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Oh yeah, I think you’re onto something here, it was very interesting now that you mention it 🤔

I feel like in the Litany of Curses I have support for mistakes (lol) where you can type incorrect letters possibly creating some hilarious sentences, but as players are motivated for high accuracy, this mechanic wasn’t really utilized properly. I, for one, backspace all my mistakes…

I’ll think about this, there’s something interesting about errors and error correction - you’ve proven they can be a very interesting game mechanic, even. Inspiring!

I concur, we even need them urgently :D

I’m not a tryhard by default, but I can definitely be baited into tryharding, so good job baiting me into perfect score, I deliberately chose to do well in this game even though it was painfully hard :)

Memorizing the words was most important, it decreased difficulty significantly.

As you say, more complex scoring would be hard to balance, I think this was a very appropriate solution, I wouldn’t seriously want to suffer even more than the maximum triple-curse :)

HAHA, I originally intended to throw the curses at a particular enemy who would throw some back in turn in a fighting game manner, but as our graphic artist was busy this jam, I had to do without graphics, so I just went with total minimalism and thus accidentally created this freedom for players to interpret the insults in various ways with full plausible deniability for me as dev - I would obviously never dare to insult my kind players… Or at least, you can’t prove it :-p

I’m amused that players like you chose to interpret the curses as personal attacks that fueled them to do better - that’s really awesome :) As the other reviewer put it - “I seem to respond well to a firm hand” - I’ll keep that in mind for future games, MUHEHEHEHEHEHE

Thanks for playing!

Oh, hello o/ Thanks, I focused on the feedback and stats, motivating for higher speeds/accuracy and self-improvement in typing fundamentals. In contrast, you spent your time creating an actual game with actual gameplay where thinking is increasingly more important than typing - I’m enlightened to see such different approaches to typing games, it motivates me to come up with something more original next time :)

I’m glad the minimalism worked so well, I was kinda afraid of people being lost without any context or even graphics, but it seems the freedom of interpretation was well received.

Cheers, type on!

Another typing game, another approach!

Very original gameplay, I don’t think I played anything like this. The curses (jinx/hex) made me think more than I originally intended to. When I selected same curses and trained a little, I was able to get a Final Score 12.

Great entry, world needs more typing games before typing is obsolete ;)

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Lol you broke it, the Cursist is duplicated for some reason and Perfectionist shoulnd’t even be there… nice :D

You might have hit the rounding threshold of 119.5-119.99999 WPM or my code sucks for the >= 120 WPM edge case… (The rank was supposed to be “insane”)

Either way, MAD speed!

Cool, let me know how she fared if you can be bothered :D

Hey, you’re the guy who obliterated my dev top score by 46 % with insane 111 WPM :D

Thanks for your kind words, I’m glad I could play another typing game, they’re such a rare breed! While I focused on the details you thankfully noticed and appreciated, you spent your time more on the actual gameplay and game world, it’s interesting for me to compare these approaches.

I plan to create some more typing games in the future, hope to see you around - cheers!

Hello fellow touch typist who also interpreted the theme in non-mystical meaning of good old cursing :)

While the runner was OK (nice touch with coin streaks), it paled in comparison to the typing game which is such an underrepresented genre! I enjoyed shooting pirates (nice touch with crosshair), the boss was very nice, and most all, the random curses of the main character were hilarious if not main selling point, matching the theme quite literally - I’ve enjoyed my short time with your game a lot :)

I needed to run in chrome (I know, technical limitation) to reload page to restart and try the other mode and also when I failed boss for first time (it continued and then froze), but that’s understandable given the short time frame, I think you used your time well.


Glad you like it!

When I was tryharding Flawless, I got into a solid rage when I made a single mistake in the last curse several times in a row… but I got it eventually, I just had to slow down few WPM and concentrate. What I’m saying is it’s surprisingly hard to write without errors. Actually, I haven’t seen anyone else submit a Flawless score so far.

Haha, nothing like a firm hand, right? I’m very glad you extracted such value from my experiment, cheers!

60 WPM club got obliterated by some person who can type at 111 WPM with 99 % accuracy - there’s always a bigger fish, nothing wrong about it.


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Thanks, I passed your compliment to the artists behind those :)

I for one really enjoy the funny song created by letter sounds, it really responds to how I type, telling me a little about my typing habits while sounding real cool 🔊

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Thanks for playing and feeling it, now you’re insignificantly better at typing :D

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Holy Crab, you can type at 111 WPM with 99% accuracy?! That’s 555 Chars per Minute or 9 Chars per Second or 9.25 Hz :-o

That’s inhuman, I bow to your mad typing skills!

There’s only one rank above Ultra Fast, I didn’t expect anyone to come even close to 120 WPM, this is very interesting - thanks for sharing!

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Nice scope for the jam, but I got super annoyed by firing at random location which occurred basically every second click :(

I can image how it would play if aiming actually worked and I think you combined several simple ideas successfully.

w h e r e m y s h r i m p

Impressive indeed for the timeframe given, and it runs smooth in the browser! Is that GLES 2?

Aiming is wonky with keyboard, but my xbox controller worked well, just the right stick camera control is inversed to what is normal in games (point left to move camera left) so pretty close to a working controller support.

Finally, nice job with 3D animations, I was messing around with that and found it very complex, one could lose a week just with rigging and retargeting… very cool you managed to actually finish a minimal game. Did you use Mixamo or similar or made the animations yourself?

Ain’t easy to get Flawless, I had to slow down.

