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Hello, sorry it took me a while to get to this one. Could you try now to see if the issue is resolved? I implemented a fix that should prevent this from happening and fix it on the games that it has. Please let me know. If it does not work could you please attach here a screenshot of your modules panel (Settings -> Modules) so I can see what is happening, thank you.

Hello, the text editor is pretty standard.. it has all the common formatting features plus the ability to embedd content from the augur itself (linking locations, characters and such). You probably already saw this video but just in case I am going to link it here: 

it goes over the text editor. As for export I have not added a direct method (this new text editor was released a couple weeks ago), but you can select all text and copy it and paste it elsewhere. I might add a dedicated export function, but it will most likely will be simply exporting the open note to a .txt file as plain text. What kind of exporting features would you like to see?
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if you buy the bundle everything is unlocked permanently. The only thing that is not included is AI use since its something that must be paid to openAI per use. For that there are two options, getting an openAI api key and putting it on the augur, in which case you pay directly to openAI for your usage or subscribing to the augur's patreon which gives you a fixed amount of tokens to use each month (and I use that to pay to openAI for your usage), these tokens do not roll over every month.

If possible I recommend getting your own API key since then you only pay for what you use. The patreon sub is there mostly for people who don't want/cant do this for whatever reason.

Hope that answers the question, if not please let me know.

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Hello, I check itch pretty much every 30 minutes.. so if you post here I will see it (I might take a little longer to reply, but I usually reply within the hour or less). Also I am always on discord at and that's the best place for regular news and info about the augur as I am always posting what I am working on.

I have not written a proper faq now that I think of it, but I do have a pretty comprehensive video series over at: Youtube Video Series

If you have any specific questions feel free to ask them here.

Hello, trying to reproduce this, from where are you accessing the assets library? Is it from the toolbar or from some other part of the program?

Thanks and apologies for the issue.

Hello, made another video going over your question.. I rambled a little bit but I think it's just easier to record the video than try to explain all this via text. If you have any other questions please let me know.

Apologies, I generalized on the in-app browser front... On Android it is shared so I assumed it would be the same for iOS. I think that if you do not want to use it on your browser the only solution would be the gmail login in the home screen app. I replied to that specific part via email since it involves your email address. Thanks and apologies for the inconveniences. 

Hello, I made a short video for you explaining how it works.

Let me know if there is anything else you want me to explain.

Hello, could you try the google login route again? I just tested in two different devices and found no issue, it may have been a momentary problem. I have not tested the magic link approach on an iPhone because I dont own one, but on android you can login via the regular browser and then when you open it from the home screen app it would be logged in since the home screen app shares the same data as the regular browser. Overall I would recommend the gmail route since its more straightforward, if you do use gmail please send your email address to so I can activate that email on the server for you.

Not silly at all, I need to add a more straightforward way to do it. When you begin dragging an object you will see a box appear where you can drop it to delete it.

Hello, all images that comprise the avatars (from base body to each individual armor piece) is 1024x1024, that is to say the overall image size is 1024x1024 but the content inside is placed and sized for the base body-avatar image. I'm adding a few images below for reference:

Hello, what device are you sing to play and what browser? Thanks and sorry for the issues.

Hello, its possible that you do not have the fantasy module enabled. Go into settings -> Modules and double check that the fantasy module is enabled.

its different, the avatars and equipment are HD now while before they were very low res and looked like they came from an old 2000s game. Now the faces have the hairs baked in so they look better and seamless and also now the portrait is the same as the avatar (before it was a totally unrelated image). So I guess its a trade-off.

Hi, go to on your iPad's browser and you will be able to play from there. To validate your purchase follow the instructions at the end of the game page.

if you have the augur open reload the page so it detects the changes I made. If that doesn't work please send me the email address you used to login to so I can check wether I activated the correct one.

Hello, you used a similar but different email to sign in to the Augur than the one used for purchasing on That is why the automatic verification did not work. I activated it manually,  everything should be working now, reload the game and it should all be unlocked. Let me know if you have further issues and thanks for supporting The Augur.

Hello and thanks for using The Augur. I just tested with my own API key and it's working for both gpt3.5 and 4.0, could you try again and see if it's working for you now?

Hello, send me an email to with he email you used to purchase here on itch and the email you used to login into the augur.

Hello and thanks for purchasing, send me the email address you used to login and the email address you used to purchase to and I will activate it.

Hello, I understand your concerns. Let me explain why the Augur is as it is:

As a web app, the program runs pretty much anywhere a web browser runs... your PC, tablet, phone... I even opened it on my Amazon TV and it worked, even more, whatever you do on one device is synced to the cloud and will be there when you play on another device.. so you can play on your PC, then on your phone, and later on your tablet. This was a much-requested feature, playing on multiple devices and having everything in sync.. this is the kind of stuff most programs charge you 5$-10$ a month for. The augur does it on a one-time purchase and it has been syncing people's games for over two years now. This also allows me to target multiple platforms (PC/Linux/Max/Android/iOS) without having to maintain separate builds/releases which would take most of my time and prevent me from working on new features and improvements as much as I would want.

