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I was just getting into this when it threw an error.

on the screen: 

What do you want the options to be when the player is asked what they're doing? (pick one)
claim they were doing Nothing
Act defensive
Make up some lie

Every option caused an error to pop up.

Finally made it to the end! This is the only game of the jam so far that I've gone back to, sticking it out to the end. Great entry.

Running round in circles simulator 2023

Nice idea and it looks good but other than the plant I couldn't really tell what the objects were doing. The little guy just seemed to die at random while running from item to item.

Also the sprites had occasional depth sorting artifacts.

slick and minimal but still very easy to get into and understand. Occasionally felt slightly unfair because you don't know the shape of a platform until you've chosen where to put it, meaning you may drop it off the edge of a platform because its too short, or it may be so wide it bonks the protagonist on the head and ends the game.

I like the general idea, the miners are solid as enemies but defeat felt inevitable. Since your mana growth is fixed and each spell has a certain amount of damage it can inflict, the length of each run feels mostly like a function of new miner hp rate minus mana damage rate.

Seen a couple of games like this in the jam, this is the best executed. Only thing I thought might be annoying in a longer game is that in later levels I couldn't move one misplaced block and retry, I had to reset and build my whole layout from scratch. Other than that I had fun.

Love the visual on the ripples though it took me a minute or so to realise the clouds were just reflections and not obstacles. Nice variety as varying elements enter the game.

I couldn't get my head round this at all, bouncing and flipping all over the place, with little coherence to the motion of the obstacles. Maybe having full control of the angle is too  much to keep track of while moving rapidly in different directions. It might do better if the first bit of the game had fewer obstacles to give players a chance to do some simple jumping and get used to the controls before you hit players with the halfpipes and switchbacks.

Pong where you play as the ball is a hard sell since the concept was already done so well in qomp. You managed to make something totally different though. Little bit repetitive, maybe needs a couple more elements of the gameplay. 

It's smart to take a recognisable game and reverse the interaction, making ropes instead of cutting them. I would have enjoyed more levels, which is probably a good sign. 

Simple, succinct and perfectly self explanatory. Brilliant.

Nice idea and the art style was cool. The core gameplay loop got a little rinse repeat with its trial an error nature. Might work better with a few quality of life improvements such as a time speed option or a trail which remains on screen after switching back to build mode so you can see where you went last time.

I've been slowly chipping away and reached chapter 2, so I gave you an extra point because it got even more interesting. This is a clever concept and worth the time to figure out but as I said, big brain puzzles are taking me a while to work through.

controls were a little clunky, would probably benefit from a bit of extra ui feedback to assist in aiming or knowing how much power had been imparted. Other than that I really liked the concept and mechanic. Still ended up on like -1200 points at the point when I gave up.

Interesting concept but I didn't really enjoy it. the driving felt a little floaty and collisions were kind of glitchy.

I love me some sokoban and this is an ingenious concept but I'll be honest I did not get very far in this game. I was stumped real early on. You must be a real big brain hero!

It felt nice to have a game which just let me be creative. Not sure if  there was a way to actually get it wrong, but I got it right every time, which was nice.

I really liked this concept, working as multiple characters with conflicting goals was a clever puzzle. I did get stuck on the scenery a lot, so maybe work on the collision code. Also some kind of indicator on busier levels as to which enemy is closest and which one you start as would be handy. I'd definitely play more levels of this,  I think it has lots of scope for expansion.

This is a fascinating idea. I wasn't sure whether I should be making the cube stronger or the enemies since I was going to be acting as both at all times. In the end the best strategy seemed to just be to keep the game as balanced as possible.

Pretty cute, nice concept. Could have used better indication of which platforms were horizontally/ vertically mobile. I'd have played more levels. 

Cute, would have played for longer if there were more than 3 accessible islands, which has to be a good sign!

I get where you're coming from but it felt a little overly random in terms of difficulty curve. If flavio gets past you, there's practically 0 chance to catch up and get him, especially if he jumps anywhere beyond halfway.

I really wanted to like this, but when it got to "use my body" there was just too much going on to accurately judge the jumps before the door was open. Feels like making someone plan the exact movement with zero feedback over and over is just frustration.

I like having to 'activate' the ball with the white pins before it would make the yellow bricks appear. Gave the level a sort of puzzle quality. Sadly there were two yellow bricks I just couldn't seem to hit. Would benefit from some kind of slower/finer aim option.

It's like a very low stakes Papers Please. Short sweet and simple.

Being a dragon is exhausting! Loved the art style, the cute dragon clinging to their gold, having a panic attack after spending some.

Got a bit repetitive but I guess you only had 48 hours, demanding extensive content seems petty. I enjoyed it, wish there was more to do.

Says it has a mac build but only contains a windows exe...

I'm afraid my Macbook wouldn't open this application (not verified, so it thinks it may be malware) which is a shame because it looks interesting

I have no idea how you made this in puzzlescript it seems like every few minutes i encountered some mechanic that puzzlescript to my knowledge simply couldn't do, especially the ending sequence. Absolutely mind boggling. 

It's not often that one level with 4 objects takes about 8 hours but it's always a welcome distraction. Several 'Aha' moments on the road there.

I had huge fun with A Good Snowman is Hard to Make, Snakebird and Cosmic Express.

If you're willing to go a little more out there there's Vignettes, sort of perspective based puzzler and The Room series, demonic puzzle box simulators.

Saw a video play through of this on YouTube and I had to stop it two minutes in because I didn't want any puzzles spoiled. The demo is free to download and the website says they're doing a Kickstarter some time this month for a full release next year.

Think sokoban meets Legend of Zelda, a grid based puzzle with lots of interconnected parts.

They probably don't want me to mention this but you can find a secret screen with a glimpse of some of the full games content and it looks like it's gonna be huge. Took me 3 hours just to complete the demo fully.