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I am working on a sci-fi expansion, check out the trailer: 

Hello, sorry I did not reply sooner. Right now you cannot do this, I will add it in the next update.

Hello, the augur runs on your browser.  So you can open it on any device with the browser and save data will be just like you left it on a different device.

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It saves automatically when you perform certain actions, like changing the map, moving your character inside the map, writing on the journal and others. I will check to see if it's not saving when changing the stats and make it so it does.

I will take a look at the Ironsworn companion to see how these features work. There will be a large update focusing on the journal in the future, I am tackling other features for the next one (hex maps and hexcrawls). But I have some cool stuff planned for the journal.

Hello, on my Android devices it rotates automatically. I will do some research on that particular device and Android version to see if there is some incompatibility.

I will take a look at it, honestly I have never used it. But now I will check it out.

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Hello, for custom avatars and more check out this video: 

For OSR I plan on adding Knave, what do you think for that as a base system for OSR and fantasy roleplaying?

I have thought about giving the option to build your own character sheets and is something I want to implement in the future. 

Thanks for using the augur! I assure you this is only the starting point of what it will become.

Hello, check your email.. I sent an email in December giving instructions on how to claim the augur for people who have the old one.

Hello, check this video tutorial: 

Hello, there is a video tutorial you can access from the game menu, here is the link:

 The quick explanation: in the character panel, at the bottom there is an icon of a golden cup... If you press it it will take you to the vows panel where you can swear vows and see you completed/failed vows.

Hello, sorry about that.. can you send me your email and user name to so I can check on the server what's happening, I will do a manual verification and you will be able to sign in. Thanks.

That one does not work the same, I will be incorporating the Mork Borg ruleset eventually though. Right now I am finishing an update that will allow you to keep your games synchronized among all your devices... after that I plan on expanding the supported rulesets, with Mork Borg  having priority.

Hello, this version is a bit archaic I would not recommend you try it since the new one is much different and improved: Go to and create a new account, then send me an email with the account name so I can activate it for you and you can then test the game if you think its worthwhile then you can buy it from: / Once you make the account send me an email to so I can activate it and you can try it out. 

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Hello,  I will be merging this into and anyone who buys this will get access to that as well (when the merge is done, which should be in a few weeks)

Thanks! I will check it out. Looking forward to anything you release in the future as well.

NEKROPOL community · Posted in Q&A

I love this, do you have any plans to continue expanding this setting? I think it has so much potential.

Hello, I will reply in English and you can use google translate as I don't speak German:  I would say the Augur is very mature in its development, all the core features are working as I intended. That being said, I am constantly adding new stuff and coming up with new ideas I want to implement. So basically if you buy it you get a program that's very complete and also gets more cool features in the future.

You can add any image as a map to The Augur, as long as your map-making program exports a *.jpg or *.png file you can use it in The Augur.

Hello, no there is not. But I can see that it's something I should add in future updates. 

Hello, I can't add the ironsworn map to the program as I don't have permission to do so from the creator of Ironsworn. You can download it (Google it) and then add it as a custom map.

Hello, if you use discord I prefer discord otherwise you can write it in this post as well.

Hello, it's definitely browser related. If it makes any difference on your report tell them it's a web app built using Flutter.

through drive thru I have to verify manually. Send me your purchase information (order number) and the email address you used to create the account on The Augur to 

Hello, create the account again I deleted the old one.. Please let me know if it works now (Also curious how it works on your devices, doubt it will work on the old ipad as mine did not work).

Just so anyone who reads this knows, this issue was fixed for this user by reloading the page on the browser.

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Hello, refresh the page in your browser (do it twice, this forces the app to update) and it should fix the issue. Please let me know if it doesn't. 

This happened when you did manual validation correct ? (there is an auto validation that tries to match your augur account email with your itch purchase, but only works if the emails are the same on both sites). 

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Hello, can you reload the page in your browser and see if that makes a difference?  Also in the login screen, down next to version do you see a "sign out" text? If so please click and then sign in again. Please let me know if it fixes the issue so we can try something else. What device/browser are you using?

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Hello, yes definitely a bug. I will make it scrollable for the next update. Perhaps shrink the dice area a bit to give more space for the dices.

Sorry for the late reply, please write me to so I can send you a link to the latest build that hopefully has this fixed. This will be incorporated in the next update but I think it's still a couple weeks aways. This way you can play right now.

Hello, I will look into it! I will try to add this in one of the coming updates.

Hello, what lenguage is your computer in? Different than English?

