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I was wondering what the multiplayer half of this would be. I wasn't expecting it, and I think that makes it better. The tutorial's also pretty funny. 

It's more challenging than it looks.  There were a few times during the game I played that the AI took advantage of opportunities I accidentally created. The announcer was an unexpected but hilarious touch. 

Great concept. I think what works particularly well is your implementation of the poison mechanic. It's an ever-growing threat, but its rate allowed me to make (or at least feel like I was making) informed decisions about how long to stay in a certain room or where to go, which is preferable to the "get here or die" approach of other games. 

The only thing I'd change is to either make the other slimes faster or slow the player down to increase the chances of being stopped. I made it a point to keep moving rather than linger in one spot or area, but I only ran into two or three over the course of an entire round.  

I like how you have the opportunity to go out and observe how enemies move and behave, so that when you return to the tree, you have an idea of how to best defeat them.

I've never enjoyed typing a comment more than I do at this moment.

Windows 10

I appreciate the visual feedback during each step of the bottling process. I'm able to focus on doing things quickly rather than wondering if I'm doing them correctly. 

I'm not sure why, but when I run it, I hear music and only see a gray window. 

It lives up to its name, I suppose. 

Luring in? More like abducting them. This game's hilarious and good fun. 

It's been quite awhile since I've played a typing-based game. This one's pretty good for what it is. 

It crashed due to an access violation when I tried to run it, which is a shame because it looks interesting from the screenshots. 

It's more challenging than it looks. I feel bad for the square because getting squeezed looks painful.

It reminds me of the WarioWare games. Congrats on finishing your first game jam. 

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I also think the idea is funny. It's not the sort of thing I expected to see as a simulation, but I'm glad that I did.

I like the organized hack feature. My one complaint about the game is that if hackers/tech cost non-whole amounts to hire, then the amount of money you have should update to display those non-whole amounts. I thought the game was broken when I hit 1K because it took a lot of clicking for it to reach 2K (and thus inform me that the game was fine).

The game looks fantastic and plays well. I lasted until the bullet hell segment started, which is longer than I thought I would. 

I like the names of the cryptocurrencies. I don't play many match-3 games, but I enjoyed my time with this one. 

The turning's a little too fast for my liking, but otherwise, it's great. I'm better at The Grape Escape, apparently. 

It looked interesting from your progress updates, and it didn't disappoint. I never thought folding boxes could be fun. 

The story's amusing. I know the game says I can hit the ceiling to regain lost momentum, but I noticed that if I clicked fast enough, I could essentially glide along it and not worry about the stuff below me. 

Thanks for playing! Your assessment of the coin count is spot-on. 

I love games with unorthodox control schemes, as I think they end up being some of the most creative (and rewarding). This one is reminiscent of DK: King of Swing, and not just because there's an ape in it ( it's a Game Boy Advance game that uses two buttons, one for each of Donkey Kong's hands). I like how you made the things you can grab stand out from the rest of the level.

I didn't realize that I had to mash the spacebar, so at first, I thought the game was unresponsive to my input. I enjoyed it after I figured it out. Great pixel art. 

I don't really understand how to do well in this game, but then, I'm not a stockbroker. Great job. 

I like it. The visuals made me think of Fluidity/Hydroventure (another game in which you also play as water). 

It was fun once I figured out what to do (my fault for not reading the controls on the game's page). The only issue that stood out to me was that at the beginning, I was able to destroy some drones before they appeared on-screen, and that was before I knew what I was firing at. 

I love the art and music. They made me want to keep playing despite how terrible I am at these sorts of games. 

Simple but fun. I found that I could just ignore the game over message and keep playing, though. 

I could see myself playing this on my phone. I thought that the use of R, G, and B was neat, but their placement on the keyboard makes the game a little awkward to play. 

Interesting concept. The spikes were a little hard to see, so it took me a few tries before I realized exactly what to do. 

Unity crashes with an access violation when I try to run it (after following the instructions on the page). 

Nice job. I liked the balance between managing water intake and the weight/speed of the robot.