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Like mentioned earlier, It would be best practice to start charging after you feel the product is now done if it is "early access". This would be fair to the customers if you do not finish.

Game Link:

    Sketch Companion is a tool created to aid you in practicing your artistic skills by giving you a lightweight and highly customizable means of studying reference images. This program is best used as a “drawing grid” to reproduce reference images or add grids and save them out for later study. 

This program features:

Standard X and Y grids

Perspective grids

Save feature for images with grid overlay

This program is a work in progress and suggestions for features and improvements are highly welcome. And can be done so here:

    Good tips so far. One thing that helps is to clearly define who is responsible for what and keep it that way. What has always wrecked team efforts for me is a "fix your stuff" culture. It is always an excuse for someone to weasel out of something that should be doing by jumping onto someone else's work that is already partially done so they don't have to stick their necks out. If you ever hear someone say that they have to "fix" someone else's stuff it's usually a sign that they are too lazy and/or are not up to the tasks that they should personally be doing. It also creates division within the team as in order for someone to "fix" some else's stuff they have to call out another team member as being incompetent and creates a very toxic working environment.

Thanks! And thanks for taking a look!

Do you use Construct 2, as well!?

What do you mean exactly?

With zero budget it would be word of mouth and passing it by review sites/ YT channels.

Thank you for the inforamtion.