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They're hosted individually at the gamejolt links for now, but when the collected version is out you should be able to get it from the client.

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the best ever to do it

really liked the city, the laid-back feeling to wandering around, the very smooth animations on the blocky characters was a cool effect! hope you keep making more things in this style!!

Wonderful game, very excited for KROTRUVINK.

Really beautiful and funny, loved the part outside the resort where the clouds roll away and you find yourself drifting across an endless flat plain with one road and a Eurospar on it, the way something could feel both totally abstracted and weirdly recognizable as a space - thanks for making this!

Are you using the itchio app? You shouldn't need to install, if you download from the browser page you should be able to just play the exe directly (maybe putting it in compatability mode first)

Yep, probably won't bother taking down the pages there but did want to back everything up just in case

Greetings - for your consideration - 10 Beautiful Postcards

Ah, thank you! And IIRC there should be four capsule machines in the game - one in the hotel garden, one in Bigdug's office, one in the parade grounds area of Beachtown, and one in the Skuldug moon laboratory. But they're hidden, just like in life....

Ah, thank you! I haven't tried out the client myself but I'll have a look at 50SG and see if there's a way to set it up there. It's kind of a weird case since it's a loader for 50 separate games so it could work best just playing from desktop anyway, hahah.

Yes, there should be a Steam key with each copy - when you buy here and hit "Download" you'll have an option to claim it.

If for some reason there isn't just drop a comment and I'll check it out!