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Can't believe I just watched an entire X-Files clip in a Twin Peaks game. Is it nitpicking to say the clip is from the early 2000s? ;D

Fantastic subversion and obvious author having fun! Enjoyed playing through it.

Thanks for playing and saying so!

Thank you for saying so!

That's what I thought when I first started making this! 😅 Glad you enjoyed it too.

Very different kind of submission! Pretty fun for a while but it begins to get old fairly quickly. 

So much work and personality went into this entry that it is out of this world! :D

Your entry has a lot of personality! Really enjoyed how the rockets felt and how fast paced things were. Good job!

Enjoyed all the little differences and design choices you made vs the base tutorial! 

Had fun but only made it to level 3 ;)

Thank you! Technically this is my second game released but the first game I ever started working on!

Glad you enjoyed what I have here! 

The assimilated Enterprise ships could probably use some work as far as their aggressiveness but they were meant to be a mini-boss with slightly more beefed up HP and attacks.  It is too late to save them, you gotta blow them up!

Fun for a bit but it honestly left me wanting for more action or variation to the gameplay. It is good that you actually got it finished either way! Good job.

Thank you so much for checking out the game! It is most appreciated that you would share your thoughts and feedback here. One of my thoughts post-jam is to add a difficulty selection. Maybe a hard path would include the mechanic that you speak of here. Thanks again!

Thanks for taking time to play and comment!

The opening title crawl felt like it went on a little long without any visual stimulation.  Otherwise I found the gameplay enjoyable and the graphics were well done. 

It is incredibly gratifying to hear that you beat the game and even bested my top score while knowing the game top to bottom!

Thanks for all of the constructive criticism and taking time to experience my game to such an extent. Your comment absolutely made my day!

Thanks so much for taking the time to play and rate! Your comments are really hitting home right now. Thanks again!

Thanks for taking the time to play and comment! Yeah, you're right about there being less feedback in game about not dying when getting hit in some cases but then dying when getting hit in the end stage. Some things to work on for next time around!

Never played the original so I cannot comment on that but I was able to get some fun out of this game! Graphics were bright, colorful, and enjoyable to look at. I'll admit I didn't know what was going on beyond just diggin' diggin' diggin' but I enjoyed it regardless!

Little rough around the edges but I really like the execution of this mini adventure. Ran into the same bug as mentioned by another commenter but I liked the game so much I reset and made sure I beat the game. That seems like a good thing! Thanks for the moments of enjoyment.

Thanks for taking time to play and comment! Glad you were able to take some enjoyment away from my little game.

Keep going! :)

Pretty fun game! Kept going back for more, gonna be adding this to my Pico 8 collection, thank you! One thing I noticed is that the limitation of the bullets wasn't obvious in the UI.

One of my favorite games of all time. Had to buy it on Steam. Thank you!

One of my favorite Pico-8 games! Thank you for making it :)

Cute little game!