a complete game. The screenshot looks promising.

Anyway  I'm looking foreward to try your finished game.

I am using Python3 together with pygame. I'm alreay femiliar to this setup because of my current long time project.

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This is my first game jam ever, so I don't know how things will turn out. I hope the result of my work will be good enough for you to enjoy.

For LOWREZJAM I plan to create some kind of tactical dungeon crawler.

The player enters a dungeon with a group of four mages. Every mage represents one element (fire, water, wind and  earth). The monsters inside the dungeon also represent the same elements. Tee mages can only kill monsters that belong to their inferior element (eg. The water mage can kill fire monsters) but they get massive hurt if they are attacked by a monster of their superior element. The player has to use the four mages wisely in order to recover the magic artefact that is hidden somewhere deep inside the dungeon.

Edit: As a little extra challenge I decided to use only 16 colors for the game art. (I use the beautiful Dawnbringer16 palette.)

Here is a first impression of the game. The video was taken today in the morning. The player sprite is a still a placeholder.

DAY 3:

Today I've  added a 'Mage selection menu' and changed a few tiles. Furthermore I manged to create a git-repo for the game. (Code:GPL3+ Assets:CC0).

Here is a new teaser:

Day 4:

Nothing to show for today. But I added some stuff behind the scenes. ;-)
Tomorrow I hope that I will able to add a UI.

Day 5:

Finally I made some significant progress today. I added a small UI with players LP, number of collected keys and total score.
Furthermore I've made some new dungeon features. Just look an enjoy. ;-)

Tomorrow I will try to add bad guys to fight against and maybe a save/load function.

Day 6:

Not much to show today. I only got half way done with the monsters. But hey, the life is about more then game development and my wife needs some atention too. ;-)
So far, I've done the pixelart and can spawn monsters on the level map. Tomorrow I will try to get the rest done.

Good night together.

P.S.: A little example of the monster sprites is here:

Day 8:

Today my monsters learned how to walk. Pathfinding isn't perfect right now, but good enough for now.
Here is a little example:

Tomorrow, I will try to add the battle system.

DAY 10:
I had no time to make another gif today.
But I made good progress during the past two days. The battle system is done and seems to work well. Now I only have to add a few more things (like a title screen) to finish my engine. I hope that I will be done until Sunday, so I will have enough time to create a few levels. I plan to add 3-5 levels with 5-10 rooms. The total play time should be something like ~15min.

DAY 12:

Today I was able to add several things to the game.
I made a little menu that comes up if the player press ESC.

Furthermore win and loose conditions have been added.

Last but not least I was able to add a few more dungeon features like teleporters and checkpoints.

Tomorrow I will try to finish the basic game by adding a few nice 8bit sound effects I've found on and by creating a tittle screen. The time that remains until the end of this jam after this I will use to add more levels to the game.

Day 13:
The basic gameplay is done now. I made a nice title screen and added some 8bit sounds. Now I have still 3 days left to create more rooms.
Tomorrow I will try to release a first test build.