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Get better friends

thanks , I played your game aswell

thanks for playing! In the Short time we had we already multiplied movement by 4. Something we could look into fixing for our post jam build.

I think we created something intresting. We created a maze game but once you leave a tile block it well be destroyed. if you loose you would have to start from the beginning

we close to hitting 8 ratings but i would mean a lot if you try our game out , its a maze where you can't go back

its was done on purpose , but we could definitely

tweak the angle.

Its a maze after all ;)

Thanks for playing !

Thanks for playing !

it seems as if you get partialy stuk in the ground. i will be looking into it and fixing it in a couple of weeks.

Thanks for playing our game.
I am planning on fixing a few bugs after the rating is over

after a few tries you get stuck in the floor. and game starts to feel "slow" ,the door doesn't reset on death either.

we tried to add a roof over the whole game and you could only see a few blocks around where you walked on that run , but we ran out of time.
thanks for playing !

Fun game. i like the way you can sling your self around the planets, i would have liked there to be a way to speed up the time.

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a maze game where you cant walk back
this is our game, there some bugs we couldn't fix in time. but we are very happy with the resul

intresting game. felt very easy

fun challanging puzzle game. worth giving a shot,

one thing i didn't like was the sound when you start the game for the first time , its way to loud

no worries , i get how it works now. its a sweet game :)

it seems to give me storys about dancing with ellen

i tried , talk,hold , dance. ellen worked :)

looks cool , sadly enough i get returned to the main menu when i have to type in a command