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print("Hello, world!")


print('Hello world')

There's a difference

Also, I think your animations are pretty good.

I just thought your comments area looked a little sad with the two deleted posts. I hate it how people do that.






Tasty movement physics and camera motion


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It's good. Very encapsulating setting. The story is okay... Combat and other animations are superb. Wonderful sound design; love the music (can't stop listening after months).

I wish we could have more stories in Grimm's Hollow.

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Yes, it is hard. Thanks for playing though

Fun, smooth movement

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Dang, that's some sweet water

I understand.

Sweet game! I like the graphics: the bloom, leaves, border, and such.

I was a little confused after delivering 3 items, I expected some kind of end screen but I was just left in the game. I later checked the image files and didn't find anything looking like an end screen. Is there an end state to the game, or is what I described intended?

I know. Good luck!

Sweet game. It would make your game much cooler if it had a bit more polish, such as dash/jump particles. It also would be nice if you had some sort of death animation. It would also be sweet if you had a bit more variation with your tiles/deco. I know this kind of thing can be tough to implement...

Dang. That's a sweet game.

I get that.

It's amazing that no one has posted a comment here.


Dang, sweet polish!

The buttons are the most satisfying part of the game.

The goal is confusing or non-existent.

I can appreciate the polish though, besides the character being just a square. Definitely a beautiful world, but the rain is a little annoying and distracting. 

The jump mechanic is also pretty weird.

This level is hard

Fluffy made a video about it:

I can't die

Activate Windows Life
I'm with you

dang, that's hard


Very sweet, the screen shake is a little much in my opinion (I think it would be cool if the player could dial that down).

The bloom effects are beautiful!

The opening animation has excellent timing and motion.

Great game!

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This game was very fun and it had a pleasant-pixelly-painterly aesthetic. I don't think the music entirely matched, but it still worked. 

As for the gameplay, I think the wall jumps are a little un-controllable (just a little), and the respawn mechanics aren't flawless either.

I didn't really time myself, but it took a good 25 minutes for me to figure it all out (thanks for the puzzle!).

Overall, I really liked it. 👍

Yes, you have to be very big brain. Turns out, sometimes you can't always climb your mountains... you occasionally have to do it Hobbit style...

Hey y'all, I just released my first game a few days ago and it would really help if you at least checked out the page. It's like Flappy Bird, but with more complicated (while still elegant) controls. I also spent a long time on the graphics with all custom sprites, particles, and parallax scrolling. This game was not made with a game engine compared to most games, so everything you see will be custom.

Here's some pics:

I'd really appreciate if you tried it out and left a meaningful comment.

Anyways, here's the link if you want to try it out: Pigeon.

Sweet pixel art

What's your highest score?

Mine's currently around 103.

(Also, I really need to add a highscore thing)