This is a clean 5/5 from me - amazing graphics, great sounds and music, simple and accessible controls, clever and engaging mechanics, original gameplay, perfectly sticking with theme and overall just great fun!

Epic first jam entry if you ask me :)

Awesome! I’ve spent quite some effort on the typing effects (for example, individual letter color is chosen based on time since last type) so I’m glad you appreciated them as well as the curses chosen and that you enjoyed the game as a whole even though it’s just… well, a glorified WPM counter :) Cheers!

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Glad you like it, decent WPM :) The lines are randomly selected from a predefined set, they might accidentally create a story :D

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Congrats on your first completed jam game as well as having a good diner!

The game is actually quite good gameplay-wise and original while following the theme nicely with permanent curses and crumbling tiles.

The graphics are always a problem, aren’t they? Our graphic artist was busy so no graphics in our game this jam, but you solved it with style yourself, I lol’d at the intro :D

Extra accessibility points for remappable controls, although I didn’t need to remap them :)

Good stuff, I hope to see more from you on future jams!

Original idea with decent graphics and OK controls.

The walk speed is very slow, I bought one boots upgrade and still :) Also one ghost got stuck between bed and stand and Ghost Mood seems to never drop so it gets boring fast with no ending/loop, but nice little prototype for the jam.

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Epic! I too was hit with funny glitches in the browser including some objects like the coffee machine frame disappearing depending on distance and horrible lag near the (I assume) the end prevented me to finish, but I really enjoyed this regardless and you’ve used Godot 4 so I’m impressed by the 3D export into HTML working this much, yay! I’m staying on 3 for reliable web export which is a big plus for jams, but I’m looking forward to 4 as much as the next Godoteer so this is great news ;)

Very cool and Kudos for Open Source, I’ve enjoyed briefly checking your code, naming, and general structure.

Slow but steady :) Thanks for playing and sharing your score!

Hey, nice simple yet fun game!

I think you nailed the scope and effort-to-effect ratio, I’m taking mental notes ;)

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Our music composer’s score :)

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Here is developer’s score if you need a challenge.

I can be taunted into tryharding if someone beats it ;)

The new link works, and the server name is up-to-date - thanks!


The server is called “GitHub GameOff 2021”, might be a good idea to either update the year or remove it from the server name.

Furthermore, I’d expect the discord link in the jam description, that was the case for all jams I’ve participated in so far.

Well Played, this is a current record 🥳

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Thanks a lot!

We spent unreasonable amounts of time on the game, I basically coded all my waking time for two weeks straight even though I’m not a workaholic. Our artist is a workaholic :) So we’re all glad the game stands out after that maddening effort.

It’s awesome the minimal UI & intentional lack of tutorial worked for you, I guess you’re the intended audience - explorer :) Comments here show that many users prefer a more controlled introduction, I’m still not decided on how much of that to include in future games - generally I like as little as possible.

There is no winning condition (like in real life, heh), but you can make history by beating 5:20 which is the highest recorded time (by me and our sound engineer). I think one or two more sacrifices could be done if you try hard and get a good RNG :) Be sure to drop a screenshot of the score screen here if you do that.

And I completely agree, obliteration during sacrifice is brutal, unfair, inhumane. I’m sorry for that, the timer should probably stop during the sacrifice 🙈

Thanks for visiting the Temple!

Thanks for your kind words!

I’m happy you enjoyed the game and even found the secret shrooms as they have a cool effect :) I know your game is filled with secrets, so this comes as no surprise :D But I wonder what percentage of players found the shrooms and noticed they make you shoot faster AND shoot weird projectiles 🤔

The core game loop sure is monotonous, I’m glad our plethora of distractions from that fact seems to work.

Finally, here is a OC meme as a reward for your WH40k reference (intentional or not):

Yeah, it’s awesome little touch :)

It was the same with coconuts bonking player head in our game - it was added per artist idea as a little joke/easter egg, and I thought I might have spent too much time on that (the coconut actually detects player by raycast and viciously drops with a full intent to bonk) but it turned out to be the game’s greatest feature :D

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I actually managed to change the mouse cursor to targeting reticule on windows, but it didn’t work in browsers so I reverted to this original aimer which was designed to work for controller too, but I didn’t have enough time to implement controller properly in the end or make the aimer follow the cursor as you suggest - it would certainly be better.

Ah, I see you’re a fellow enjoyer of RigidBody2D-powered fruits :D

Original and fitting theme well, great pixelwork, creepy music, kittens, and more levels than my short attention span allows - a very solid entry, marvelous job!

Haha, this was fun :D

I adore the level transition shader with glitched chromatic aberration, real fancy 👌

Like Maaack, I’m impressed by how smooth this 3D game runs in Browser (Edge on Win), that’s real good news 🤖

Marvelous job, I enjoyed every second playing your little game.

Thanks for a detailed review!

I’m really glad you noticed and enjoyed the details, including but not limited to crowd’s favorite coconut bonk 🥥 :D If you enjoyed throwing fruits, try collecting a secret shroom and then throw fruits real fast including secret new projectiles. I assure you it’s worth the effort ;)

I fully agree the wall-jump is way too non-standard, people are expecting it to work differently. You can actually mash jump between vertical walls to quickly ascend, you just must not input left/right away from the wall. The angle is chosen automatically when sliding wall.

The rationale behind this was to eliminate the annoying left/right alternation when wall-jumping up, and it works fairly well when you get used to it, but I think people don’t really play the game long enough for that, and honestly it’s not a good design for things to work differently than people expect.

4:43 is a decent time, well played 👌🏽