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Fun challenging little game :) just gotta get the flow right and things should be rolling out of the bottle factory - good job.

LUA game - how do you even start the game? 

500 something score - The yellow square confuses me, what is the purpose of it? - good job it works.

Why is it even in the entries of this game jam? it has nothing to do with it. Well waste of my time. 

20 something fish :) yay. Well its a endless runner, nothing else to say that it works.

The folder are missing a "unityplayer.dll"  :( so its unplayable.

The mechanics work etc. :) But at some point there just isnt enough people to make the store make enough money.

Seems like some of the mechanics are broken, at some point you can move left+right any longer and the flames seems like the burn you even though your not touching them - but I like the idea behind the game :) good job.

Day 17 - 30.000 moneys, after this the music drove me insane and I retired. :) Good job guys

I won .. 

I went bankrupt for some reason after making 600 something moneys. ^^ good job, but a little sounds would make it alot better.

I like the expression on the green blob :) But I dont see how it would be possible to bet this game - but nice sounds and funny mechanics - good job.

Its very hard to find any health in the game :) and I can pick up ammo even though im at full ammo, and the agent for M.I.B dont always want to turn around after standing still. But mechanics and sounds fits the game, so good job.

After hunting down the eye of Rah 3 times :) I think I beat the game but im not sure? - good job anyway.

Aiming is hard since the drops drift off to one side, and moving the cloud feel oddly inverted - you dont really gain enough water to feed the plants, but all the mechanics works and the game has both sounds and music YAY! :D good job.

Ate 4 grass now im high as a kite. 

It works :) but I dont like clicker games, it very bad for the wrists. But good job anyway.

1200 was my best score - but the game seems VERY hard even without the enemies being faster, as they become :S 

Dragging the crypto moneys around too fast makes the game crash :D other then that it seems like a cute little game.

2700 FPS and 5500 SCORE :D lol - well there is not much you can do to prevent being shoot at so there is that - good job.

Cute little game :) and after stopping looking at the blacks clouds and looking at the shadows insted, I could actually see which line they where in hehe - music and everything fits the game - good job.

The mechanics works and the sounds and music fits the game :) when I got to having to packed 25 boxed, my wrists said "NO!" - but good job on the game. 

:D go home pokemon go, I got all the fish yay - a little sound and music would make it alot more fun. And having to click all the time was not nice, I would just have the character follow the cursor or similar. Anyhow good job.

Made it to level 4 :) then the enemies started shooting me through the walls - GG and good job. How you move feels really weird to me, because I want the character to look at the mouse cursor hehe. 

After using 4 mins to actually get into the game, I jumped to my death 7 times before quitting the game. It just feels like the mechanics of moving around needs more polish. 

Score 336.5 yay ^^ - I would like if the fish where moving forward - but good little game so good job.

It works :) even though the sell text vanish sometimes and in the start of a "level" you money text goes off screen. But good little game about random luck, good job. 

Cute little game :) mechanics works and it has sounds yay! good job.

Very chilled music and sounds :) Not knowing how much food etc. you have, made it very hard to to some good trades + the randomness of the pricing.

Cute small game - after reaching a score of "14600" the enemy´s stopped spawning :( why is there a "3" in the middle of the screen? I would have loved some sounds in the game but I liked how the character where being thrown back when shooting - good job.

It´s for MAC only so I cannot play it. :( 

Okay little game - The physics of the dead pieces of the machines made it extremly hard to counter act the new machine, because their movements became very unpredictable and they would stack up until there where too many of them to kill. - would have been awesome with sounds for the punching etc.

fun little game, having a hard time seeing what it has to do with capitalism though :) my best score ended up being 22

nice little game :) some music would have made it alot better though, and being color blind like I am made it hard for me to see the difference between red and green. Good job.

Cute little game - The bullets feels really slow to my and did not spawn at the barrels of the guns, but after 100 kills I just started to go outside and had a bunch of enemies spawn and shoot them from inside the shop :D so I could test the guns. But fun little concept and a little sounds could have made it alot more fun. Good job.

Cute little game :) but the feeling of shooting yourself became redundant pretty fast, So after wave 2 I did not shoot anything myself any longer but just upgraded a turret to shoot at a rate of -0.10/s :D which is pretty damn fast. But I like the idea of the game, it just needs a bigger challenge to it. Good job.