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A jam submission

Red VoxelView game page

A PVE robot shooter game.
Submitted by GoldenDonkeyProductions — 1 day, 15 hours before the deadline

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Theme Chosen

Man vs Machine



Unity & C# with fully custom assets made with aesprite or MagicaVoxel (2D or 3D).

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(2 edits)

I completed your game. The best weapon is the default pistol. The shotgun, magnet and the cannon performed worse than the default pistol. These weapons are a waste of 'kills'.

You should add sounds and music to your game.

The shop is very abusable, especially since you can shoot through the shop's door. Was this intentional?

Other than these issues, your game was decent.


Thanks for playing

I might have to add a different currency for the guns then, although the guns do have some advantages. The higher up the cost of the gun the more damage they do, some guns also improve the amount of AI hit by the bullets. Although I found not buying things easiest as well. 

Shooting through the shop door is a glitch and will be solved in the next update. 


Unity crashes with an access violation when I try to run it (after following the instructions on the page). 


Thank you for notifying us. In theory we have fixed the issue for the newest release of Red Voxel. I hope it works for you and I hope you enjoy playing. 


Cute little game - The bullets feels really slow to my and did not spawn at the barrels of the guns, but after 100 kills I just started to go outside and had a bunch of enemies spawn and shoot them from inside the shop :D so I could test the guns. But fun little concept and a little sounds could have made it alot more fun. Good job.


Thanks CrudeCastle. The bullets spawned in front of the player because there used to be a cross-hair and they followed where that was, I removed that cross-hair so now it looks a bit weird. :) But thanks, glad you found it fun. 


Nicely done. Really cool concept and it was fun. I don't know if it was just a scale thing, but i felt really low to the ground. Very solid game, though. I wasn't able to get more than about 100 kills, lol.


Thanks, yeah the characters camera is actually quite low to the ground. To be honest I couldn't finish the game half the time I played it :)