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Yeah lol sorry about that, it's a bit of an odd one. It is the last level though so I tried to make it very hard. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! :)

Check out my game if you have the time :)


Very papers please-esque, good game for 48 hours

Wow yeah I lost before seeing that guy :p

What a spectacularly spooky game!

Great game, I like the larger zombies makes it a bit more interesting and definitely harder!

Hi! Please check out my game if you have the chance :)

Can't upload new files as the voting is still in progress. But since this is just the OST I'll pop a link down here. Does Santa Claus OST

Hi! Please check out my game if you have the chance :)

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Please check out my game if you have the chance :)

Hard game but very good none the less!

Pretty satisfying

This should've been submitted for jingle cats :D good game

Love the tie in to the theme. Really nice concept

Quite possibly the best game I've ever played

A fun little spoopy party game!

Love the concept!

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Thanks! I spent so long on the music I thought I had wasted half the time but I'm glad you like it :)

I'll add a download to the music too!

Goodluck! :p

Thank you :)

This game wasn't created over this weekend ? Or is it bugged

I made a 2d puzzle game for my submission. Ended up using the first 24 hours to recreate the Yogs' song in 8-bit before realising I hadn't even started on the actually game yet :D.  It's a fairly short puzzle game with only 7 levels. I hope you guys enjoy: