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A jam entry

Crocodie | OMGJam3View game page »

Submitted by Patrick (@PatrickRMC1) with 11 hours, 23 minutes before the deadline

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Crocodie | OMGJam3's page

Theme Chosen

Man vs Machine





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It was fun! It felt polished and intriguing with the inclusion of the CRT television filter. I liked the physics push that shooting the water guns applied and the way that losing looked like a selection of channels. Excellent work!


Thank you! The post processing stack really makes games look different. I originally wanted the game to look like it was played on an arcade machine but that didn't really work out.. But thanks for playing!


Not bad. I loved the visual style of the game and the mechanics were really smooth. It could use some sounds for sure, and the spawns stop coming when you hit 14.600 in score. Also, some off screen colliders would be great. I noticed that I can run off either side of the screen and basically just drop off the world completely. 
I really liked the physics of being moved by the guns as you shot. Overall, really fun, but I found it really easy, and I wanted to keep playing after 14600.


I forgot to write down notes of stuff to fix so I had forgotten about the colliders, my bad. Also forgot sounds.. As I mentioned to crude, the spawner was actuator from another game of mine that worked for some reason which is why the game ends at 14.600. Thanks for playing!


It was really a cool game. If you re-visit this one in the future, let me know. I really enjoyed it. The art was great too. 


Cute small game - after reaching a score of "14600" the enemy┬┤s stopped spawning :( why is there a "3" in the middle of the screen? I would have loved some sounds in the game but I liked how the character where being thrown back when shooting - good job.


I got a little lazy with the enemy spawner as I took it from another WAVE based shooter of mine and it worked for some reason. You would know what the 3 is of you weren't so good at the game ;p It's the health, I didn't really want to explain everything to the player as I like when you have to figure it out yourself. But thank you for playing!