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Heh, the game was actually made in Godot. I used the pico-8 palette and resolution and even locked the FPS to fit pico 8 so I understand the confusion. And yeah I used a backend service called “SilentWolf” for the leaderboards. Thank you for the comment !

Thank you ! Appreciate it

robin why

Thanks for playing! Didn't actually expect anyone to leave a comment so I appreciate it!

Thank you for playing! I appreciate the feedback, it would’ve been really nice if I added some new stuff in the middle but I didn’t want to risk having a broken unfinished game.. :P

Fortunately for you it’s not your pc :p. I have that issue sometimes with Godot.. Did you play the Web build? 

Thanks for the feedback and for playing! I tried out some new effects and ways to juice it up for this jam, glad you like it :)).

Thank you for playing! I agree with the spikes. Should’ve made it easier to differentiate.

Thank you for playing! I will check out your game.

Yeah I wish I had more time to think about my decisions. Thank you for playing!

Thanks for playing! 

Thanks for playing! I wish I had the time to add some more to the levels so I apologize..

Thanks for playing!

Fun game, It was fun hunting for the gun after dropping it

Fun game!

Thank you!

Cheers! Thank you for playing.

Thanks! I agree with the levels. I wanted to see if I could complete 5 Levels and it ended up with some lazy level design at the end! Thank you for playing.

Thank you for playing!

This made me smile. Im happy you liked the game and thank you for the suggestions. I never thought about squash and stretching or having some time skip buttons but that would've been really cool implemented! Yeah I learned that the game doesn't feel that strategic because there are no ranged attacks but I'll remember these feedback for the next jam! Thank u for playing!

That's 100% my fault for forgetting to add a how-to or an explanation. I've updated the game page with a little how-to. You click on the cards and click in the grey box where u want to place them. Thank you for reminding me!

this is gonna haunt me for a while.. :p

That is infact a bug, it shouldn't happen though, thanks for the feedback though!!

Apparently my guy walks to the left without me pressing any buttons with results in me not being able to move to the right side 

So great dude! the graphics are super amazing fun and EPIC! I LOVE THIS GAME PLEASE MAKE MORE

Crap. Hold on.

If you find a game that does not have my voice in it (Apart from my omgjam game or the 1gam) i will give you a reward.

Thanks :)

Love it! I like the different stages of development, and that your stats also changes instead of just the textures. The sounds were pretty cool too!

Nice! I really like fast paced games and after a around 20-30 seconds i got used to the speed and i managed to get a score of almost 200k. The sounds were nice. Not so distracting and at the end it got really difficult! But overall pretty good!

Pretty solid! It was short but that doesn't matter, i really liked it. Some more enemies would be cool though! I really like the sprites and the way you put changing the time into the theme. 

Thank you! The post processing stack really makes games look different. I originally wanted the game to look like it was played on an arcade machine but that didn't really work out.. But thanks for playing!

I forgot to write down notes of stuff to fix so I had forgotten about the colliders, my bad. Also forgot sounds.. As I mentioned to crude, the spawner was actuator from another game of mine that worked for some reason which is why the game ends at 14.600. Thanks for playing!

I got a little lazy with the enemy spawner as I took it from another WAVE based shooter of mine and it worked for some reason. You would know what the 3 is of you weren't so good at the game ;p It's the health, I didn't really want to explain everything to the player as I like when you have to figure it out yourself. But thank you for playing!

Would love to have a restart button.