Hello, good idea about the mouse hover and the labels. Saving is automatic every time you add/move something in the map or you add/edit something in the journal. 

I am exploring better ways to make the UI more flexible, I want to keep clutter to a minimum but an optional way to detach a panel and move it around might be worth a shot.

I will take a look at the journal bugs! Definitely something I should improve.

Hello! Thanks for making such a detailed post, I will reply to some of the points you mention but rest assured that everything WILL be taken into account as I update and improve The Augur.

- Custom portraits, along with the capability to add a lot of other custom content is something I will be adding in a future update. This has been widely requested and its something I will definitely do.

- I had not thought about the milestone options, it's definitely something that would add to the questing experience.

- You can add your own maps by dragging a picture file into the current map, a  menu will appear that will let you add it as a new map. You can roll your maps on watabous generators and then add them to the game. I do have plans to do map generation on the program but thats a long term goal for now.

- You can import any image as a map for settlements, freely drawing your maps is something I would love to implement in the future. Its a pretty big feature so it would be in the far off future as there are a lot of other things that I would like to add first.

- I have tried to get permission to add the default Ironsworn map, but have not been able to get a reply yet. In the meantime, remember you can import the map.

- I added the labels at first, but they clutter the UI a lot so I decided to go for a cleaner look.. I know it can be a bit difficult to find your bearings the first time but once you have explored The Augur for a few minutes they should become pretty easy to identify.

- The current journal is sort of a "bare minimum" I want to add a fully fledged journal/text editing system, but that alone would take me over a month so I want the program to be more mature before devoting so much time to a single feature. My end goal for the journal is for it to be something along the lines of oneNote and wikipedia. 

- There are filters for the assets, on the bottom of the panel you should see the buttons that let you filter by companion, path, talent, and ritual. Also, there are scrollbars, if you hover the mouse over the right side of the panel it should appear.. Although it is kinda hard to spot and I should make it more obvious too.

- I will take this into account for future updates, rolling within these tables would definitely make it easier. Do remember that the Pay the Price table is rollable from within the Oracles panel.

-  I will keep this one in mind when I redesign the Journal.

- This is something I daydream about a lot, being able to share your experiences and your world with others would be awesome. I have plans along this line, but again that's for the far-off future. 


- Yes this one is certainly a bug.. zooming the map refreshes the content but I will try to make it so its automatic.

- You an remove anything from the map by dragging it into the "Drop to delete" panel that appears in the bottom middle of the screen when you are dragging/holding an object from the map.

Well I think I replied to all your points in the end! Thanks for making this post it really helps me to see what needs fixing and what direction I should go in future updates! Keep them coming!. Happy new year.

I am taking a look at being able to add the foes, I have to confirm the license and make sure it's okay or not. But now I am under the impression that I can use the names.. I cant use the descriptions.  A lot of people have asked me to better separate Ironsworn and non-Ironsworn content and I will do this. Expect this to arrive in the next update! If you mean the environments that appear behind the foes then that's hard-coded but I am planning to expand the custom content creation options and that can be included there. I know there's a lot of promises in my posts, but believe me, I am in this for the long haul and The Augur will evolve and improve as time goes on.

Hello, this is something that I want to add. I plan on revamping the journal to be more feature rich, you can get expect this feature in a future update!

Yes, I will expand the generators to include an option to better tailor the results to your setting (including Ironsworn). Can't speak to foes, will have to check the license and make sure I can add them.

The old version has a lot cool features, however it is also very NOT user friendly... That's one of the reasons why I re-did it. 

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Hello, I have something like this in the old version of The Augur... "the old augur".  You can add furniture and other objects and there is also a random loot generator. I will be implementing the same system here as well! It will take me a couple updates as I have to add a few things first but it will definitely happen.

Edit: that is a video of the loot generation in the old version. Whatever I add here should be better!

Hello, you can't add custom content right now. But I will add this feature in a future update. 

Hello, eventually I would like to give this a try but I won't do it until all the core features I want to implement are added. There's an upcoming release for android and iOS and I am also adding online connectivity (for playing with friends and sync for solo playing on multiple devices), and besides these two major milestones, I have a lot of ideas I want to implement along the way. One thing that is also on my list is giving users the tools to add custom content such as monsters, tables, avatars, and more. Adding new systems is also something that I will do (the next one is Mork Borg)... all in all, there's a lot of things that I want to add. But doing what you suggest would certainly boost the visibility/usability of The Augur so I will definitely give it a try.