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Take your time to make it as you envision it. I appreciate you giving us an update here too!

I guess I had to have done that. No other way other than I just didn't notice it at all.

Huh.  I don't recall ever noticed that myself, but that might be because BM_Rec hadn't implemented it yet.

I am confident that's exactly what transpired there at the cliffhanger. And let's be honest, it just wouldn't make sense otherwise, either.

And I am not sure if this is exactly a spoiler with how obvious it is at least to me, but... I am 100% sure Tim is also obviously Naomi's ex and thus Melanie's "sperm donor".

It is made specifically to be a Harem game, which in the guide they consistently take a jab at those of us who'd tend to prefer to go with one specific character & relationship to remind us that it is again, a Harem game. But simultaneously, Sir Dammed is creating the story and character development intentionally to cause the conflicts, emotions, etc in us as the MC, and really... that for me leaves it up in the air as to if it'll be truly possible to complete the game only with one relationship. Also, I am sure is intended haha. THE BASTARD IS TOO GOOD AT THIS S**T! lmao. But hey, at least it means he's doing a damm (such a clever name play) good job on the writing & development of the characters. That's always a bittersweet bonus!

Well, to the chapter, at least.

According to Sir Dammed (The dev), chapter 5 will mark the halfway point of the game/story. So the next release (next chapter) is the halfway point of the game, meaning there will be 10 total chapters, at least at the moment. Right now there is 4 chapters.

And I definitely assumed it was just that, but only after reading the whole comment (it could likely seem opposite if someone only read the first paragraph of it :) )

That's the idea. Actually I see it as a positive thing myself, as it adds that extra bit of realism when it comes to how leading a life like this would normally work out. It leans towards the realism of constant mixed emotions, never knowing what you've got yourself into, if you should back out, or if you should just keep on with it and see how far you can go just going with the flow of it all, as overwhelming as it can be, rather than to go full on fantasy like most want and do, and throw away all of the issues that in reality come alongside this lifestyle.

It's also a key sign of quality writing and character development. Keeping it overall short and simple, yet still managing to pull you in, and really feel like you are the main character you play as.

You're a absolute mad man when it comes to all the development of these indie games you do and play a part in. You do so much you a Madman Wizard!

100%! I actually have a habit of letting these amazing devs know it's better to take as much time as you need, especially to produce updates and a game that you truly want, love and know others will love the most - ESPECIALLY in the long term, including after they've completed their game, say 5, 10 years down the road. They'll be able to look back and have nothing but pure joy, happiness, pride and admiration for their passion projects and their creations, masterpieces of their own conception, instead of just a game that was pretty dang good, fairly well loved, but just... didn't carry a deeper, more fulfilling meaning and overall perception in their minds.

You gotta take all the time you need in order to create anything - the enemy of creativity and thus quality is rushing, time constraints, etc. Any kind of forcing things will always lead to a bad result, both for the creation, and the creator. So in order to take care of your passion projects, your creations, you have to take care of yourself, too. It's at the root of it.

Are we impatient? Of course, which is always a great sign of just how high quality your creations are and how much the impatient bastards like us are directly proves how much we all love it and enjoy it thoroughly. But it's no reason to try to satiate our impatience by pushing yourself as a creator/dev to self-destruction, or even unhealthy habits just to fulfill that obligation that only you are putting on yourself as said dev. You gotta understand that your direction, desires and ideas for your passion project, in this case, games, are far more important and valuable than our impatience, and that if you commit to that, everyone will benefit greatly from a massively increased quality game, and thus an overall happier and more expressive attitude and fanfare for it.

Another great dev here on Itch in the AVN community is Az, who is the dev behind Halfway House - And he himself a few months ago was going through his own predicament/crisis with similar reasons. Impatient people constantly haunting him and the game's page here on Itch demanding new updates and the whole shebang. Though the players over there are FAR more rude, forceful and careless, clearly than all the amazing, understanding and plain epic people here that Killer7 has. So it makes it worse overall mentally for Az. He was clearly burning himself out too, and becoming irritable towards all the constantly whining impatient people there, and actually considered just cutting each update/chapter shorter than he wanted them to be, in order to hopefully shut them up, or at least, quiet them down a bit. Fortunately he's seeming like he's finally coming out the other side, and understanding this, and thus isn't likely going to cede to all the impatient people, and continue to take his time creating it how he wants it, rather than pushing out chapters cut short to appease. And I am supremely thankful for that.

