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Awesome Job. This game is fantastic. So much in so little time! A good challenge and upgrades are always welcome!
Keep up the great work!

This game was absolutely awesome!!!! The use of gravity, and the first person view were fantastic. I absolutely loved this game! I'd love more levels, and more hazards. Some music here would be awesome too. Wow, excellent work, keep it up!!!

This was a fun one. I don't know if it ever gets more challenging, It didn't feel like it so I died to see the death animation after about 10k score. Just seems a game of attrition. Really fun though. I liked the classic arcade game style of it, and the sound effects were great. Some music would have set this game off excellently. 
Great work! Keep it up, this was really well done!

Either I suck at this game, or I just have no clue what I'm doing. It looks like it had some really cool potential, but after about 25 attempts to figure it out, I gave up. The mechanics feel unresponsive, that, or again, I really have no clue what I'm doing. 
I liked the planet model in the background though. Very cool looking. Could have used some music or other sound effects. 
I'm looking forward to your future work though. Keep at it, man!

Wow, that's an incredible amount of content for a game jam. The extra stats and collections page really give the game some high playablility, and such a simple mechanic to play it. Really well done game. Fantastic work!

It's like Tetris meets Fruit Ninja. =D Loved this game. The mechanics are smooth, and the game plays incredibly well. I may have to try Pico-8 after seeing what you did with this one. Excellent job man. Fantastic game!

Matty with another epic game. I loved this one! The sprites all look great, the mechanics are smooth and it plays soooo well. Keep trying to beat my high score! Excellent Job, man. Excellent job!

The pixel art was well done, and the animations we're well coreographed, but that's all it really had going for it for me. Not so much a game as it's an interactive video ad. I'd love to see what you could do artistically given more time though!

You can take credit for selecting good music though. :)

This game is fantastic. I love the use of gravity, the music is great, and it just feels so good to play. I love puzzle games. This game by far uses the theme to it's full potential. Bravo, 5/5!

This was an excellent game. The mechanics run so well, and the gravity effects are superb. I enjoyed the bonus too =D Great work!!!

Everything runs really smooth. I like the artwork too. I would recommend some kind of edge of map collision, as it stands you can just kind of go forever away from the screen it seems. But otherwise, that was a neat game.

Fun game. I couldn't ever get higher than 25. I dunno if I ran out of gems or time at that point, but it was a fun game! =D Nothing like minimal work for loot!!

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Good concept. I think it needs some work. It feels like you're completely at the whims of luck or at the very least, perfect timing. Really neat concept, I'd love to see a more polished version of something like this. 

Awesome game. Absolutely couldn't beat lvl 4, I was right at the edge several times, but couldn't pull it off. Great work and use of gravity as a theme.!

Game mechanics are really smooth, excellent work. It's a challenging game to meet the order requested, but it's a lot of fun to try. 

Very well done. When there was 2 planets, the margin of error was almost unforgiving, but I beat it nevertheless! Great work on your first jam!!!

That's a cool game. Interesting game mechanic. I really enjoyed that  a lot. 

Neat concept, easy to learn and play. Overall, well done. There were points where the jump physics got a little wild on me, but overall, it runs great. Keep up the great work!

Cool game. I've always loved pinball! I think the gravitational pull from the sun could have been stronger. There were times where it didn't seem to have much of a pull at all. Still, it's a really well done game!

Great job!

That's a fun game. I loved the artwork and it felt very much like it was underwater. I would have loved some sound, but overall, it was a really good job.

That is a FANTASTIC game! Holy crap. Absolutely great job! The mechanics were perfect. everything ran smooth. The difficulty was a very steady and reasonable increase. The sounds and music were the best. Everything about this was perfect.

Great game, Man. Excellent controls. Took a minute, but I got it down. Love the progression system, and the spinning level is both disorienting and really fun to watch all at once.

Kinda reminds me of the rage games out there. Simple mechanic that's tough to master and can be frustrating. Love it! Really cool game. Music was excellent!

That's a very hard game. I love it. Really cool game and really great concept. The animations were smooth and the models looked great! Loved everything about it. Excellent work!

That's far more challenging than it looks. Fun concept. I liked the sounds and music. Good job

That's hilarious. I wish there would have been more of an indicator that he was about to face you, but it was really a funny game. Great artwork too and really funny dialogue. 

Haha, that's a fun game. I loved grabbing planes and forcing the passengers to shop. Like an Evil merchant, mwahahaha. Great sounds, and fun art. 

That was cool. Could have used some sounds, but it was a lot of fun. I enjoyed the strategy involved with hitting or avoiding market changes. Really fun. Great work!

Really cool.  I loved the globe. reminded me of the Geoscape from X-Com UFO Defense. Fun game! Great Job!!

I freaking love clickers and idle games. This was really fun!! Excellent concept, and great execution. Really good job.

That's a fun game, Man. Smooth controls and easy to play. Really cool Great work!

This one's fun. I'm a box folding PRO now! Great work, man. Lots of fun.

Man, that's a good one! It started getting hard around lvl 25 and by 28 I just wasn't able to keep up anymore. I had enough cash saved up to carry me on for quite awhile. I mostly lost sales early on looking at that bonsai tree. I loved that little thing.
Great job guys, Excellent work!!! Very Fun game!

I LOVED this game. This was fantastic. The controls were fun, the concept was great. This was just an overall excellent game! Maybe could have used a little music, but otherwise, it was very well done.

It was really a cool game. If you re-visit this one in the future, let me know. I really enjoyed it. The art was great too. 

Thanks. The trace line kinda happened by accident when I was playing around with particles. It turned out really neat.

That's really strange. I have no idea what would be causing that. I built and ran it just fine on Win10. Sorry, man. If I can get the time to figure out what might cause that, I'll post a patch or something.

That is odd. What os?