Now I want to give you a few assurances:
First The Augur is built using Flutter a framework wich allows you to target multiple platforms with the same code.. meaning I could have a Windows-only version in less than a month if required, in fact, an older version of the program for Windows does exist, but is like a year and a half behind updates. By required I mean some event that would render the online version financially untenable, which honestly I don't see happening but just in case the contingency is to switch to offline only. And if that happened you would be able to download your games from the server and use them in the offline version. 

Now to the technical aspects, say an outage or some deletion on the server. These servers have all kinds of redundancies,  all the data for everything is backed up every single day to a separate server from the one the game runs on, this is an automated process and I can restore the data at any time using these backups. For outages, something like that could happen, you might lose access to your game for minutes, hours... I have never seen one of these server companies go out for more than a day and this happens very infrequently.

All that being said your concerns are of course valid, I would also love to have an offline version of The Augur, in fact, it's something I think about a lot...  My ideal situation for The Augur would be a Windows app that can work both online and offline, this would exist along the current web app and you could play with either one.
So it's not impossible (or even unlikely) that it will happen sometime in the future. But I also can't make you a promise that it will. 

Thanks for taking the time to write such a complete reply!! I am excited to start working on the system agnostic/ custom ruleset part of the program again. I only had the chance to work on it for a couple of days before release and then focused on other parts of the program. But now I want to really dive into this as I want to open up the augur to a broader variety of games. 

I'll try to add the dice pool mechanics in the first updates to this (I plan on working on this over several consecutive updates), I want to play Vampire V5 which uses dice pools, so it's high on my list. Had not thought about card decks! That is certainly interesting and not too difficult to add, I will look into it.

Hi, the custom ruleset system is one part of the augur I need to work on. I think that after the upcoming armor update (adding more armor variety) I will focus on custom rulesets. So hopefully in two weeks there should be  some improvements in this area. I am trying to maintain a weekly update schedule.

Aside from being able to save and apply these templates to other characters and foes, is there anything else you would like to see added? Perhaps new kinds of stats or similar that you can add or whatver else comes to your mind. I want to really revamp this feature and make it more powerful so I am open to new ideas.

Hello, I contacted you via discord DM.

You are most welcome! And let me know if you think of any other feature that's missing for playing Starforged, I want this to be as complete as possible.

Hello, I added it a couple of hours ago in big part motivated by your original comment. I will be making a video going over how to use it later today. By the way, I've been making short videos going over different features in the Augur, you can find them in this youtube list

Hello, I just made a video for you going over how to customize existing NPCs in your game. Keep in mind that this is applicable after you accept the location, not while rolling. So the workflow is to accept the location and then open it to edit its NPCs. 

You can create new NPCs from scratch without the need to use a location generator as well, the process is very similar to creating locations and once you accept them you can edit them using the same process as in the video shown above.

Hello and sorry for the issue you are having. I just replied to the email you sent me, please check it so I can solve it as soon as possible. Thanks.

You are correct in that there is no way to mark passages, I don't play with passages myself but it is something expected for Starforged so I will add them in the next update. Just placed it at the top of my ToDo list. I entirely forgot about it honestly.

Hello and welcome back!

This purchase unlocks sci-fi equipment for your avatar, planet generators (with hexmaps), the ship panel, sci-fi npc classes, sci-fi dungeon generators, sci-fi habitat generator, ship generators. This locked content is shown if you toggle the sci-fi module, as you play you will see them with a padlock icon indicating that they require a purchase, if you press on them they will popup a message informing you about this and how you can unlock them (purchase this or subscribing to patreon)

Starforged rules are not locked/unlocked, they are free to use at all times. This includes starforged assets, moves, oracles. You can play starforged using the fantasy content that is unlocked with the fantasy version, or even for free (Free has limits on things like how many objects you can place on the maps, but not on the rulesets or character sheets).

My intention going forward is that these paid packs (Fantasy and Sci-Fi) add extra value to your game but they are not required for the core rpg experience (your character sheet, dice rolling and so on).

Thanks!! Really happy to finally have this out so everyone can use it.

Hello, go to this the upcoming 2.0 version of the augur.  It will detect  your misery purchase when checking ownership.

If you still have this issue you might want to try reducing the file size by compressing the image with something like:

Hello, what is the file size of the map and what is the format? Also, you can try deleting and re-uploading again... There might have been an issue during the initial upload of the image.

Please let me know how it goes.

Hello! There will be one soon, I've been working on it for a while now.

Hello, I am working on a 2.0 version that will allow you to add custom content (Assets, moves and much more). 

Hello and tha ks for your feedback, I am working on a 2.0 version that addressed many of your suggestions. 

There will be a proper inventory system for your character, a better mapping system that will allow you among many other things to lock objects in place, the X now closes windows instead of deleting things, everything can be tagged and you can search by tags now. 

Custom character sheets is something I will tackle in the future. You should hop over to our discord server, I post about the upcoming version there regularly.

hello, this video goes over installing he augur as a web app. It still requires internet for the most part.