And I say that as a impatient person who LOVES Halfway House, among many others that I've often found myself waiting months and months on end for updates to.

I like most am impatient because of how damn great these games are, but I'd never dare allow myself to complain, insult or pressure anyone into updates, etc. It's just not logical in any way, and actually full on counter-intuitive for everyone. Especially considering these are people who are often developing these games on their own, with no one else. Indie at that, likely self taught... I mean what the heck do people expect them to do? Suddenly gain super powers? I digress.

I actually got a animated image in my head of a person running around a literal tree yelping this to the skies

I also can agree with that being sensible, for everyone, in fact. That said, I also fully understand being the type who has a lot of different concepts and ideas, is super creative, and thus can't quite help themselves when it comes to certain ideas that you get stupid excited for and find passion in, which inevitably leads you to start pulling yourself in half in order to write/create BOTH at once. So, I am therefore, the textbook definition of a Contradiction. Lol

I read your wahhhh in a Rabid's voice, I hope you're happy with yourself, I've been victimized by reading a trigger point I cannot simply bypass reading in any other way hahaha

I thought the term was pubicly... huh. lol

Lmao, welp, I did say that's where they usually end up at hahahaha

I believe, from my own experience with many other AVNs here on Itch, that the limit is likely a flat Gig. All games I've seen that tip over it end up usually being hosted for download on Mega.NZ. But that's just my two cents and supposition via my experience as a player, not a dev. :)

Oh wow, I actually managed to check up on the status of the next update of the game on the very day you posted it? Well, then I might just exist in a different universe! haha

I am assuming the 15.1 update doesn't add anything to the game-play, right? Just a bug fix/polish update?

I absolutely agree with this as a proposal. I've no idea why, even with it getting a bit of a reboot with the official game post prologue, they decided to overhaul her face and even general body type. All of the other characters stayed exactly the same, not counting the fairy. It's what made the change so much more surprising and puzzling for me. It's obviously not game breaking at all, but, she was FAR cuter before.

Now she looks like she's had heavy botox or something, and also maybe a breast lift and implants? Also, she's now more thin but buff, whereas before she was much more average build, more realistic I guess is a way you could describe it.

Definitely prefer that prologue look to her by a long shot. But then, all of this from us is also subjective and personal preference. But I digress.

Point is, agree with you and support this suggestion.

Always! Thank you for giving the world such a fantastic game and story to enjoy! As always I'll be impatiently waiting for the next update haha. (Just not the whiny, badgering type impatient haha)

Since my previous saves didn't work anymore, I had to start over from scratch, and to say the least, I was so confused and in a bit of shock from what clearly explained why they did not work anymore.

The story of the game has been completely altered from when I had played it originally, with a particular character now being far more in focus, while also having her entire storyline's structure and MC's structure shift with it to accommodate the changes. It's far more linear than it was prior, and, it will send you for a whirl if you have not played it in awhile.

None of this is a critique or to say nay to it and the changes, but rather, just share my still stunned feelers for the unexpected major change in how the game worked in the first part, as well as the story changes with character who shall not be named in case it ends up spoiling something for people.

I actually really don't mind the changes, and in fact, I like them. I feel like it just made more sense for what the Enyo seems to be going for with the story in the game. It makes it a much more smooth, casual sequence to play through rather than kinda choppy and analog, like before, for me at least.

The story changes don't detract or not make sense, but, they also leave me perplexed as to why they were implemented. So, a neutral critique of the story changes to "CWSNBN" haha. It's neither good nor bad. It's again really just... perplexing due to it being unexpected.

So overall I can appreciate and like it a little more than I did before, but not enough to alter my rating from 4 to 5 stars. I guess I really just wanted to share my experience with the changes with everyone, and who knows, maybe some other players will have felt the same way and be like "Yo! I know exactly what this guy's talking about. Blew my mind!" haha.

Enyo, keep making adjustments as you see needed and wanted, keep making this what you envision and desire! Best mindset to have as a creator!

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Potential Spoiler Ahead for Chapter 4 Part 1!

I wrote the first part of this using terms I knew would leave it vague enough for those who've not yet played it already, but obvious what I am talking about to those who have played it. Just know that below in it you will come across a part I couldn't exactly avoid being straightforward and spoiler-ish with.

