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Oh I Know, At first I was working with a team, the leader of the project abandoned the project and so did the other team member and without telling me, I was still coding and level design and hence this came after just a few hours of modelling and programming. I was annoyed and I wanted to still upload because otherwise it would have just been a waste if no-one saw at least something.

Well Ideas like Map Variety, an actual main menu, more balls, Shop for upgrades like Slow mo Time, upgrading health. Also the circles pop into squares....make em pop into circles instead of squares. Still interesting game, I recorded my first part and well I had some epic gameplay, I still have not beaten your high score, no where near it. 

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This is one of my terrible games, I just did it to show of the Deja Vu System.So at 10PM, The character resets position as if the day has restarted. Main Menu, Options Menu and Pause Menu and Dialouge system.

This was made for a game jam in a limited time, we had no models and we did have many errors along the path

Download link below

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