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The Syreth Clan

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Very clean, very polished in terms of graphics. Gameplay is super fluid too, albeit a slightly bigger shuriken would be better so they wouldn't keep barely missing those birds, but you can chalk that one down to just me being terrible.

The downside is the sound design. It sounds like it's trying too hard to be the stereotypical console retro with the buzzsaws and the overly bitcrushed voice. Let off the gas on that a little.

Otherwise it's great, can't wait for the full version.

Thank you very much for the feedback.

The slippery controls are something I've been receiving mixed opinions about indeed. Though it is hard to tell whether it is due to to being different - something you can get used to - or just poorly executed - something you can't. I have been experimenting with different settings as of late, might release multiple variants with different acceleration, speed and gravity values when the time comes.