Got to admit, with the latest choices you have to make, especially regarding the two it is focused on, primarily Steph and your talk, I know I will unlock some other scenes if I go the third option with it, but I can't bring myself to do that, not even when I know it's all fiction. It feels like I'd have to put them both over the proverbial edge, since they're both on it already. And you have done a offensively great job with how quickly you make CeCe a freaking adorable, sweet character that you immediately find yourself attached to. You just want to hug the stuffings out of her all the time ahaha.

The same way I feel with this and many, many other great VN here in itch. I can never wait for the next updates, but rushing is the enemy of creativity and quality. So taking time rather than buckling to our impatience is the intelligent, best decision a dev can make haha.

Looking at the Patreon, it's been 18 days since they released the latest update for $3. So we should be getting it within the next couple of weeks, going by the typical timeline for most devs of these games.

My faves are Lucy, Sandy, Becca and Fiona

I guess that was one on the older version of the game. I noticed it wasn't there anymore when I started up this edition after copying over my saves, and it doesn't carry the code over now, either. So that's unfortunate. I guess we now do have to download that patch the others had mentioned. Sorry for any potential confusion I may have cause for you!

*sends the bloodhounds to snuff up anything suspiciously cloning program-esque*

I did three playthroughs of it, in the hopes maybe in one of them I could figure that one out. On the second and third ones, I had a thought of that dang store containing what I needed to achieve the contact. But I guess I did everything but pay enough attention when on the app in the phone lol. Well, that's just rad! haha. Playthrough #4 coming right up! hahaha

I'll just reiterate what I've said a few months ago here - Don't rush it, or allow all the impatient people to pressure you into rushing/pumping out updates to the game faster than your desires are for your game. You're doing fucking phenomenal, and I'd hate to see you allow yourself to start falling to that rushing & pressure.

I completely understand both the lack of patience for such a kickass game/novel, but I also completely understand what it's like on the dev side of the fence, getting so much pushing to "hurry up" from people who refuse to use patience.

So again, please don't rush anything, or feel any pressure. Take your time, and make it just how you envision it. You'll thank yourself in the long run for sure doing this, and let's face it, the whining & impatience only happens between the updates since the game's that freaking great. Then everyone shuts up, until they've completed that update and we restart the same cycle all over again haha. Rushing/trying to speed up the creative process is the enemy of happiness and true creative flow. Take your time, make it as you envision it, and enjoy the fact that this leads to a even better, higher quality and more polished game in the end.

Keep up the kickass work my guy!

Wow, cool to see Enyo helping with testing of another game while working on their own in the process!


It technically doesn't require a "patch" that I know of, as there is a place in the menu for codes, which is specifically there to type in "Pelican", which then unlocks the incest titles.

I actually find it rather funny most people seemed to assume you were upset there with your response haha. I immediately was myself, yelling my comment as I typed it haha


Really? huh. You'd think he'd tell us over here on itch if he decided to begin charging for the game. Well, I guess we'll all have to wait and see if he's going to let us know or not.

Honestly I agree with you 100% there on that front. But in the end, it's a ridiculously time consuming and expensive process to make games on your own, especially with such a quality set of graphics and some of the animations even. That stuff is endlessly more intensive on computers than most people realize, that's for sure. So I totally understand why he's so heavily bias to his patrons.

But... man, again, I agree with you so damn much haha. It feels like it's been abandoned down here in hand-me-down town! Kinda wish they'd give a little more appreciation for those of us who can't afford to pay for the games/patron with the other costs they've got to cover in life. Even more so with 'rona going around, things got endlessly more tight for us budgetarily. I guess you could say I'm conflicted with my feelings and perception on it. haha.

I have digressed enough for a thousand children to die if this was their reading assignments though so, hope you have a great day/night!

Absolutely, happy to help out in any way I can haha

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I only now saw how dedicated Philly is to getting people to be Patrons cause DAMN they're WAY ahead of us here in Itch with the game - up to episode 7 already as of 4 days short of a month ago! Sheesh! Now I am very curious to see just how long it is until they feel it's been a patron exclusive long enough to warrant giving us down here access to episode 5 hahaha. Well, go get yours Philly! We'll uh.... be waiting eagerly down here for the scraps and crumbs lmao

Daz3D isn't another game, it is a rendering & character model program for game development.