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I like the principle of this prototype, sort of reminds me of S.P.A.Z

I'm not sure what else you would do with this prototype but ultimately I assume it was just to learn how to make something like this game

Interesting concept, if I am honest I feel like it is too harsh to rate it but I would really like you to finish this project

maybe work on feedback so that you can tell if you're hitting the enemies and make movement a little bit more interesting :)

The text is almost unreadable, if it was more clear it wouldn't hurt to read it. Voice acting is okay but not a problem. Combat is not good nor is the art style

On a more positive note, I do like the humour as I am a fan of the Tabletop D&D and I feel like the majority of the game is going to be D&D related when you release it...

All I ask is some tool tips and making things more detailed, other than that it is enjoyable.